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How to Dress for Your Races (Mens Style Guide)


Men’s Style Guide Dressing For The Races

This week it is not merely the horses you ought to be taking a punt on. Since the racing carnival heats up so do the fashion stakes. The Melbourne Cup Carnival is all about tradition, and whilst fashion is included in the heritage of the festivities it does not mean you shouldn’t have an opportunity using a mix and match suit or vivid shirt and tie combination. So, to be sure you win the fashion trifecta on Melbourne Cup Day, Crown Oaks Day or Emirates Stake Day, here is our guide to dressing to the races.

Crown Oaks Day

Official Flower: Pink Rose

Pastel colors, floral prints, soft fabrics and romantic ideas are not only for the women on Crown Oaks Day. Gentlemen it is time to find your internal Jay Gatsby and channel your entire world charm.   Match gentle pinks with shades of grey, light coloured suits in soft linen and sharp accessories. If you are going with a partner complement their ensemble by choosing a pocket square or tie which reflects an aspect of their dress but if you are flying solo do not be afraid to make a statement.

Men’s Style Guide For Dressing For Oaks Day

Emirates Stakes Day

Official Flower: Red Rose

Stakes Day Is the Best farewell tune to The Melbourne Cup Carnival. Traditionally Family Day, it has a relaxed atmosphere that has been hark back to the heritage of recognized men’s trackside style. So, with the Carnival ending why not tip your hat, rather literally to classically tailored suits, new white tops and accessories that add your very own personalized charm. Timeless colours such as charcoal, navy and white will do the job well contrasted with contemporary accessories and lively patterns.

Men’s Style Guide For Dressing For Staks Day

How to Dress for the Races

  • Do taper your lawsuit — an ill-fitted lawsuit is never a fantastic appearance
  • Do aim for a match with a modern edge–believe thin lapels, double vents and flat front trousers
  • Do wear a shirt with cufflinks and allow the cuff peep outside the bottom of your coat sleeve
  • Do think about your sock choice–when you sit down they reveal and become a part of your outfit
  • Do not forget a buttonhole flower for each day
  • Do not neglect to clean and polish your shoes
  • Do not overlook the accessories–cufflinks, sunglasses, and a tiepin, belt, pocket square, all offer an elegant finish to your appearance
  • Do not forget this isn’t a day at the office, have fun and mix it up!

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