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17 Best Shades of Blonde Hair to Try Today



While dark hair can look rich and sexy, just blonde hair has the capability to convey energy, childhood, and pleasure in this unbelievable way. Light, bright and gorgeous, blonde hair is a tempting colour that most women try at least once in their lives. These days, thanks to some extraordinary improvements in hair colouring, going blonde should not be frightening. All you need to do is find the right shade of blond to match you and you’ll be looking like a bombshell before you know it.

Ash Blonde Hair

type of like a cool color of platinum, ash blonde is a beige blond color that features a grey or ash colored tint. This mild hair colour looks great with light complexions and mild eye colors, such as blue, black, green, and light hazel. If you have already got light blonde hair, it is possible to quickly achieve this look through balayage. For those who have darker hair, the transition may take longer but you have the choice of leaving your roots dark to include dimension.


Silver Blonde Hair

Silver blonde hair colors are cool, edgy, and contemporary. Just like a dramatic version of ash blond, silver blonde is perfect for when you would like a striking look that’s sure to grab attention. The bold tone complements light complexions with green or blue eyes. If you have a medium to dark complexion or brown eyes, nevertheless, think about trying this appearance with some subtle darker blond tones blended in.


Natural Blond Hair

Natural blond hair is designed to look like you were born with that. Also called “baby blond”, this appearance is best achieved with a mixture of highlights and lowlights all around the same tone. For this appearance to function, you desire the change in colour to blend and be hardly noticeable. Natural blonde can operate on any skin tone as long as you select the best shades. For fair skin, select lighter tones, and for darker complexions, select darker hues.


Medium Blond Hair

While mild blonde colors can often wash out moderate skin tones, medium blonde colours provide a fantastic option. Light enough to become definitely blonde, but dark enough to provide a free contrast to your skin, moderate blonde hues are ideal for tanned ladies and people that have red undertones.

Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair is a medium-toned colour of blonde with wheat or “dirt” hues blended throughout. The colour is ideal for light to medium skin tones and has a stunning natural appeal. While the hue can work well with any eye color, it’s a particularly good option for women with hazel or brown eyes.


Golden Blonde Hair

Golden blonde is a wonderful multi-tonal colour. Adding colors of butter, gold, and honey blond, golden blonde hair is natural and warm appearing. The colour looks best when paired with fair to medium complexions and mild eye colors, such as light green and blue. To attain this radiant, sun-kissed blond, ask your colourist for balayage highlights through your hair.


Honey Blonde Hair

Honey blonde is a gorgeously warm blonde hair colour. The glistening hue is perfect for those who have moderate skin tones and functions best if you obviously have dark blonde or light brown blossoms. The adorable colour also looks great with darker eye colors as its heat has the capability to bring out gold flecks in brownish eyes.


Sandy Blonde Hair

Sandy blonde hair really is rather a rich color of blonde using a subtle warmth. Best paired with light complexions that feature a yellow undertone, this colour is perfect for somewhat tanned beach babes. If you have blue eyes, all the greater. To achieve this stunning blonde color, ask your colourist for a dark, hot blonde foundation with trendy, beige-toned highlights on mid-lengths and ends.


Auburn Blonde Hair

Auburn blonde is a rich, warm color with a minor brassy appeal. The colour is like that of the two copper and strawberry blond hues but features a more orange/yellow tint rather than red. The special colour can work for almost any skin tone but looks particularly good with fair to medium complexions. Auburn blonde can also be a wonderful way to transition between light blond and darker hues.


Copper Blonde Hair

Copper blonde is a brilliant blonde color which includes floral undertones. The rich and warm colour is perfect for medium-toned complexions and deep blue and light brown eyes. The fairly shade is also a great way for women with black hair to go blond without it looking too brassy.


Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde is a very warm color of blond. With a reddish/brown tint, strawberry blond looks almost like a pond tone. The mild, warm color will look best with skin tones and light eye colours. Easy to achieve when your hair is currently a light colour, this beautiful shade can be created by applying red tones to a gentle blonde base.


Blonde Ombre Hair

Ombre has been one of the greatest hair styles of recent years. Perfect for bridging the gap between blonde and brown locks, ombre begins dark and fades into a significantly lighter colour. While this colour may look good on just about anyone, it best matches those with moderate or olive skin tones and dark eyes.


Dark Blonde Hair

Nowadays, blonde hair is for everybody, not only the fair-skinned. If you have a medium, olive or dark skin tone, you may still stone blonde locks, all you have to do is choose a dark hue.

Chocolate Blonde Hair

Chocolate blond is a mixture of both brown and blonde tones. Both darker and cooler than gold, caramel blondes, chocolate brown hair looks best with moderate skin tones and either light or dark eye colours. By lightening or darkening the shades of blonde and brown used, however, this colour can be adjusted to suit just about anyone.


Caramel Blonde Hair

Falling somewhere between a lustrous blonde and golden brown, caramel blonde is a warm, dark shade. This colour can look good on almost any skin tone but looks most natural on medium and dark complexions. The color can be created by starting with a dark, gold blonde foundation and adding soft brown lowlights and beige highlights throughout.


Cherry Blonde Hair

Cherry blonde hair includes a rich reddish or “cherry” colour. More deep and vibrant in colour than cherry tones, cherry blonde is less natural looking and much more striking. Fantastic for medium skin tones and brown or hazel eyes, this colour can be created by dying hair blonde and adding a cherry tone over the top.


Black Hair Using Blonde Tips

Black hair with blonde tips is among the most striking hair colours. The dramatic look is ideal for ladies with lighter skin and dark eyes but can be worn by anybody. The look can be created with either ombre, dip dye or highlight techniques.


Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

Like regular blonde colors, strawberry blond can also have different hues. A dark strawberry blond can offer a good, more radiant alternate to regular strawberry blond. Adding a vibrant tone, this color of strawberry blonde is better suited to medium skin tones.


The way to Move Blonde

  • Visit a Fantastic colourist and ask their advice.
  • Think about the type of picture that you want to create to your blonde hair.
  • Be sure to consider your eye and skin colour in order to choose your perfect colour.
  • If you’re naturally blonde, try to stay near your normal shade while enhancing it.
  • Highlights and lowlights will add great definition to blond hair.
  • Colour care is vital to keeping your blonde looking great.

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