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What to Wear with Dark Jeans



Black jeans are a timeless staple which every gent should have in his or her wardrobe. Exceptionally versatile, these simple and comfy trousers can be worn for many events in countless different ways. Whether dressed up for a day occasion or dressed down for a casual weekend look, black jeans always look great. Not only because they’re easy to wear, but also since they project a effortlessly cool vibe, these trousers are an essential item for each man. As such, it’s also necessary to know how to wear them.

Shirts to Wear with Jeans

In case you have just been pairing your black jeans with T-shirts, then you have been missing out on a complete universe of outfit opportunities. Not only is a button-up shirt an item that you already have on hand, but it is one that works immensely well with a pair of jeans. The combination, which dresses up the jeans and down the shirt, creates a great balance that is perfect for smart casual appearances. Although the set is ideal for an elegant yet relaxed style, it can also be tailored to different looks depending on your style.   While plain tops will elevate your black jeans, printed ones will have a different effect. By way of instance, floral and paisley prints will include a bohemian touch while plaid flannel shirts will create a rocker feel.

Shirts to Wear with Black Jeans

Smart Casual

By simply pairing your black jeans with polished pieces, you’ll be able to create a trendy and  smart   casual outfit. To nail the look, begin with swapping out your shoes for a set of brogues or Chelsea boots. By doing so, you’ll immediately lift your ensemble past the typical casual look. Then, choose pieces for your top half that are sophisticated without feeling stuffy. A T-shirt worn with a blazer is a great alternative, as is a rollneck sweater and tailored coat. If you want to wear a button-up shirt, then you can decide on a more casual jacket or a jacket to avoid appearing too formal.

Smart Casual Black Jeans Outfits


Although black jeans are essentially casual, they may nevertheless be dressed to create a fashionable semi-formal appearance. As long as you don’t wear them to some formal occasions, like a wedding, black jeans are a good modern choice to suit trousers or chinos. To pull off a semi-formal look with black jeans, then start with deciding on a slim pair without any rips. Then, pair your jeans with proper pieces, such as a dress shirt, blazer, and Oxford, Derby, or loafer shoes. If you are still concerned about appearing under-dressed, consider including a tie for a timeless touch.

Semi-Formal Black Jeans Outfits

What Color Shoes to Wear Black Jeans

By simply swapping your footwear, you are able to transform the look of your black jeans to suit any style you desire. From boots and brogues to shoes and even sandals, these adaptive pants can match with just about any type of shoe. The one issue you will find when picking footwear is the colour. As a rule, sticking to black sneakers will always get the job done well. If you are after something a little different, however, you should think about brown.

Black Shoes with Dark Jeans

As a result of their matching color and simple allure, black shoes are a failsafe alternative for pairing with black jeans.   Deciding which black sneakers to wear could be a bit trickier. To find your ideal black footwear, you have to know if you are trying to achieve a casual, stylish casual or semi-formal appearance. Then, just choose the shoes which are most appropriate for your outfit. While black sneakers are perfect for casual appearances, black boots are perfect for a smart casual style. It is also possible to attempt black oxfords or loafers to get a classy semi-formal outfit.

What to Wear Dark Jeans

  • Choose your black jeans based on your own personal style.
  • When wearing black jeans, then make a decision between either a black blouse to get a sharp yet edgy look or a white shirt for a more formal appearance.
  • To get a quick and easy casual black jeans look, just add a whitened T-shirt, black biker jacket, and shoes.
  • To accomplish a smart casual style, you can associate your black jeans with a rollneck sweater and tailored jacket.
  • For a semi-formal fashion, try pairing your black jeans with a dress shirt, blazer, and oxford shoes.
  • Black shoes will always do the job well with black jeans, but brown shoes can also pair well when kept casual.