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10 Stylish Hairstyles for Women Over 50


Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women Over 50

A lot of girls say that after they hit 50, that they begin to actually enjoy life to its fullest. They stop fretting about what people think of these so much and begin focusing on their own happiness. This doesn’t mean they don’t wish to look stylish and attractive, it merely means that they understand when to pass onto a fading trend and choose a look that suits them rather. Hairstyles are no exception to this principle. Although cuts and styles move in and out of style, picking a classic look that is appropriate for your face is ageless. Just make sure that it has the right modern touches to ensure that it’s fresh and chic as opposed to old and obsolete. Below are the best hairstyles for women over 50.

2. Straight and Face-Framing

Directly, long hair is a hard look to pull off whether you are 20 or 50. While curls can be a terrific way to produce long hair work for you, they may also be time consuming  to make, particularly if you have naturally straight hair loss. If you’re needing a more low-maintenance appearance, consider keeping your long hair straight and incorporating a few face-framing layers. Doing this will soften the severity of your straight hair to make a stunning feminine appearance. To design this look after cutting, simply blow dry your hair smooth whilst using a round brush to make a slight curl at the ends of strands for both motion and shape.

Long and Face Framing

3. Long Hair Bangs

If you love your hair but find that it’s looking a bit dull, consider adding a while  to modernise your own style. Bangs are a terrific way to update any hairstyle and may make for an exciting change without needing to cut your hair short. In addition they have the bonus of hiding lines which you could feel self-conscious about, in addition to beautifully emphasizing your eyes. When contemplating changing your hairstyle to add bangs, select between front and side fashions. As hair naturally thins out as you become old, unwanted bangs tend to be the best option, mixing in with the rest of your hair loss. Front bangs can still look excellent, however, whether you’ve got thick or thin hair. In case you’ve got thin hair, however, ask your stylist to cut your bangs choppy instead of complete.   For this style to function, also ensure that you tame any oily-ness since it will create your bangs sit level and limp rather than full and bouncy.

Long Hair with Bangs

4. Medium Layered Cut

As you age your hair changes and may, unfortunately, lose some of its form and volume. The very best way to present your hair back it’s bounce and life would be to include layers. A medium length  hairstyle  with layers is a great option for many women. It is youthful and light while still being womanly and polished. To accomplish this look, have your stylist cut you hair so that the longest pieces graze your shoulders. This span will add more movement to your own hair as it breaks in your shoulders. Top layers must then be cut gradually shorter, subtly finishing round the cheekbones and jaw.

Medium Layered Haircut

5. Medium Length with Bangs

Medium length hair with bangs is a classic style that looks great year after season. Easily worn straight or wavy, this style is versatile and needs low maintenance. To nail this look, have your stylist trim your hair to complete a few inches past your shoulders to balance out your bangs. As hefty bangs can drag the face down and cast dark shadows, select between side swept or mild front bangs. Should you pick side swept bangs, opt for either a shorter span that just strikes on the eyebrow or a longer period that seamlessly tapers into the remainder of your hair. In the event you would rather front bangs, nevertheless, ask your stylist to maintain the appearance light, soft and choppy, to suit your medium span.

Medium Length Hair with Bangs

6. Lob

A lob (long bob) hairstyle is a gorgeous and incredibly stylish haircut to try. Falling in involving a bob and classic medium length hairstyles, that this appearance is modern and chic. Working best on healthy shiny hair, a lob enriches volume and frames the face. To get the most from this appearance, have your stylist cut your lob a small bit shorter at the back than the front with long layers around your face. This cut is going to be the most flattering and it will have a young appeal. Keep ends blunt and select between a middle part for a striking appearance or a side part for a milder style. Wear your hair directly or elect for a slight wave on days when it is looking somewhat lifeless.

Lob Hairstyle for Women

7. Choppy Pixie

By Hallie Berry to Kris Jenner, women over 50 are rocking with the choppy pixie cut. Fun, fashionable and slightly flirty, this cut is a great solution for girls looking to go short with their hair. Keeping the extra length of this pixie will permit you to design it cluttered to get a wonderful youthful texture.   Light, wispy bangs will also help you pinpoint the pixie cut appearance with a fantastic feminine allure. You can even try styling back them, to get a exceptional variant with this look. If you opt for this pixie cut, however, just remember to run some product through your own hair with your hands before leaving the house. Doing this, will give your hair the desired feel and prevent it from looking flat and lifeless.

Choppy Pixie Cut

8. Classic Sleek Bob

Nothing beats a classic, and a slick bob is unquestionably a classic. This timeless style is eternally flattering and chic, regardless of what is on fad. Smooth bobs, which complete around chin height, are the ideal face-framing style. They flaunt your face but are not as exposing as a pixie cut. Gently sitting around your face, instead of covering it, a traditional bob is an extremely flattering style for women over 50. If that is your regular style, try mixing up things with a different part or by incorporating different layers. Just remember to be cautious if you’ve got thick hair. Too short and it might wind up looking puffy rather than slick.

Classic Bob Hairstyle

9. Curly Bob

While a traditional bob is slick and glistening, a wavy bob is sexy and womanly. Soft curls that complete at the neck make this style a winning appearance for women over 50. The curls add movement and bounce to hair, producing desirable volume and style. Keep the appearance smooth and complete in the roots by blow-drying   your own hair with a round brush whilst pulling hair upward. Then add a couple of large curls into the bottom half of guards to finish the look. Curl hair both inwards and outwards in the back to get a natural and thick looking end, and away in the face at the front to keep the look light and open.

Curly Bob Hairstyle

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