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11 Stylish Activewear Brands to Know Right


10 Unique Womens Activewear Brands We Love

Chic activewear is now a wardrobe staple for every one of us who value both fitness and fashion. Luckily, there are now numerous brands out there to help us reach our health goals while maintaining us flawlessly stylish. Whether you require high-energy equipment that can help you stick out in the gym or some cute yoga group to take you from work out to brunch there’s a sportswear label for you. Here are the activewear brands today, which you should know.

2. FP Movement by Free People

There’s a lot to like about Free People’s activewear range, FP Movement, however what we love are the layouts. Featuring ultra-chic details, such as cosmetic cut-outs and additional straps, FP Movement provides a range which triumphs both function and fashion. If you run, do yoga, surf or dancing, then this can be a must-know brand for you. The tag, which has been created with free and adventuresome 20-somethings in mind, offers an extensive assortment of goods at affordable prices. And with free shipping to the US, Canada and Australia on purchases over $100, FP Movement is worth checking out.

3. Fabletics

Fabletics is the activewear creation of celebrity, Kate Hudson. And while the brand can not guarantee you will get a body like Kate’s, it can promise you will wind up with gym wear that you’ll love. After choosing a pop up about your design preferences and sizes, you’ll be able to see a variety of Fabletics gear which has already been curated to suit your needs. With no longer sorting through pages of fashions that just are not for youpersonally, this brand makes finding the right product a breeze. Then simply check out as a guest or become a VIP member to receive extra savings.

4. Adidas by Stella McCartney

Adidas by Stella McCartney is one collaboration which simply keeps on giving. Combining one of our favourite designers with one of the best sportswear labels is pure genius. Shop the collection to find high quality and high heeled fabrics and fashions in fashionable designs. Floral prints, bold colors and almost futuristic physical fitness designs make Adidas by Stella McCartney an ideal addition for your wardrobe spinning. When you get started buying bits from this range, we forecast that you are going to be wearing them everywhere. When it’s in the gym, to brunch, or for a quick Instagram pic, these pieces get the job done for any occasion.

5. Vie Active

Vie Active was born in Bondi Beach, Australia and offers high-performance, stylish exercise wear. Created with the objective of allowing girls to transition easily from a work out into a hectic day, Vie Lively’s mantra is “Designed by perspiration professionals, for sweat professionals” The new collections offer a fantastic mix of fundamental activewear and more fashionable, standout bits. Keep an eye out for the Modern Geo and Marble prints if you’re following some on-trend styles to liven up your workout wardrobe.

6. Pins to Kill

Pins to Kill is the newest kid on the block when it comes to activewear. Offering comfy leggings in super cute prints, this particular brand will brighten up your morning workout. With styles available for purchase twice a month, pick up a pair quickly before they sell out. Should you miss out, then you could always try your hand in designing your own pair! Pins to Kill offers clients the option of personalising their leggings or perhaps uploading their particular designs. We love this fun and innovative thought! After all, who wouldn’t need one of a sort, custom gym gear?

7. Sweaty Betty

From humble origins as one boutique brand in 1998 into a global, multi-channel, activewear business in 2016, Sweaty Betty has grown into an unstoppable business leader. The brand’s pretty and minimalistic website provides an unbelievable range of products which can easily be shop-able by activity/sport. So whether you swim, spin or play tennis, then you will always have the ability to find the ideal piece to meet your needs. Anticipate workout fundamentals intersected with in-your-face pops of pattern and colour. We also adore Sweaty Betty’s range of reversible leggings which can be worn two ways to enhance fashion when reducing wardrobe space.

8. Huntr

Emily Highfield is the gifted designer supporting Australian athleisure label Huntr and boy doesn’t know her stuff. Since launching mid last year, Huntr has developed a cult-like following in Australia and it’s easy to see why. The label’s layouts are the type of trendy activewear that seem equally good worn with a pair Nikes as they do with Louboutins. Minimally chic with subtle layout quirks, Huntr offers pieces that are 60% designer fashion and 40% sportswear. Check out the range if you would like to appear incredibly stylish without sacrificing comfort or practicality.

9. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices has rapidly become an important activewear/athleisure brand to watch. By providing minimalist designs in ultra-comfortable fabrics and styles, this tag has become a firm favorite of millennials. Basic leggings, sweatshirts and track pants in neutral colours are all staples of the relaxed label. Designed for “casual action”, Outdoor Voices’ designs are Meant to be worn anywhere and everywhere outside.     If you’re the type that is more into diversion than perspiration, then this is the best lifestyle label for you.

10. Olympia Activewear

If you have been meaning to try out Olympia Activewear, now’s your time. The new 2016 collection is refined sportswear at its best. Having a focus on easy silhouettes, the range offers modern, athletic designs in gorgeous neutrals; from basic black to warm brown and pink. Consistently placing itself apart from the audience, Olympia Activewear provides a special balance between strong and female aesthetics in touch custom elastics, versatile cotton basics and silk sofa bits.

11. Live the Procedure

Live the Process is a wellness and holistic health site that also offers its luxury activewear brand new. The brand’s designs include a modern take on classic pieces ranging from bodysuits and bras to leggings and outerwear. Its fashions are all incredibly stylish and can easily be combined and layered for the perfect appearance. We love the traditional V Pant and V Bra in soft pink to your greatest yoga outfit! Another thing we love about this brand? Its goods are made ethically in the USA. So now you can feel good and look good at the exact same moment.

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