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1950s Men’s Fashion | How to Perfect the Fifties Style


1950s men fashion

Sartorially, socially, economically, the vivid fifties was a prime time to be alive. The decade success the second world war, that this era was celebratory, and clothing was a very clear representation of the. The clothes of the era was clean-cut, traditional and conservative. Icons such as Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marlon Brando paved the way for a decorative perpetually tattooed into our minds that reflected a playful era. We return in time to take you via our favourite fifties trends that would seem  anything but obsolete today.

Birth of Preparatory ‘Preppy’ Style

The fifties saw a development of a preppy aesthetic, playing off young civilization that was motivated by collegiate dress codes. Among the methods to translate this fifties trend would be to incorporate little elements of preppy style. This is a trend best done discreetly, since you do not want your clothes to register too costume-like. Preppy daywear ought to be relaxed yet still respectful. Cricket sweaters, Grandpa cardigans and cable knits are great options. For corporate wear, then utilize preppy prints and designs to introduce the fifties appearance to your work attire. Preppy stripes, vintage plaids and classic ginghams will give you a lively throwback for this era. Colour palettes will also be pivotal when working with preppy styles. Wear navies, bright grass greens, scarlet reds and place significance on vivid whites.


1950s Men’s Fashion

Oversized Fifties Shirts

The form of men’s casual shirts was a little different from the fitted appearances we are accustomed to. Oversized, geometrical and picture, fifties shirts were a comfortable way to translate daywear. Bear in mind, this was an era that celebrated clothing and dressing — and broader liberty with fabric reflected this sartorial change to oversized everyday day shirts. The polo shirt also played a part in casual wear and worked well for gentlemen that were avid sportsmen and wanted to suitably look the part. But sporty influence did not just play a part in sportsmen’s sartorial choices- leisurewear was particularly capitalised on by gentlemen who desired to interpret athletic wear in their personal design options.


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