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Adidas Launch Battle Pack Footwear Collection


Adidas is the official partner of FIFA’s World Cup hosted in Brazil that’s a mere month away. To celebrate the best athletes, Adidas has released a visual and physical representation of “go hard or go home’ ; The Fight Bundle.

This group takes inspiration from the planet’s five advanced and motivated soccer players; Lionel Messi (Argentina), Luis Suarez (Uruguay), Oscar (Brazil), Dani Alves (Brazil) and Mesut Oezil (Germany).

The range features 5 styles, adizero f50, predator, nitrocharge, 11pro and adizero f50 Messi.  The adizero f50 Messi is the exception with added blue and white colours that is motivated by the Argentinian flag.

With a maximum grip and comfort, the shoe follows the motion of the foot, designed to boost performance and reevaluate gameplay. Each boot features exact dimensions of 50% black and 50% white with finesse and cutting-edge technologies for visual results and intent on the area. Its striking three golden stripes are a representation of the fire in the gamers’ hearts, the utter emotion, the pumping adrenaline and the difficult work of every competing group, and of course, the gold FIFA World Cup.

The Adidas Battle Pack exhibits power, strength, tenacity and development of our species, the battlers, the fighters and the adventuresome. The FIFA World Cup has evolved with each tournament, creating players and fans of determination. Where legends are born, records are made and individuals unite and stand proud of their nation.

The equilibrium of black with gold joins the spirit with power, the ‘no excuses’ mindset, (the white and black) and also the emotions and perseverance (the gold), this is exactly what the lovers and the players are combined with this genuinely represent the FIFA World Cup.

Players will soon be debuting Adidas’ Battle Pack on-field at the UEFA Champions League Final in Lisbon.

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