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Best 10 Tips For Curvaceous Women


Top 10 Styling Tips For Curvaceous Women

Curvy is the black and it is about time! Fashion is finally realising a model-like figure is not a realistic physique. It’s refreshing to see the growth of plus-size models and popularity of celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian who are famed for their curves and who are not afraid to show off their body even though they may not be super skinny. These design tips and tricks will help you enhance your figure in the way that is best.

2. Know Your Fabrics

in case you’ve curves you need to find high-quality fabrics that shape creases and hug your body, as these will make you look more streamlined. Scuba, stretch crepe and double-faced viscose are all fantastic choices. Fabrics such as wool that is heavy and velvet can seem shapeless. For areas of concern prevent high gloss fabrics, which will attract the light and can occasionally make you appear larger, and of course the glow will draw the eye here so instead opt for matte fabrics to play down these regions.

Styling Curvaceous Women

3. Locate A Great Tailor

Tailoring your clothes may have a huge impact. It may be the difference between an outfit looking boxy and frumpy or completely assemble and flattering.

Styling Curvaceous Women

4. Accentuate Your Waist

Cinching your clothing in at the waist can make your silhouette. Fundamentally, belts are your best friends. Adding a belt is an effortless method to produce your outfit more glossy and because it enriches the tiniest aspect of the body it can make you look slimmer and your curves defined, and who doesn’t want that?

Styling Curvaceous Women

5. Skirt Length

Hemlines should complete above or below the knee, as it will make your legs seem slimmer and longer. The general principle for creating a more flattering silhouette is to elect for a hemline that strikes the place where your legs begin becoming slimmer.

Styling Curvaceous Women

6. Balance Your Shapes

Feminine clothes that enhance the hourglass shape are always flattering. Combining the ideal silhouettes is crucial. If you are going for a hot pencil skirt then put it back using a looser top. Similarly, if you’re wearing a slim fitting tee shirt or harvest style top then add volume to the bottom half with a fuller skirt. In case you’ve got a large bust then scoop, boat and V-neck lines are more flattering then around or high necks.

Styling Curvaceous Women

7. Keep It Simple

Do not overdo things; your garments should be sleek and easy with no additional frills or ruffles, as this is only going to add more volume to your figure. When it comes to prints do not let the print wear you, instead opt for fundamental prints using perpendicular lines to elongate the figure.

Styling Curvaceous Women

8. Embrace Shapewear

You need a fantastic base so always make sure you have the appropriate undergarments. Seamless lingerie will mean that you avoid unsightly lines and will make your body look smoother. Spanx is great for reducing and improving all the right parts without leaving any lines and the right bra can make a huge difference to your décolletage.

Styling Curvaceous Women

9. Wear Your Size

Hiding your curves beneath oversized and baggy clothes will merely make you look larger than you really are, whilst garments which are too small will be unflattering. By adopting your curves and sporting the ideal size you’ll find that your garments are more flattering and will showcase your feminine form.

Styling Curvaceous Women

10. Love Your Curves

Know your body shape and be confident in what you are wearing. If you love your arms then show them off at a sleeveless style or whether you hate your thighs protect them using a midi skirt. Wear clothing that accentuate the areas of the body that you love and conceal the areas you don’t and that makes you feel good.

Styling Curvaceous Women

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