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15 Greatest Widow’s Peak Hairstyles For Men


15 Best Hairstyles for a Widow's Peak

If you like your widow’s peak or would rather it vanish, you are more or less stuck with it. So, why not make the most of the hairline you were given a locate an awesome hairstyle to suit? From brief and easy cuts to rugged long locks, and even on-trend pompadours, there are loads of stylish options to turn your widow’s peak into a winning appearance, and finding the perfect one could not be easier. All you have to do is pick your favorite from this listing of the best widow’s peak hairstyles. Trust us, once you do, you’ll be looking like Chris Hemsworth until you know it or, at least, your hair will be.

How to Fix a Widow’s Peak?

For a widow’s peak is a genetic feature, there is not a great deal that you can do to change it. That being said, there are suggestions that you could try to minimise its appearance and disguise your V-shaped hairline if you so want. Firstly, do not try to shave your widow’s peak off. However long that part of baldness, don’t remove it. Doing so will lead to an unnatural look, especially when the first pieces of stubbly regrowth start to pop up. Instead, it’s best to work together with your widow’s peak to find a flattering hairstyle. If your widow’s peak results from or has become more noticeable due to a receding hairline, you can try choosing a hairstyle accordingly or perhaps look at using hair growth products.

15 Best Hairstyles for a Widow's Peak Hairline

Best Window Peak Hairstyles

1. Side-Part Style

Adding a side part to your hairstyle can help give your widow’s peak a sophisticated and stylish touch. To nail the look, just place your part in accord with the maximum point along your hairline. Although the style will not disguise your normal hairline, it is going to help to balance and complement it to get a dapper look.

Side-Part Style with Widow's Peak

2. Crew Cut

While longer lengths of hair will frequently emphasise a widow’s peak, short styles can help to hide it. A crew cut is a particularly useful hairstyle for doing so. The cut, which features strands which sit along the hairline, can provide more protection than the ones that are styled back.

Crew Cut with Widow's Peak

3. Buzz Cut 

A sharp and short buzz cut claims to take the attention away from the hairline and put it back in your face. Hence, the design is ideal for classic gents that want to show off their facial features. Alternately, the subdued style works well for guys who like to dress with flare and maintain all eyes on their style choices.

Buzz Cut with Widow's Peak

4. Slick Back

A widow’s peak can provide a surprisingly stylish appearance. As such, instead of attempting to hide it, look at embracing your natural hairline for a magical appearance. If you are game to show off your summit, just try a slick-back hairstyle and set it with a certain attitude.

Combed Back Widow's Peak

5. Short Spikes

Texture automatically draws focus, and spikes, no matter how short, offer a great deal of texture. Therefore, when you’re rocking spikes, then everybody’s eyes are going to be on your own strands instead of your hairline. On top of that, the style is also a terrific way to rock a shorter span with an edgy attitude.

Short Spikes with Widow's Peak

6. Undercut

Just like a tapered cut, an undercut can help create the hair on the top of your head appear fuller by comparison. Therefore, it works to balance a widow’s peak while providing its wearer with a seriously stylish appearance. On top of that, you can wear your hair in a lot of ways with this cut, including waves, slicked-back, a pompadour or even a quiff.

Undercut with Widow's Peak

7. Tapered Sides

Tapered sides are not only great for producing a modern and stylish look, but they’re also helpful for making your hair on top of your head look fuller and longer in contrast. As such, the cut, which graduates from an extended period to a short crop, seems great when paired with a widow’s peak.

Tapered Sides with Widow's Peak

8. Medium Length Curls

Curls can be seriously helpful for balancing a dominant widow’s peak. All you have to do is grow out your hair to a moderate length allow it to sit naturally, without brushing or combing. The texture and protection provided by the curls will probably work to disguise your summit whilst at the same time creating a fashionable appearance.

Medium Length Curls with Widow's Peak

9. Pompadour

A pompadour is the ideal on-trend necklace for any gent with a widow’s peak. The ‘V’-shaped hairline works to enhance the appearance of this pompadour, bringing it forward to your brow. A side-part may also help provide the appearance definition and add even more design.

Pompadour with Widow's Peak

10. Grey Waves

Believe that gray hair and a widow’s peak will immediately make you appear old? Think again. The blend of silver strands and a ‘V’-shaped hairline can produce a seriously suave appearance. All you will need is tender waves to include texture, and you are going to be looking like a silver fox in no time in any way.

Grey Waves with Widow's Peak

11. Short Forward Style

Cutting your hair styling and short it forwards is a fool-proof approach to disguise a widow’s peak. Even though the cut is not the most exciting of hairstyles, it’s sleek, sharp, and smart. Consider it if you operate in a conservative office or favor a minimalistic look.

Short Forward Style with Widow's Peak

12. Long Hair

Long locks and a widow’s peak can make a remarkably cool look. To rock the design, just make sure you wear your hair to one side. Doing this will disguise half your widow’s peak whilst permitting the other half to open your face and show your attributes.

Long Hair with Widow's Peak

13. Curly Bangs

While it may take a little time to cultivate a widow’s peak hairline to an proper length for bangs, the results tend to be well worth it. Curly bangs are an especially fantastic style to attempt, as their naturally uneven contour will combine and disguise the large points along your hairline.

Widow's Peak with Curly Bangs

14. Bro Flow

Want a hairstyle that’ll balance your widow’s peak in a trendy, casual way? Try a bro flow. The relaxed style, which includes combed-back moderate or long hair, utilizes longer strands at the back to compensate for a much greater hairline.

Bro Flow with Widow's Peak

15. Slick Back with Beard

While there is no reason to feel self-conscious of a widow’s peak, many gents would finally prefer theirs to be gone. If you’re one such gent, do not attempt to shave your peak off. Rather, just draw attention away from your hairline. An easy and trendy way to do this is to grow a beard, and, for these functions, the bigger and bushier, the better.

Widow's Peak with beard

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