4 Tips on How To Get Healthy and Buoyant Nails


4 Tips On How To Get Stronger and Healthy Nails

Polished nails may elevate any ensemble minus the correct care problems can arise. Whether you reserve monthly manicures or want to keep your nails ‘au naturel’, it is vital to care for them at home. From cuticle care to file advice we have 4 tips on the best way to get stronger and wholesome nails.

2. Appearing Buff

We buff our claws to remove ridges, encourage circulation and also to create a smooth surface however beware of over-buffing. The friction generated when we buff our claws too forcefully or too often can weaken the nail and may cause fractures.


3. File It Off

Unless you’ve got acrylic nails steer clear of alloy documents, they’re too harsh on natural nails and cause unnecessary damage. Stick to emery boards and crystal documents with a high level degree of 180. Those prone to brittle nails should be particularly cautious when submitting. A high level degree of 240 is ideal for weaker nails. Crystal files have a very long life but emery boards should be replaced every month or two and under no circumstance should you discuss your file.


4. Strongest Shapes

In case you have delicate nails that split and break frequently it’s important to take into account your filing technique as well as the shape of your nails. As soon as we rush we tend to file in every direction but take your time and file in one way only, focusing on the sides of the nails. When it comes to shape, square and rounded nails would be the most powerful, whereas vanilla and stiletto styles offer less aid and should only be used in conjunction with acrylic nails.


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