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How to Perfect the 60s Style


60s fashion

They may have happened fifty-odd years back, however, the 1960s continue to be relevant now. In particular, the design and fashions of this time continue to affect the way that gents dress. From the sensational mod appearance to the memorable bohemian fashion, ’60s fashion was bold and unique. Today, a few of these vital looks still hold a firm place within our sartorial hearts and pop up season after season on the runway and at shops. Therefore, while nobody’s encouraging a complete retro revival, embracing a few quintessential ’60s pieces in your wardrobe is a no-brainer. All you need to do is pick the perfect style from the decade to suit your personality, and we will show you the way you can nail the appearance.

’60s Mod Style

once we think back on the 1960s, the mod appearance inherently springs to mind. The design, which was definitely one of the biggest fashion looks for the decade, was championed by the Beatles. Therefore, it was incredibly popular, and many fans of the band also embraced the style. Unlike lots of the other famous fashion trends from the decade, the mod appearance was sharp and sophisticated. The design, which evolved in the iconic Teddy boy appearance of the ’50s, embraced slim-fit designs with a narrow shape and blank lines. Specifically, the mod look featured tailored suits but mixed things up with polo shirts and vivid colours and layouts.

'60s Mod Style

How to Employ the Mod Appearance

The mod appearance can work really well in 2017. As a result of its focus on streamlined silhouettes, the design is similar to current appearances and comes across as modern rather than outdated. To dress as a mod now, just remember to adhere to the essentials. Begin by buying a slim-cut or lanky suit. Then, pair it with a polo shirt in summer or a roll-neck sweater in winter. For those extra cold days, you can even rock a mac raincoat over the top of your suit. Just make sure you keep your silhouette clean and narrow, including at your feet. Try avoiding bulky shoes and picking for a slender, leather Chelsea boot rather.

How to Wear the Mod Look

How to Employ the Bohemian Look

While bohemian fashion still exists today, it has evolved considerably since the sixties. Now requires much more restraint. While you still want to project the relaxed, nonchalant vibe for which the bohemian design is famous, you wish to do it in a more contemporary way. Consider choosing an outfit which is more subdued than the traditional boho looks. A top featuring a floral, paisley or animal print will get the job done nicely as a feature piece. In terms of pants, it is best to leave the bell-bottoms behind. Rather, choose ripped jeans to finish your outfit with a fresh attitude.

How to Wear the Bohemian Look

How to Wear the Biker Look

Thanks to its simplicity and edgy attitude, the biker appearance is still a popular alternative for gents today. As such, pulling off the appearance in 2017 is extremely simple. All you have to do is invest in a couple of essential things and keep things minimal. Most importantly, you’ll need a black leather biker jacket. If you don’t already own one, do not be afraid to splurge on a genuine leather design. Doing this will make sure your jacket looks right and lasts forever. Then, pair your leather jacket with a white, crew-neck T-shirt, black boots, and a pair of jeans. Choose between either a straight-leg design for a traditional look or a skinny layout for a more modern touch.

How to Wear the Biker Look

How to Wear the Beatnik Look

Rocking the beatnik look in 2017 is quite straightforward. All you need to do is upgrade the usual uniform to appear more modern and relevant. To do so, begin by choosing a striped T-shirt. Choose between either a long-sleeved design, which will create a traditional look and a short-sleeved layout, which will encounter as more contemporary. Afterward, pair your tee with wide or straight leg black pants and your favourite black shades. To cap things off, elect for either boots or brogues on your own feet. Furthermore, if you feel confident, you can stone a beret to get a severe touch of the sixties.

How to Wear the Beatnik Look

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