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5 Celebrity Hairstyles Worth Trying


5 Top Celebrity Hairstyles to Try in 2015 - Banner

Needing a new do? We found the top five women’s celebrity hairstyle  trends to provide you some springtime inspiration. Learn how to update your bob, create an edgy pixie, turn your bangs bohemian, create the chicest braids and a part your hair just like a silver screen starlet. Plus, we have information from celebrity hairstylists and product information to help you attain your favorite look.

2. Messed Up Lob

Within the past few years, your favourite singers, actors, models and best friends have chopped their hair into a bob but we state it is time for a change. Ladies, develop your bob and change it in the on-trend lob. One angel who’s wearing the collarbone-grazing appearance is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and also her favorite way to design it’s with loose waves that have plenty of motion.

George Northwood, the guy in charge of Rosie’s long bob, states he sliced ‘throughout the hair to provide the modern feel that many girls want — it removes the weight without that stairs effect.’ Consult your hairdresser for a layered bob that skims over your shoulders. For an effortlessly, tousled mane spray Fudge’s Sea Salt Spray onto damp hair, aiming towards the origins, before blow-drying on a low setting. Instead of brushing your hair, use your hands to scrunch the lengths.

Messed Up Lob Hairstyle

3. Bohemian Bangs

With designers revisiting the seventies it’s not surprising that hairstylists would do the exact same and the simplest way to ship your appearance back in time would be to cut a fringe. Our favourite bohemian bangs belong to Australian model Jessica Hart whose new do is providing us Jane Birkin flashbacks.

For Birkin bangs ask your hairdresser to cut you a complete fringe that falls at your eyes, not curls, and rounds away at the edges with some soft layering. These subtle layers create a texture that adds to the Flower Child vibe. If your hair requires a small help getting dishevelled, spray some Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort Spray onto your fringe and roughly blow-dry. Our favourite thing about the seventies fringe is you can skip both week trim and push your visits to every four weeks.

Bohemian Bangs Hairstyle

4. Pixie Crop

Channelling Audrey Hepburn, Lily Collins and her cute pixie harvest are tempting us to try out an edgier style for spring. The style attracts attention to Lily’s cheekbones and can be flattering on around faces because it can help to elongate the face shape. Lily prefers to part it on the left and often sweeps the layers across her forehead.

To do this appearance ask your hairdresser for a pixie cut and use hair products to personalise it. Try out a smoothing product such as Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener. Lily Collins stylist Mary Roszak adviced ‘to have a ‘shaping’ scheduled for anywhere between 6-8 weeks’

Pixie Crop Hairstyle

5. Old Hollywood Side Parts

In regards to her hair Diane Kruger is frequently inspired by silver screen starlets and it seems she’s not alone. A number of Hollywood’s most tasteful women are carrying classic cues with deep side parts and classic waves.

To do this appearance pump Kérastase Materialist All-Over Thickening Spray Gel into your hands and use the product into towel-dried hair before styling. Part your hair on the left just like Diane and adorn with an accessory or use the design for a way to show off your favourite statement rings.

Hollywood Hairstyle