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A Gentleman’s Guide to Folding and Styling a Pocket Square


A Gentlemen's Guide to Folding and Styling a Pocket Square

If it comes to accessories, pocket squares are one of the most hard-working. Even though they’re less practical as your favourite sunglasses or everyday watch, they could add colour, sophistication and an incredibly trendy increase to your look. However, this dapper little thing may also confuse many gents, particularly when it comes folding. However, we are here to tell you that you do not have to be a master of origami to rock a pocket square with style. All you will need is some expert guidance. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive gentleman’s guide to styling and folding that a pocket square.

Pocket Squares in basic tones such as whites, navies and blacks are great to have on hand if you are after something subtle and classic to annotate looks. Pocket squares can also be among the greatest ways to introduce color into more formal looks and since they are only tiny additions, do not feel scared to elect for bolder patterns. Traditional patterns like ginghams, tartans, polka dots and paisleys are extremely powerful in adding diversity to your wardrobe.

How to Fold Pocket Squares

There are a couple of ways to fold pocket squares, but it is ideal to keep things simple and timeless. We recount five of the most classic interpretations of folding pocket squares that are acceptable for a variety of events. We also have included measures to folding these distinct variants.

Square Fold

Also known as the presidential or traditional fold, this is one of the subtlest ways to style a pocket square. Suited for much more dignified, conservative occasions where formality will be observed, this fold is most appropriate for linen or cotton pocket squares which will hold a crease smoothly.



  • Twist your own pocket square in half on either side.
  • Twist your fold in half on the other side.
  • Determine the diameter of your pocket, and fold both sides in horizontally to fit so.
  • Fold once vertically and smooth out your pocket square until you’re left having a straight, clean rectangle.
  • It should just peek through your pocket, offering a minimalist addition to appears.
  • Ensure the peak of your fold follows the slant of your pocket.

One-Point Fold

A super traditional means to translate pocket squares, the more one-point fold exhibits a triangle contour peeking out through your pocket. This fold is much more noticeable than the conservative square fold, and is recommended for most appearances featuring pocket squares. A higher quality silk is recommended.

Single Fold Pocket Square


  • Fold your pocket square in half horizontally.
  • Fold it in half.
  • Spin your pocket square so that a stage is facing you, in a diamond shape.
  • Fold it.
  • Flip the pocket square on the other side, concealing the edges
  • Fold the corners of the side of your pocket square until it looks like an open floor.
  • Flip over and place in your pocket, with all the triangle contour peeking out.

Two-Point Fold

A variation on the one-point fold, the two-point fold includes two peaks displayed in the pocket. This fold can handle brightness and more detail in regards to your chosen pattern and functions well with silk layout squares. Believe ginghams, plaids and paisleys.

Two Point Fold Pocket Square


  • Fold the pocket square in half horizontally.
  • Twist the pocket square in half  .
  • Hold the pocket square so it resembles a diamond.
  • Twist the bottom corner near the left of the top corner.
  • Fold   the left corner into the middle.
  • Adjust breadth based on pocket size.

Three-Point Fold

Among the more complex folds, this style ought to be approached if you feel much more comfortable wearing pocket squares. Otherwise known as the Crown Fold, this style works well with simplistic silks in addition to intensely colored patterns, including dimension to your formal looks.

3 points pocket square_


  1. Lay the pocket square out like a diamond.
  2. Fold vertically forming a pyramid.
  3. Twist the bottom third up from the left and right.
  4. Twist the pocket square over.
  5. Twist each side of the pocket square at half towards the middle.
  6. Fold the bottom line into the Center.

Puff Twist

Quite simple, the puff fold is based on a more traditional, subtle screen of your pocket square. This fold functions best with lace pocket squares which are larger, so they don’t vanish in your pocket.

Puff Pocket Square


  • Find the center of the pocket square foot.
  • Make a circle with your hand.
  • Put the center of the pocket square over the circle.
  • Push the pocket square through it.
  • Fold the fabric back.
  • Pull on the centre of the pocket square.
  • Fold up the excess behind it.

Pairing Pocket Squares with Ties

Do not fit your tie into your pocket square too obviously; this reads unstylish and dull. Instead, go with colours and colours that work well together, without being direct suits. Work inside the same colour families and consider the types of colors featured in published pocket squares. This will give you a clearer idea of complementary colours that can work well with your tie. Do not forget that a pocket square should reveal more of your character, and thus don’t fear a little bit of vivid color, but keep it in reason and somewhat complementary along with your own tie.


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