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20 Cool European Haircuts to Rock in 2018


20 Cool European Haircuts to Try in 2017

From the lads in London to the guys in Milan, European gents certainly know their way round style. While we look to them for plenty of outfit inspiration, we must likewise be taking their cue when it comes to grooming. When it’s dapper undercuts, slicked-back styles or advanced reinterpretations of classic appearances, European barbers sure know their stuff. Here are the coolest   European haircuts to inspire your next trip to the barber.

2. Comb-Over

While the term “comb-over” may cause you to consider an older gentleman attempting to disguise a hair loss dilemma, think again. The reinvented haircut appears much better with a complete head of hair and is easy enough to design using a blow-dryer, a few product, and a comb.

The Comb-Over


3. Low heeled  

The low recoil seems great with both medium and short lengths of hair at the top. Should you opt for a medium length, you need to think about that a  slicked back hairstyle to complete your look.

Micro Undercut


4. Pompadour

The Pompadour has been one of the year’s greatest styles. This side-parted version maintains the classic charm of a timeless pomp when maintaining the total look decidedly modern.

Side-Parted Pompadour

5. Mid Fade 

The mid fade haircut starts at the stage over the ears, which makes it distinctive yet still flexible to different styling procedures. Complementary to short, straight hairstyles, it’s a trendier interpretation of the cut. To ensure your styling of this cut is neat and under control, secure it using a firm-hold mousse or gel.

High Top with Low Undercut

6. Half-Bun

The guy bun continues to predominate as a popular style throughout Europe and the rest of the planet. This glossy, half-bun variant takes the tendency to another level, leaving the bottom half of your hair loose. Gents with curled hair will discover this style looks relaxed on these while people with straight hair will be in for a glossy appearance.

The Half-Bun

7. Tight Waves

This tight wave haircut is a polished style that’s ideal to get dapper gents. Featuring an all-over short length with some slight quantity and bounce added into the very best, this look is excellent for businessmen and the like.

Tight Wave


8. Disconnect Undercut

This amazing disconnected undercut is a great option for gents with obviously wavy and thick hair. By keeping the sides shaved down, the appearance keeps a neat and glossy look. The accession of the small hard part, however, creates a modern edge.

Disconnected Undercut with Hard Part


9. Preppy Cut

This preppy cut is your ideal new hairstyle for the polished modern man. Stylish and clean-cut with the slightest relaxed touch, this appearance is excellent for every event.

The Preppy Cut

10. Middle Part

Much like everything ’90s, the middle element haircut has returned to popularity. This “drape” style cut has been unbelievably popular 20 years back, and now you can rock it again! Just be sure to keep your ensemble modern to avoid looking like you’re dying to relive the decade.

The Middle Part

11. High Top

High top haircuts were popular back in the ’80s and are now popular again. Adding short sides (either undercut or fade) and a sky-high top segment (often secured with merchandise), this style is unique cool. It is up to you how long you choose the very best, but you should be sure you have plenty of volume to be able to pull longer spans.

The High Top

12. Wavy Curls

Channel your inner workings with this trendy wavy hairstyle. Depending on the classic “mushroom” hairstyles of the 60’s, this look remains modern with lots of texture.

60's Curls

13. Blonde Afro

While close shaves and braids are equally perennially stylish choices, this medium-length Afro beats them both. Cool with a rock and roll border, this organic design with blonde colouring pairs perfectly with a bohemian wardrobe.

Blonde Afro

14. Textured Waves

Short hair should not be boring. This European gent demonstrates that stage with this cut. By styling it using a small amount of pomade, he defines his natural waves to make loads of interest and texture.

Textured Waves

15. 70’s Redux

This 70’s “redux” design has all the aspects of a cool, grown-out, bowl-cut. The retro, full-volume style features long lengths which curl in at the ends along with a full, front fringe.

70's Redux

16. Extended Curls

When many styles will undoubtedly feature an undercut, longer lengths will ultimately reign supreme for gents. This curled style is just one example and a stylish one at that!

Long Curls

17. Light Layers

A mild, layered haircut may be brand new look, especially in the summertime. If you already have a small wave to your own hair, this effortless cut will be ideal for you.

Light Layers

18. Long Layers with Side Part

The Europeans sure know how to pull off looking stylish without trying. This lengthy, layered cut proves equally as much and is sure to be your brand new go-to fashion for relaxed occasions. Just make sure you keep it textured with lots of motion, and to hide your component with strands.

Long Layers with Obscured Side Part

19.  Slicked Back with Undercut

This cool style features a long, slicked-back top with contrasting shaved sides. To maintain the look from appearing flat and lifeless, blow-dry hair using a round brush to pull roots upward prior to applying pomade.

Short Slicked-Back Style with Undercut

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