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30 Stylish Short Hairstyles for Black Women



If you prefer to wear your hair curly and full of natural texture or smooth and straight, a short haircut may make an superb choice. All you need to do is find the best style for you. From beautiful pixie cuts and ultra-short crops to daring bobs and miniature afro styles, short hair has more options than you may think. Here are the best hairstyles for black girls that will leave a lasting impression.

2. Short Afro

If your curls are somewhat on the wild side, try embracing their unpredictability instead of fighting it. A brief afro will play to the advantages of your own hair, such as its normal feel and quantity.

Short Afro Hairstyle

3. Voluminous Pixie Cut

A voluminous pixie cut is a great hairstyle for women with naturally thick curls. Try the look for yourself whether you want a style that screams retro chic.

Voluminous Pixie Cut

4. Temple Shave Pixie

If you are the type of lady who enjoys a short, edgy hairstyle, the temple shave pixie cut is the kind of ‘do. Even though there are lots of ways to stone this cut, a forward style that ends in a sleek side-fringe is one of the very best.

Temple Shave Pixie

5. Straight Layered Pixie

A straight and smooth pixie cut can appear a little flat when worn in one length. To fight this issue while maintaining a sleek appearance, try having your stylist trim a couple of layers into the top.

Straight Layered Pixie

6. Straight Asymmetrical Lob

Although natural curls are stunning, sometimes a slick look is exactly what you desire. For all those events, a directly, asymmetrical lob is the answer. The sharp and smooth cut is contemporary glamour at its best.

Straight Asymmetrical Lob

7. Side-Swept Pixie

A side-swept pixie cut is completely chic and stylish. The necklace, that looks best with sweeping bangs and a bit of volume up top, may be made even more beautiful with the inclusion of dark honey highlights.

Side-Swept Pixie

8. Side-Parted Style with Curls

A side-parted style with curls is ideal for the office, a date or a girls’ night out. To rock the look, blow-dry your hair to achieve smooth roots before employing a huge wand to make your curls.

Side-Parted Style with Curls

9. Side-Parted Pixie

Naturally curly, pixie cuts can frequently lack definition and shape. As such, they can often appear more stylish when partnered with a focal point, like a side-part.

Side-Parted Pixie

10. Short Ringlets

Short ringlets that finish just above the shoulder can appear beautiful. To ensure your spirals are soft and smooth, keep your hair hydrated with a light-weight conditioner.

Short Ringlets

11. Short Pants Curls

Want to give your short curls an on-trend update? Consider dyeing them a fresh colour, including a warm and rich coppery tone. The unique colour will instantly upgrade your style.

Short Copper Curls

12. Ringlet Afro

Healthy, bouncy coils deserve to be shown off, and there’s no better way to do so than with an afro. Total of texture and volume, a ringlet afro is a killer announcement fashion.

Ringlet Afro

13. Pixie with Undercut and Bangs

Channel your inner Rihanna using a cut that is as sassy and chic as the singer himself. A pixie style having the undercut and bangs isn’t just fashionable but also edgy.

Pixie with Undercut and Bangs

14. Pinned Up Ringlets

Natural ringlets can appear stunning when worn at a relaxed up-do. To create the look, all you want to do is pin up the trunk section of your short hair and allow the rest fall loose.

Pinned Up Ringlets

15. Mohawk

Consider displaying your natural curls in a new way this season. By shaving off the sides of your mind and leaving a strip of hair down the center, you may create an incredible mohawk.


16. Mini Afro

Your afro does not need to be big to be beautiful. A miniature afro can be equally as gorgeous as those of more lengths. In addition to that, this fashionable and short haircut can be more easily maintained than longer variations.

Mini Afro

17. Micro Bowl Cut

A micro bowl cut is perfect for ladies that aren’t afraid to try something different. The adorable and quirky cut looks seriously stylish when worn with absolute assurance.

Micro Bowl Cut

18. Messy Bowl Cut

If you are after a bold style that is bound to stand out, look no further than a bowl cut. Just make sure you keep the look cluttered and pristine for a stylish and contemporary interpretation.

Messy Bowl Cut

19. Half-Up Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks can seem just as striking on short hair as they can on long. To make your brief dreadlocks more fun and fashionable, think about a half-up style. The look is ideal for the weekend or even a night out.

Half-Up Dreadlocks

20. Glamorous Bob

In need of a hairstyle that’s sexy and sophisticated? A glamorous bob is the perfect mix of both. To wear the appearance in style, keep your strands smooth and your curls big and bouncy.

Glamorous Bob

21. Geometric Style

Whether you rock a blowout, pixie cut or bob, including a geometric element to your own cut may inject it with a futuristic and fashion-forward appeal. The appearance is unique and ideal for women with a bold sense of style.

Geometric Style

22. Curly Bob using Pinned Top

A thick curled bob is feminine and chic but can often overwhelm a small face. To rock the style with no concealing your features, consider pinning back the shirt.

Curly Bob with Pinned Top

23. Cropped Organic Curls

Natural curls are beautiful, but they are able to get a bit out of control when increased long. Therefore, a cropped cut makes an excellent option for showing off your coils with no extra hassle.

Cropped Natural Curls

24. Choppy Crop with Bangs

Short hair never has to be dull. A choppy crop with bangs, by way of instance, is extremely exciting. Not only does the tough cut add interest and texture, but also the bangs inject a stylish flair.

Choppy Crop with Bangs

25. Buzz Cut

Want a hairstyle that is short, chic, and totally practical? A buzz cut is an ideal choice. This ultra-short cut, which is ideal for textured hair, is eye-catching and lovely at precisely the exact same time.

Buzz Cut

26. Braided Side

To nail the look, keep your braids into the side of your head and let your natural curls take center level up top and in the back.

Braided Side

27. Bob using Bangs

A thick, full bob looks great on its own. However if you include bold bangs, the cut can become even more stylish and exciting.

Bob with Bangs

28. Blowout

A blowout can turn short curls into an edgy, right hairstyle. Consider wearing the style blown up to get a statement appearance or backward for a more subtle take.


29. Blonde Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is an excellent hairstyle for women who prefer a shorter cut. However if you find the look a little plain, you can always spice it up with a new color. An unexpected hue, such as blond, is the best alternative for making your pixie cut stand outside.

Blonde Pixie Cut

30. Beach-Wave Bob

If you have hair that is naturally wavy, then embrace its kinks with a beachy bob hairstyle. To rock the look, just remember to keep things relaxed and carefree with minimal styling along with an undefined part.

Beach-Wave Bob

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