10 Glamping Destinations in Australia


Longitude 131, Uluru, NT

There is only 1 way to truly experience the splendour of nature at its most sincere. Nothing compares to finding an untouched place, putting out a swag and reconnecting with nature. Your snapchat alarms and work email fading to the back of your mind while you gaze at the stars, uninhibited by the sound and issues of town. But it’s fairly pleasant to have a bed and also the concept of a true toilet has to beat a long-drop any day. Oh, and pitching a tent is most likely the most infuriating procedure in the world.

2. Longitude 131º, Uluru, NT

Longitude 131º sells itself as a ‘transcendent experience of discovery’ and you can see why. The site incorporates fifteen lavish tents that sit over the ochre landscape and look out on a few of Australia’s most iconic scenes. There’s a spiritual connection that you feel when looking out in Uluru and with each tent positioned to take in a personal view of the stone. You’re able to experience that link daily if you like. Priced at more than1,300AU per night, this stay earns its label as one of Australia’s leading ‘glamping’ destinations.


3. Tanja Lagoon Camp, Tanja, NSW

Sitting almost on top of this Tanja Lagoon, this accommodation offers the peace and tranquillity you’d expect from camping with none of the compromises of comfort. The best part of those tents (besides the Queen beds, lounges and desks) are the decks where you can sit while sipping in the lagoon views.


4. St Jerome’s — The Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

It is a site that’s both exceptional and quintessentially Melbourne. St Jerome’s — The Resort takes the concept of camping from the bush into the city. Now, before you think that this flies in the face of the gist of camping (i.e., to escape town) you need to find out what is on offer. Situated on the rooftop of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, these 21 tents provide patrons the opportunity to wake up to views of the Melbourne skyline in all directions. No amenity is overlooked, with every guest receiving tablets that come pre-loaded with movies and an esky stocked with beer. Of course, it’s Melbourne so there’s a barista on hand making coffee.


5. Nightfall, Lamington National Park, QLD

Sitting together with the rainforests of Lamington National Park are these secluded, hand-built tents. These spacious air safari tents take in panoramic views of the surrounding national park, giving you the feeling that you are literally one with character. In winter, the child’s walls come down, along with the rotating fireplace falls in action. Nightfall offers all of the trappings of a conventional spa, in the wilderness. Can you think of a better way to spend your weekend than a massage beside the creek while listening to bird calls?


6. Taronga Zoo, Mosman, NSW

Roar and Snore! That is how Taronga Zoo markets their overnight glamping experience. Take in the sounds of Taronga’s Zoo’s nocturnal housemates while overlooking Australia’s most iconic postcard scene. Together with the opportunity to listen to the sounds of nature without leaving the town, this is surely a glamper’s fantasy place. Together with the unique accommodation, guests enjoy a buffet dinner and a quiet and intimate walk throughout the zoo. It’s an unforgettable way to spend night.


7. Wildman Wilderness Lodge, Arnhem, NT

These free-standing cabins take glamping to luxurious levels. You could be forgiven for believing that you’re lying in a bed at a chic city apartment if you don’t pay too much care. With hardwood floors and contemporary wood furniture, you might just begin wishing for these cabins to be your regular home. Situated close to the famous Kakadu National Park, there is plenty to see and do throughout the do before retiring into the sheer comfort of the lodge.


8. Paper Bark Camp, Jervis Bay NSW

Not far from the white sands and blue water of Jervis Bay is where you will discover these twelve safari tents. Dwarfed by eucalypts and paperbarks are such private getaways, nestled between the trees. Constructed above floor to take advantage of the sea breeze, the spacious tents arrive with polished hardwood flooring, solar lighting and fancy linen. The entire camp follows a credo of sustainability so TVs, microwaves and air conditioning aren’t on offer. It is easy to check past those minor details when you’re eating in the tree top restaurant or lounging on your open air tent.


9. Ikara Safari Camp, Wilpena Pound, SA

Wilpena Pound is among Australia’s most under-appreciated natural scenes. Ikara’s safari tent’s provide the amenities you’d expect from a glamping website without any pretence. The air-conditioned getaways sit amongst domestic park bushland, providing a reprieve in the dusty landscape of the Flinders Ranges.


10. Mile End Glamping, Margaret River, WA

Deep into Western Australia’s premier wine region are these domes that seem more observatory than a tent. These geodesic domes let you look out onto acres of green, personal estate from your own bed. Even though the scenery is fine, the local wineries will be the selling stage. Head out during the afternoon to taste some of Australia’s best cabernets, purchase a bottle or two and return to enjoy them in your own private retreat.