All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions



Lash extensions are now hugely popular in recent decades. From stars and celebrities to the women at your work, and ones you see on the street, girls everywhere are obtaining beautifully complete and long lashes with lash extensions. If you’re wondering if you should check it out yourself, here is everything you will need to know before diving in and getting glued.

Are Extensions Bad to Your Natural Lashes?

It’s a frequent misconception which eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes.   When the extensions are implemented correctly and not pulled out, they will not damage your lashes along with your eyes. Just be sure that you see a professional tech for the application. Although the glue used in the process is secure, take note that some girls can experience allergic reactions and inform your technician if you notice any stinging or pain. When the eyelash extensions are implemented, they will take a while to grow out. If you decide you do not wish to keep up with the upkeep of your new lashes, then you may experience an awkward growing out phase since your lashes naturally develop out together with all the extensions attached.

Obtaining eyelash extensions should stay a pain-free encounter when done right. If you are worried about the sensitivity of your eyes, then make sure that you ask your lash technician about the glue prior to starting. The paste should not include anything to damage your eyes, for example formaldehyde.


Types of Eyelash Extensions

There are 3 sorts of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink.   Which kind you receive will depend on your lashes and desired results, as well as your technician’s taste. Some technicians like to use a silk and synthetic mix while others stick to another. These synthetic lash types will create a uniform look with ease. Mink lashes, on the other hand, are 100% organic fiber lashes. This usually means they’re lighter and look more natural than synthetic lashes, but their thickness and length can’t be controlled.   Though they might sound appealing to you, bear in mind that mink lashes come at a greater cost.

Eyelash extensions can come in a range of sizes from around 6mm to 17mm. The thickness and length of the lash extensions you may get is dependent upon your natural lashes. An expert technician will have the ability to best advise you on the best lash extensions for you. As you want to ensure your natural lashes remain healthy, it is ideal to start with fewer and smaller extensions and add more later, particularly if you have obviously thin and short lashes.


How Long Does it Take to Apply?

In the process of eyelash extension program, each lash is individually adhered to a single natural lash using semi-permanent glue. For a complete set of lashes, this process will normally take a long time. In this time you will need to keep your eyes completely closed to guarantee correct application and safety.   If you are looking for eyelash extensions on a budget, or are looking for a more subtle effect, consider obtaining a half set of lashes rather. A half set will still have a great thickening look on natural lashes minus the drama of a complete set. It is going to also take less time to employ and cost less.


How Often Do You Have to Get Them Re-Done?

One of the wonderful things about eyelash extensions is they’re long-lasting.   A pair of lashes can quickly last year round with the right care. Since one lash extension is attached to one natural lash, the extensions must each last through the whole growth cycle of your natural lashes (normally six to eight weeks). To make sure they always look their best, however, it’s advised that you get light touch-ups every three to four weeks. Also, be certain that you don’t pull or pick at your extensions as this can ruin both them along with your natural lashes.


Products to Avoid

As soon as you’ve obtained your eyelash extensions (including touch-ups), you will need to prevent water (showering, washing your face and swimming) for the first 12 to 24 hours.   Water can weaken the glue before it’s completely put and cause lashes to drop off. After that time, it’s fine to receive your own lash extensions moist, but you should be certain not to yank or yank at them. Prevent using oil-based products and makeup removers across the area since they are also able to affect your extensions.   Similarly, using waterproof mascara  isn’t recommended as it’s difficult to remove and can result in lashes falling out. Regular mascara, on the other hand, can be used when you’ve lash extensions but is best avoided if possible as it may shorten the life span of their lashes.


Find a Salon

When seeking to get eyelash extensions, it is essential to find a professional tech. Just someone with the proper training can guarantee the correct products will be properly used and that the lashes will be implemented without damaging your lashes or causing injury to your eyes. Here are our recommended eyelash extensions salons in Australia.


Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

Simply Brows and Lashes
The staff at Simply Brows and Lashes are absolute pros when it comes to eyelash extensions, which makes them one of the greatest spots in Melbourne to see.
Lash Cartel
The women who see Lash Cartel keep on going back again and again for the outstanding service and perfect lashes. Once you visit, you’ll do the exact same too.
Miss Fox Melbourne
When you are in town and in need of eyelash extensions, Miss Fox is the place to go.
Christina Beauty and Nails
When you’re looking for glamorous, full-volume lashes in Melbourne, Christina Beauty and Nails in Toorak is the place to go. Employing faux-mink lashes, all these extensions are gorgeous and cruelty-free.

Eyelash Extensions Sydney

Lady Lash
Lady Lash has salons in both Parramatta and Newtown that contain experienced staff who know their way around eyelash extensions.
Love Those Lashes
Love Those Lashes’ Paddington shop is a luxurious, go-to spot for a number of Sydney’s lash extension addicts.

Eyelash Extensions Brisbane

Hamilton Lashes
Hamilton Lashes may be a small, family-owned business, but it is also Brisbane’s best place for eyelash extensions.
The Brow Bar
Do not be fooled by the name. The Brow Bar really has its Lash Bar Lounge where you can receive some of the greatest lashes in Brisbane.

Eyelash Extensions Perth

Evoque Lash Spa at West Leederville is Perth’s premier eyelash extension salon.
Perth Lash Extensions
The experienced technicians at Perth Lash Extensions will put you up with the very best silk eyelash extensions you may get.

Eyelash Extensions Adelaide

Ooh La La Beauty Boutique
If you live anywhere near the beach-side suburb of Glenelg, you simply must visit Ooh La La Beauty Boutique to get the very best eyelash extensions Adelaide has to offer you.
Brazillian Beauty
If you’re searching for eyelash extensions closer to the city, you can’t go beyond Brazillian Beauty for professional and reliable service every time.

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