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5 Must-Have Boots This Winter, You Ought to Wear


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The humble boot has taken many forms throughout history, out of worn and workable to spit-shined and supper celebration prepared; to be entirely blunt, the plethora of choice can be a little overwhelming. To give your wardrobe overhaul a well-deserved kick-start and keep you a firm foot before the competition, we have collated a winter roundup containing the finest boots. From Chelsea to Combat boots, you are likely to want to walk a mile in this lot, guaranteed.

2. The Chukka

Unbeknown to most, the Chukka or desert boot gained its name in the game of Polo, which can be performed in six ‘chukkas’, which makes it not too dissimilar from its own Chelsea counterpart. Often left in suede or calfskin, the Chukka is typically ankled high, unlined and receptive laced. The Chukka soared in popularity.

Works best with: This off-duty boot appears clean with a set of classic blue jeans. Look to the trusty Chukka such as the Aldo Abbatiello Chukka Boot is a viable alternative to sneakers, adding an element of gloss to a differently low-key look.

Chukka boot

3. The Combat

Possibly the most militant of this booted lot, the Combat boot gained its keep as a military staple, hence the name. Traditionally laced around the ankle, the Combat obtained a stylish nod during the 1980’s when punk was popularised.

Works best with: Due to the greater cut, don’t hesitate to rock with a pair of capris pants or chinos that cut above the ankle. Combat boots look great with a double-denim look, dividing your blues. Combat boots are unforgivingly edgy so look best when they are a little worn in. Happy stomping fellas.

Combat boot

4. The Dress Boot

If traditional patent lace-ups feel somewhat rigid and leave your feet crippled and crammed by that 3 pm board meeting, consider the dress boot your new companion. Boasting an element of office-worthy formality without the stiff upper lip, the dress boot is now go-to for the fashionable modern suit. First donned by English elitists, the dress boot originated in a Oxford and Balmoral cut, traditionally the top is generally softer and rendered in canvas, suede or leather.

Works best with: Invest in a sturdy and stylish pair and think about your work wear woes solved. The Semi-dress boot by Hugo Boss is the best companion to a compact trouser, tailored pant or three-piece suit.

Dress boot

5. The Wellington Boot

Dubbed the ‘Wellington’ after the first Duke of Wellington made boots a staple in British Aristocracy. From WW1, the Wellington boot was an essential for soldiers swamped in flooded trenches. The humble black has continued to stomp its way into every grown man’s apparel ever since.

Works best with: Gumboots or Wellies are ideal for winter weather this temperamental and instead not sludge around in suede. That having been said, gumboots don’t need to be all practicality and no polish. A slick pair of skinny Hunters will look great with any get-up, pair having a full-length trench coat and think about yourself game-day prepared.

Wellington boot

6. The Work Boot

Who wouldn’t wish to channel their internal Clint Eastwood circa ‘Dirty Harry’ in a pair of work boots? Is there anything cooler? A guy who can pull a pair of work boots with certainty is a man really. The first work boot possibly took its first steps in Minnesota. The Red Wing was developed after founder Charles H. Beckman fought to find a hard-working boot which was not a complete eyesore. Devoid of any steel-toe capping, the Red Wing has held its own since the roughest All-American ever since.

Works best with: Keep it casual in a set of cuffed Levi 501s or timeless corduroys, the versatility and structure of this allow you to dress for the convenience and comfort. Look to the Red Wing 875-6 Inch Boot to get a weather-permitting weekend necessary, hard enough to tackle even the most eccentric schedule.

Work boot