Men's Hairstyles

16 Cool Shaved Sides Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men


Cool mens haircuts and hairstyles with saved sides

Men’s hairstyles are about the shaved sides right now. With shorter sides, your hairstyle as a whole looks neater, which gives you greater license to do something impressive with the top. By military-inspired buzz cuts to hipster-inspired man buns, a cut with shaved sides may provide you a design that is simultaneously edgy and smart.

2. Short Length with Tapered Sides

This hairstyle is one of the most manly, neat cuts on this entire list. It’s also a cut that works very well on a bearded face, and the tapered, short sides work in concert with decorative hair for a manly look. Shorter designs are a safe choice for those with hair that is beginning to grey. It’s also an attractive cut for the idle people, upkeep is minimal and short, messy hair may seem awesome.

Short Length Tapered Sides

3. Short Slicked Back with Shaved Sides

This one’s an alternative for those men who do not need anything too long on top. The shorter span on top also provides you license to shave down to a shorter length on either side. The short slicked back hairstyle functions well with hair gel or pomade.

Short Slicked Back Shaved Sides

4. Top And Tight

Short on top with shorter sides. The large and tight haircut also takes its inspiration in the military; you might have heard folks sporting this hair known as ‘jarheads’. The transition in span from the sides towards the top of the mind is sudden and leaves for a defined look.

High And Tight

5. High and Tight with Fade

Similar in its layout to the traditional ‘high and tight’ haircut, except it has tapered span on the sides. While the haircut still offers a defined transition in length from the top to the sides, the sides taper down toward the ears. For the most striking picture, you can opt for a skin fade, tapering down to no hair whatsoever.

High And Tight Faded Sides

6. Classic Undercut

The undercut is as popular now as ever. The classic version of this style offers a safer choice for those men who want to avoid some of the very intense looks within this manual. It is a simple and flexible haircut to design, needing just a little product. Products with a matte finish look perfect, particularly for those with nicer hair.


7. Slicked Back Undercut with Fade

This style combines the classic undercut with brief slicked back look. To pull this one off, you’re want to grow your own hair a little more. The taper sides result in a less jarring transition into the length up top. Choose a product with a matte finish for a contemporary take on this style.

Pompadour Hairstyle

8. Modern Bowl Cut

You probably shudder if you hear the words ‘bowl cut’, but don’t worry we are not advocating the resurrection of the style in all its ’90s glory. Elements of the bowl cut happen to be reimagined for 2016, also may be a daring option. The crucial feature of this cut is that the abrupt change in length that takes place further down the face of the mind. For the ideal version of this cut, keep the length on top rather short.

Modern Bowl Cut

9. Disconnected Low Shave

When men go to the barber for a haircut with shaved sides, they’ll assume that the shave must start at the part line. The elevation of your shave shouldn’t be presumed. By shifting the shave you can change the whole appearance of your cut. The modern gentleman may combine a low shave using a timeless hairstyle (like this slicked back look).

Disconnected Low Shave

10. Hi-Top Fade

If you’re lucky enough to get thick and workable hair you may be able to pull off this ’80s classic. The hi-top fade is a daring cut that symbolises the golden age of hip hop. Today, the design has re-surfaced and seems as fantastic as ever.

High Top Fade

11. Crew Cut

A more conservative solution for guys wanting to shave their hands is the team cut. Even though a few different styles of team cuts exist, it is, in essence, a brief cut that divides into shaved sides. The cut often incorporates a bit more length at the front. It’s low on maintenance, although just a little bit of texturing or wet-look merchandise can bring a little more character to this cut.

Crew Cut Shaved Sides

12. Pompadour

Aside from its prevalence in the 1950s, the pompadour is still a fashionable look for men wanting to make an impact with their hair. For the look, add more weight and length to the front of the own hair. You can also have your stylist or barber include a grin on your sides. Use a wet-look, strong-hold merchandise for a traditional take on the pompadour.


13. Long Hair With Diagnosis Strategies

Another fashion that’s frequently too quickly dismissed as being a hipster flash in the pan. The blend of long hair and shaved sides has gained popularity for a reason, and it looks damn cool. Pair the span with a blossom, and you’ll look incredibly manly.

Long Hair With Shaved Sides

14. Textured Hair Using Diagnosis Strategies

For guys with medium-length hair, one choice is to use something that adds texture to get much more intriguing results. Use a product with a dry finish, and style your hair with a feeling of jumble about it. This is a choice best suited to guys with wavy locks.

Textured Hair With Shaved Sides

15. Curly Hair With Shaved Sides

Should you just happen to have curly hair, a cut with shaved sides can be a wonderful alternative for observing your curls. For a more subtle look, keep the hair in addition to a length that allows the curls to be detected without getting too overpowering. Avoid too much solution, since this style is all about your hair as it naturally develops.

Curly Hair With Shaved Sides

16. Best Knot

It is the combo of man-bun and undercut that got hipsters at a frenzy a couple of years ago. Today, however, it’s a style that has been accepted by the mainstream, and that’s as it can look good on the right individual. You can combine this design with a fade, or just one length on the sides. Remember, the shorter the sides, the more you’ll draw eyes to your bun. For that reason, this cut may make faces look top heavy, so think about your face shape prior to opting for the very best knot.

Top Knot Haircut