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5 Simple Ways to Step Up Your Style


Each and every day, thousands of women all around the world wake up, walk over to their wardrobe and desperately announce that they “have nothing to wear!” . It’s a serious condition, with side effects including giving up and sporting yesterday’s ensemble, clothes strewn around the ground and coming late to where you were moving. The fantastic news is that it’s curable, and you’ll get through it. The solution, more painless than you may think, involves purchasing. But this isn’t a spree or a splurge, rather a mission to buy the 5 bits which may step up your style   and reinvigorate your wardrobe. Ready? Let’s go.

2. Printed Skirt

A versatile piece for both play and work, the printed skirt is undoubtedly a bit that will make you feel eager to get dressed. Opt for a knee or midi span and wear in place of your workplace pencil skirt for work, and glam up with a killer pair of heels and a silky shirt or harvest for night. In terms of the print, it’s entirely up to you just how daring or bright you go!

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3. Fantastic Pair of Shoes

Nothing makes you feel and look better than a killer pair of shoes. A pair of on-trend heels gives a sophisticated and stylish twist to even the most well-worn ensemble and choosing a pair carefully will ensure maximum wearability. There are two ways to go with this. The first is to pick a totally unique and statement-making set — think Sophie Webster or Charlotte Olympia. The alternative is to choose a simpler, more classic set which can go with everything — we can’t go beyond the posh two ring ’90s fashion insides in black or nude.

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4. New Bag

It may be as small as a clutch or as large as a handbag, but whatever the dimensions, a stunning new tote is definitely something to get excited over! Observing a similar rule to the necklace, accessories are a simple way to create an outfit look fresh and on trend. A jewel encrusted clutch or a tote in the seasons got colour will instantly upgrade your wardrobe into something particular.

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5. Lipstick

Whether you’re waking up to a bad skin, hair or ensemble day, lipstick is the saviour and new best friend. Perfectly applied lipstick instantly makes it look as if you’ve made an effort, which makes you seem polished and collectively. You’ll be surprised what a difference a slick of bombshell red lipstick can create an outfit for day or night! Treat yourself to finding the perfect red color, or upgrade with a color that you wouldn’t normally try.

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