8 Ultimate Beauty Tips For You Spring Carnival Ready


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The Melbourne Spring Carnival is among the most highly anticipated events of the year, and while we are sure you have been thinking what to wear and carefully following the latest clothing trends, your beauty regime is much more significant.

2. Never Leave Home Without Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be among the most crucial things in every woman’s beauty routine, come shine or rain. However, because you’re going to be spending a great deal of time outside this is even more significant.

Pick a sunscreen that has an SPF15 or higher, and use it to your skin before applying any makeup. Then wait 5 minutes to permit the sunscreen to seep into your skin. Remember that program is very important, you should never rub in a back-and-forward motion, but rather use in smooth, downward circles.

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3. Don’t Slack On Your Skincare Routine

It’s important to keep healthy skin, and in order to make this happen you want a great skincare regimen. Make sure you are cleansing night and morning and utilizing vitamin C and Some lotions to improve, repair and hydrate your skin.

colgate Spring racing carnival

4. Produce Elegant Tresses

Your hair has to be on-point while enjoying the big events during Spring Racing Carnival, particularly since so much attention will probably be on it because your hair accessories. Do not forget to make a statement with fascinators — that are quite a standout feature — or even fuss is what you want in regards to your own hair, then accessorize with a few of the year’s hottest hat tendencies, for instance, floppy hat and the oversize straw hat — perfect for warmer weather and also a fantastic way to shade your face throughout the spring sun.

Always clean your hair each day before, as this makes it more manageable and less slick to design. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment, and also do a cold water rinse to keep your natural glow. Also use a high gloss spray on the day of this event — we want hair that looks as healthy and shiny as the celebs.

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5. Nail It

A busted nail or a inappropriate nail color is your quickest way to mess up your outfit. While makeup and accessories are a excellent way to add a pop of colour into your looks, and you could always match your nail color to your outfit, we think the ideal method to receive your nails looking super glamorous is with a natural-looking polish. You can’t ever go wrong with a French manicure, but colours like nude, white and blush are colors that compliment every look.

Tips: Try opting for Shellac — this can leave you with no chips and athletic beautiful nails for fourteen days.

colgate Spring racing carnival

6. Pay Close Attention to Your Own Eyes

Your eyes might be the window into your soul, but they are also a going to affect your overall appearance, and one thing you definitely do not want while attending any occasion is puffy red eyes.

Be certain that you drink plenty of water and sleep on an elevated pillow the night before. Lying flat when you’re sleeping may create fluid build-ups around your eyes and make them look puffy. Then what about the makeup?

The cat eye has long been a popular trend in the beauty world, so it makes great sense that it had been beauty appearance in the couture 2015 collections. While some designers sent models down the runway with dramatic flairs, you need to maintain yours simple and sleek, as seen on the runways of Ellie Saab. Before applying any makeup, add concealer to your eyes, with particular care at the corners.

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7. Do You Have a Spot? No Problem

Most of us know how awful it can be to have flawless skin and then the afternoon before case a place appears. The good news is there is a way to cover them : use concealer over the blemish.

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8. Water Water and More Water

Water is a must! Prior to a huge event you always need to make certain you are eating the right foods and drinking sufficient water. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated. It may also help if you cut out coffee and replace it with detox juices and green tea two weeks before the function. Also avoid salty foods to avoid bloating and puffy eyes.

colgate Spring racing carnival

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