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Big Guys Can Wear Skinny Jeans


How Big Guys Can Wear Skinny Jeans

When there are many sorts of jeans accessible, skinny jeans have long been the go-to look for on-trend gents and women. So, if you are looking to dress more fashionably, these slim denim designs are able to make an excellent choice. As well as being stylish, skinny jeans can also be amazingly versatile. They are even able to suit a number of body types, including those that are big. So, if you’re naturally large, carrying a little extra weight or have thick and muscular legs, skinny jeans may make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. All you have to know is the perfect way to use them which is why we’ve made this very helpful guide for large guys on how best to wear skinny jeans.

Worst Skinny Jeans for Big Guys

In case you are big, it’s ideal to refrain from selecting a pair of skinny jeans which are too tight around the waist. As these jeans may create a stomach bulge above the waistband, which is often known as a muffin-top, they’re unflattering to individuals who are big. Therefore, they are one of the worst skinny jean styles for large men and ought to be handed over to get a more flattering cut. Alternatively, if you have a pair which looks great in your legs but still gives you a slight stomach bulge, try partnering them having a long t-shirt. Wearing a top that’s long enough to pay the waistband of your trousers will disguise the region and supply you with a stylishly casual appearance in the procedure.

While the waist of the skinny jeans is a fundamental concern, you also need to think about the remainder of their fit. As mentioned, skinny jeans should fit your legs snugly without being overly tight or uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, be certain to avoid fashions that are loose or baggy as well as those which are too figure-hugging, particularly in the crotch area. Also, make certain that the length is right for your thighs as any bunched cloth can ruin the fashionable look of jeans. If you currently have a set, but they are too long, consider getting them altered or try pinrolling the bottoms.

Worst Skinny Jeans for Big Men

Skinny Jeans Styles

When shopping for skinny jeans, then there are two main styles from which you may choose. While the standard skinny jean design is always a rewarding apparel addition, spray-on alternatives can offer a uniquely stylish alternate.

Standard Skinny Jeans

Standard skinny jeans can be unbelievably flattering on all types of big men. Whether you’re tall or short, toned or untoned, these jeans can look great on you. Standard skinny jeans will also be comparatively simple to style, which makes them a superb choice for those who aren’t overly confident in their style choices. Thanks to their fit, which is snug but not skin-tight, these jeans will not add any bulk to your legs or highlight your curves. However, if you have particularly large calves or ankles, regular skinny jeans might not fit you. If that is true, consider opting for a slim or straight-leg cut instead for a similar look with a much better match.

Standard Skinny Jeans for Big Men

Spray-On Skinny Jeans

If endless squats and leg presses have left you with big and muscular legs, spray-on skinny jeans can make a particularly flattering option for you. Thanks to their super-slim appearance, these trousers will show off every sculpted curve of the legs in a stylish way. Just be sure to partner your spray-on jeans with a slightly loose top to balance your look. Additionally, ensure that you feel confident and comfortable while wearing them. Due to their fashion-forward look, spray-on skinnies can seem somewhat awkward on those who aren’t confident of the fashion. Likewise, if your thighs are thick but not muscular, then it is also best to avoid this cut. Even if they fit snugly, spray-on jeans might not seem great on you since they have a tendency to attract attention to some untoned places.

Spray-On Skinny Jeans for Big Guys

Skinny Jean Designs

It is not just the fit and style of your skinny jeans that is important; it is also the design. Therefore, once you’ve discovered the cut that suits you best, it’s time to think about the colour and fabric. The most flattering skinny jean designs for large men are people who feature a dark colour or colour. By choosing a dark shade of denim, for example black or indigo, you’ll be choosing a flattering and slimming look. Light denim layouts, on the other hand, will draw attention to a lower half and make you appear out of proportion. As for fabric, thick and heavy types of denim are best avoided by large men as they can make you sweaty and hot. So, pick thinner styles rather, but be sure that they don’t look too cheap or worn-out.

Skinny Jean Design for Big Men

How to Style Skinny Jeans

As soon as you’ve found the right pair of jeans, then you just have to design them in the right way. By wearing your skinny jeans with items that complement   their style and flatter your body type, you’ll have the ability to achieve an impressive look. To plan your outfit, be sure to balance your legs by steering clear of tops which are overly tight or baggy. Also, be aware of the length of your top or t-shirt. Selecting one that covers the waistband of your panties can help you produce a slimmer look and soothes any stomach bulges.

If it comes to the look of your top, be certain to  choose colours and materials which are flattering and work well with your own jeans. In general, bold designs are best avoided by large men as they can make you appear larger than you are. The sole exception for this rule is that a verticle stripe, which can help elongate and slim down your torso. Likewise, dark colors are far more flattering than light or bright shades. Therefore, if you want to add a splash of colour to your appearance, it’s best to do so with accessories, such as a tie, pocket square or socks.

Another significant styling notice would be to ensure you don’t over-fill the pockets of your jeans. Carrying a lot of or bulky items in your pockets will attract attention to the area and make you look larger than you are. It will also stretch your pockets out, ruining the flattering clean lines and fitted overall look of your pants.

How to Style Skinny Jeans as a Big Man

When to Purchase New Skinny Jeans

To make sure you always look excellent, you’ll have to get new skinny jeans if your’s are worn-out. Even though a new pair of skinny jeans fits perfectly and looks sleek and stylish, an old, worn-out pair often looks sloppy and saggy. As such, it’s essential to upgrade your jeans when necessary, including when they are faded, stained, stretched-out in knees or pockets or ripped/frayed at the hems. For this reason, you might also wish to consider purchasing multiple pairs of your favorite jeans to guarantee you have a backup when one is past its prime.

Another time when you will have to purchase new skinny jeans is when your size has changed. There’s no point spending the opportunity to find your ideal match if you don’t alter it if your body does. Whether you’ve gained weight or lost it, then it is important to re-evaluate the match of your skinny jeans to make sure they still suit you. If you find that your skinny jeans no longer sit or flatter you, put them back on the shelf and find a new pair which does. You may also purchase the same style, just in a different dimension, to make things simple.

When to Buy New Skinny Jeans -

How Big Men Could Wear Skinny Jeans

  • Make sure your skinny jeans fit nicely and are not too loose or tight.
  • Opt for a high-waisted cut to slim down your tummy and prevent bulging or pair a low-rise cut using a very long top.
  • Select a dark denim design for a flattering look.
  • Stick to lightweight denim, but ensure that it does not look cheap.
  • Wear your skinny jeans with dark garments, adding shade with attachments if you desire.
  • Replace your skinny jeans any time they appear tired or no more fit you correctly.

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