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15 Perfect Comb Over Hairstyles For Men


Comb Over Hairstyles for Men

The comb above has long been known as a favourite hairstyle amongst brokers and salesman. But since the likes of Hamm, Timberlake and Clooney began wearing it, the comb over has been revived and reinvented for a modern aesthetic. It is a versatile and modern hairstyle which frames almost any face. From a neat slick back to a curly brush-over, we have compiled the very best comb over hairstyles to inspire your brand new appearance.

2. Comb Over Moderate Fade

Starting the fade higher compared to conservative low fade, but allowing room to taper into length. The moderate fade comb over says “I am a risk-taker, but I will still get my tax return done in time”. The buzzed hair begins its fade over the ears leading to a style which, though daring, works with your span on top. The moderate fade suits well-styled, straight hair.

Mid Fade Comb Over

3. Comb Over Top heeled

Typically for the longer free-spirited comb over-wearer, a high fade draws attention to celebrates the shift in length. With less space for tapering, the high fade transitions quickly in short sides into the longer top. The cut brings eyes to your forehead line while sending a message that you don’t mind taking risks. The high fade is a sure bet for those with shorter hair, although some can rock it with longer locks.

High Fade Comb Over

4. Short Comb Over

Made to be worn with a lawsuit, the brief comb over is a take on this particular style. For people with difficult to handle hair or those who simply need to depict a more polished decorative. The brief comb over is a safe option that looks good on many heads. The cut works without facial hair in an awards ceremony.

Short Comb Over

5. Long Comb Over

For all those guys who wish to keep the length on the sides and top, the lengthy comb is for you. Forget about buzzing the sides; this trimming is all about preserving length whilst styling your own hair into a loose comb above. You can blow dry it to add a little volume on top or control it using a few strong hold

6. Comb Over Skin Fade

If a high fade is to get the free spirits, then a skin fade comb above is for the rebels on the market. The skin fade tapers in the span on top down to your bald skin, yep, hence the name. It is a super tidy and daring fashion that cites military reductions because of its own inspiration. Contain some span and maintain the very best clean for the best results.

Skin Fade Comb Over

7. Modern Comb Over

The contemporary comb overtakes the part line from just a bit of this design and puts it front row centre. This contemporary interpretation of the comb oversees a challenging feature line accentuating wherever your hair parts. The characteristic including a sense of asymmetry while drawing on the eyes along your hairline to see what else is happening up there.

Modern Comb Over

8. Comb Over Pompadour

Attempting to bring some volume into an otherwise quite flat equation? The pompadour is an intriguing method to bring another level to your comb over. The chances for working with a contemporary pompadour are only bound by your natural hair type and your creativity. Use a modest loose-hold pomade and blow-dry in plenty of quantity for a bigger, sweeping appearance. Or opt for a stronger holding pomade to get a neater pompadour.

Pompadour Comb Over 

9. Curly Comb Over

Curly-haired brethren do not feel that they have to miss out on all the combing over fun. Curly hair lends itself surprisingly well to the comb over style. Sweeping long curls on buzzed sides celebrates the gift that’s curly hair. Use your naturally unruly locks for your benefit by making them the center of focus. After all, do they not state ‘curls make the women’?


10. Slick Back Comb Over

Another fashion enjoying something of a renaissance and popularised in decades past. The slick back comb over can include a more subtle, shorter span with sides that are graduated. For a announcement style, let there be span up top with a top fade on the sides. For excellent results, pair having a beard or tattoos.

Slick BAck Comb Over

11. Beard and Comb Over

If you prefer the concept of a comb over, but want a look using a bit more edge, you need to think about opting for the blend of a comb and beard over. This partnership makes a seriously fashionable and modern look that can suit almost any gent. While the comb over supplies a sleek and gentlemanly appearance, the blossom adds a rugged and manly touch. To rock the look at work, just decide on a brief beard that is well-groomed.

Beard and comb over

12. Undercut Comb Over

Although a comb over is a classical fashion, it needn’t be boring. By adding an undercut to a own comb over hairstyle, you can produce your look a whole lot more exciting and fashionable. As such, an undercut comb over is perfect for people who like a daring and on-trend appearance. The look, which features a striking contrast between its top and short sides, also appears sophisticated due to its smart styling.

Undercut Comb Over

13. Comb Over with Line

A comb over online supplies an exciting and modern twist to this traditional hairstyle. The cut, which includes a line along the hair’s side area, appears seriously sharp and smart from a distance up close. Also called a hard part comb above, this style adds definition to your appearance and will look best when paired with brief faded sides and plenty of quantity up top. To get the look, just make sure you see an experienced barber.

comb over with line

14. Spiky Comb Over

Not all comb hairstyles have to be sleek and smooth. To get a more youthful interpretation of the timeless hairstyle, it is possible to try out a spiky comb over. The added texture from this appearance will provide your design with a contemporary and fashionable look. To make the appearance, wash and towel dry your hair before using a spoonful to define the side part. After that, blow-dry your roots upwards to boost volume while maintaining your part. Next, use your hands and styling product to spike your strands straight up. Ultimately, gently tug or comb your spiked locks away from the part to achieve a windswept comb over design.

Spiky Comb Over

How to Do a Comb Over

  • Gently dry your hair after washing.
  • Blow-dry your own hair if you want to add quantity.
  • Work a little bit of pomade into your own hair from the roots, starting at the back of the mind.
  • Use a comb to create a side part running in the back of your mind to your brow.
  • Comb and style the rest of your hair away in the part

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