Chandon X TheTrendSpotter Part 1 | Our Journey


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The team at Chandon have spent a few weeks following our journey from our daily life in Australia to our international travels, capturing special moments and spontaneous adventures along the way. This experience inspired us to reflect on the beliefs and options that shaped our private and professional lives as well as the benefits of

Venturing into different careers gave me an insight to other businesses and provided me with valuable knowledge and skills. I gained expertise and comprehension of the fashion business, product development and all stages of design, learning valuable interpersonal skills along the way. This gave me a good view of what I wanted to perform in life.

One of the biggest changes in my life happened when I met Colin, my husband.   Together we’ve begun to realise our dreams of building a career based around that which we adore, planning our own time individually from a structure created by someone else.

Colin and Dasha Gold

We started TheTrendSpotter four years ago while we both had full time jobs. We wanted to be more free to choose our route. To wake up daily with gratitude for the people in our life which we may spend more time with and the adventures we have been receptive to. This past year we made this dream come true by providing it an opportunity and the time it needed. We put our hearts to it and watched it grow and our enthusiasm and dedication grew with it. Colin and I had been able to talk about our love, passions and expertise in the fashion industry with a broader audience daily. It was and is an adventure for us.

Living an unplanned lifestyle for me isn’t about lack of vision or not functioning towards the biggest desires and dreams. It’s about accepting change, being open to the challenges and knowing that there is a lot more to learn and find on the way.

This outlook on life helped us combat challenges and opened our minds to unlimited opportunities similar to this inspiring endeavor with Chandon.
Watch our Chandon video diary of living life unplanned, we hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we loved making it.