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20 Stylish Business Hairstyles for Men


Best Business Hairstyles for Men

Finding a hairstyle that is trendy and perfect for the office may be a tricky task. After all, there’s a fine line between what is business-appropriate and what’s dull. Therefore, what’s the answer? A clean and modern cut is just what you need to appear on-trend while retaining the boss off your back. Something which looks polished and complicated without feeling stuffy or obsolete is the perfect alternative. Still not sure what the ideal cut for you and your job is? These are the best business hairstyles which will leave a lasting first impression.

2. Ivy League

An Ivy League vest is an excellent solution for attaining a classy and elegant look. The cut, which is also occasionally referred to as a Princeton or Harvard clip, is a step up in length from a crew cut and features a fashionable side part. The resulting appearance is a dapper look that’s perfectly sharp and sophisticated for the workplace.

Business Hairstyles Ivy League Haircut

3. Short Curls

Short curls may also make a stylish look for gents with office jobs. While curls can appear messy and a little wild when left to grow long, they look neat and tasteful when short. Try the appearance for yourself when you’re sick of fighting your natural kink daily.

Short Curls

4. Mid-Fade Undercut

Striking a balance between hair that is business-appropriate and hair that’s fashion-forward is never simple, but a mid-fade undercut makes it look easy. This fashionable haircut is a top option for gents and one of the most on-trend styles for 2017. Thanks to its neat, softly faded sides and army roots, this cut comes off as sharp, appropriate and polished.

Business Hairstyles Mid Fade Undercut

5. Side-Parted Quiff

Just like a side-parted pompadour, a side-parted quiff may also produce a wonderful hairstyle alternative for businessmen. While both are rather similar, you create a quiff and pompadour in various ways. Even though a pompadour includes all the hair on top of the mind slicked back, a quiff is created by first cleaning the hair forward before combing front or fringe back and up.

Side Parted Quiff

6. Crew Cut

A classic team cut is neat, clean and completely business-appropriate. By donning this traditional short cut, you’ll prove to everyone that both you and your work should be taken seriously. While being stylish, the cropped length can also be straightforward and understated, meaning that this cut may allow different aspects to take center stage for example what you’re wearing or saying.

Crew Cut

7. Modern Comb-Over

The comb-over has long been a hairstyle fit for a gentleman and now is no different. The complex style is an ideal business look that’s both skilled and stylish. To keep the look appropriately modern, just maintain plenty of volume on top and also a small texture.

Modern Comb-Over

8. Textured Pompadour

Texture can also make a pompadour appear less rockabilly and much more contemporary. To make the look, comb hair upward and backwards before using hands and a few pomade to mold in an unfinished pomp.

Textured Pompadour

9. Faded Undercut

A faded undercut is an excellent hairstyle for a modern businessman. Does the short length appear neat and tidy, but the style is also on-trend with no unconventional. If you wear your hair combed to one side or slicked back, a faded undercut can work for you.

Business Hairstyles Faded-Undercut

10. Pushed Back Waves

If you have naturally wavy hair, consider developing short strands a little and opting to get a pushed back fashion. Just make sure you employ the support of your favourite styling product to maintain the look neat and away from your face.

Pushed Back Waves

11. Tapered Cut

If you want to get taken seriously at your job, get a seriously trendy haircut. While short hairstyles that are one span all over can appear a small plain and unsophisticated, a tapered cut appears mature and suave.

Short Tapered Cut

12. Short Pants With Side Part

Adding brief waves with a side part is a great way to produce a fashionable small business appearance. While the component keeps things suitably professional, the waves include a contemporary feel as a result of their feel. If appropriate, you can even try this hairstyle with a facial hair to get a look that infuses old-world appeal into contemporary fashion.

Short Waves with Side Part

13. Side-Parted Pompadour

The timeless pompadour is on-trend once again and is excellent for a suave office appearance. Try one with a negative part and tapered sides for a clean and tasteful appearance. Just make sure you keep your pomp tidy rather than overly big, or you can end up out of what is business-appropriate.

Side Part Pompadour

14. Disconnected Undercut

Provided that your workplace isn’t too conservative, a disconnected undercut can make an extremely stylish option. To nail the look, then opt for a cut without too much contrast between the top and sides. Also, avoid shaving the sides down completely into the skin and attempt wearing the very best combed back neatly. Doing this will make sure this appearance is kept elegant rather than edgy.

Disconnected Undercut

15. Classic Slicked Back

A slicked back hairstyle jobs confidence, which is just what you want when working in the business world. When creating this appearance, remember to not go overboard with all the pomade. You want to look well-groomed, not oily.

Business Hairstyles Slick back

16. Pompadour With Low Fade

If you’re the sort of gent who loves to stand out in the audience, locating an office-appropriate hairstyle can be a challenge. To please your office while retaining your unique style, consider adding subtle on-trend elements to a conventional cut. A little pompadour using a low fade could be just what you need to stand out while fitting.

Business Hairstyles Small Pompadour with Low Undercut

17.  Moderate Length Waves

Not all business hairstyles need short strands. If you would rather let your hair grow out a bit, consider trying a mid-length cut. The style appears particularly dapper on gents with gentle waves.

Soft Waves with Middle Part

18. Textured Slick Back

To create a slicked-back style using a young feel, try adding some texture. You can achieve the appearance by using fingers and hands to push hair backwards into shape rather than a comb. Just make sure the outcome is not too messy for your workplace.

Business Hairstyles Textured Slick Back

19. French Crop

A French harvest is a favorite and ideal for business because of its simplicity. The minimalist cut, which will not distract from the face, features short sides with a comparable length at the top. The cut also tends to be styled forward, developing a small fringe along the hairline. The name is also sometimes confused with a Caesar cut.

French Crop

20. Straight Slick Back

In case you’ve got straight strands consider a slick back appearance. Just be sure that you don’t allow the hair grow out too long at the back. An office is no place for anything that looks like a mullet.

Business Hairstyles Straight Comb BAck

Business Hairstyles for Men

  • Stick to short and neat haircuts to get a clean and polished appearance.
  • Pick a timeless hairstyle if your office is conservative.
  • If your work is a bit more relaxed, look at adding subtle on-trend elements.
  • Make routine trims a priority to stop hair from getting long and cluttered.
  • Avoid having an excessive amount of styling product in your hair.

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