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How to Select the Perfect Spring Racing Carnival Outfit


How To Pick The Perfect Spring Racing Carnival Dress

If you’ve discovered yourself whiling away the winter months and realising that Spring Racing Carnival season is knocking on the door leaving you totally unprepared, we have you covered with this simple how-to guide to picking the ideal Spring Racing Carnival outfit.

Check The Weather

Although it’s heating up, spring weather could be unpredictable so there is a good chance that it may rain. Make sure you choose a dress that’s suitable for the weather. There’s no wet t-shirt contest, so if there’s a possibility of rain then steer away from the white chiffon. Tailored fabrics work well and surpass season so if in doubt, play it safe. Do not forget to bring a matching coat like a cropped bolero or a cape.


What’s Your Style?

When you’ve decided on the event, work out which statement you would like to make and choose your dress accordingly. When the stakes are large, always bet on which you know and who knows you better than yourself? Your selection of dress design is a representation of who you are. Keep in mind that the races are a chance to become glamorous and an chance to take part in the “Sport of Kings” so try to unveil the essence of Spring Racing Carnival by catching your inner princess.

If you’re normally a jeans and a t-shirt girl or prefer pants and a shirt, then opt for a dress at a light cotton mix. A mid length gown with an A-line skirt is ideal as it’s easy to wear that adds to your relaxation factor and provides a sophisticated and simple silhouette. If you prefer leather and studs (based on your body shape)  try a bodycon dress which sits on the knee. It’s daring and sexy but by lowering the hemline, you keep elegance and make certain you uphold race day etiquette. And when vintage tea celebrations are normally your “item” then rejoice as you can play dress up to your day. Extend upon your own natural style and add a bit of drama by exploring lace or floral patterns.

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Body Shape

Ensure you choose a dress shape that flatters your body shape. Use the below guide to help decide what style is best for you.

body shape chart women

Apple Body Shape

Characteristics: Rounder tummy and hips.

The notion is to take focus away in the stomach region or to disguise it as best possible. Produce visual equilibrium by embellishing over the bust line and below the hip line. Maintain the hemline below the knee and Confirm the skirt is not gathered or tiered but instead drops straight down.     A structured pencil skirt can do the job nicely but also make sure they stop below the knee. And if you are taking a coat, make certain it extends beyond your waist.

Get The Appearance

  • Apple Body Shape 1

    Apple Body Form 1

  • Apple Body Shape 2

    Apple Body Form 2

  • Apple Body Shape 3

    Apple Body Form 3

  • Apple Body Shape 4

    Apple Body Shape 4

Pear Body Shape

Characteristics: Bottom half bigger than the top.  

Draw attention to your waist by including a thin belt and then emphasize your upper half by adding some sparkle into the neckline. An embellished necklace and v-neck will include balance. Soft flowing fabrics work great as they gently caress your curves rather than accentuate the areas you’d like to conceal and try to make certain your hemline continues past the knee.

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  • Pear Body Shape 1

    Pear Body Form 1

  • Pear Body Shape 2

    Pear Body Shape 2

  • Pear Body Shape 3

    Pear Body Form 3

  • Pear Body Shape 4

    Pear Body Shape 4

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Characteristics: Wider shoulders and narrow waist.

Strapless A-line dresses will help create the illusion of a broader bottom half. Pair it with a printed fabric skirt that will help out with drawing attention away from the upper half of the body. Keep the top half simple and prevent anything that has a halter-neck shirt and fits too cozy around your buttocks.

Get The Appearance

  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape

    Inverted Triangle Body Shape

  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape 1

    Inverted Triangle Body Shape 1

  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape 2-

    Inverted Triangle Body Shape two-

  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape 4

    Inverted Triangle Body Piercing 4

Hourglass Body Shape

Attributes: Well defined waistline, fuller hips and bust.

If you are fortunate enough to have an hourglass figure than embrace the curves and wear a well-fitted apparel that emphasises your proportions. Draw the eye into the centre of your outfit by lowering your neckline and prevent pleats or highwaisted pants as this adds quantity in areas you are working to disguise. Start looking for bodycon gowns or select a classic 50’s inspired appearance.

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  • Hourglass Body Shape 1

    Hourglass Body Form 1

  • Hourglass Body Shape 2

    Hourglass Body Shape 2

  • Hourglass Body Shape 3

    Hourglass Body Shape 3

  • Hourglass Body Shape 4

    Hourglass Body Shape 4

Rectangle Body Shape

Characteristics: Shoulders and waist similarly proportioned.

The idea is to create subtle curves and similar to the pear, boost definition to the waist region. This can be done via using unstructured jackets that gently shape the waist or simply by keeping your shape uncluttered. 3/4 length sleeves and a halter neck works nicely with this body form. A tucked in blouse or shift dress gathered in the waist will also offer you the illusion of a defined waist.

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  • Rectangle Body Shape 1

    Rectangle Body Shape 1

  • Rectangle Body Shape 2

    Rectangle Body Form 2

  • Rectangle Body Shape 3

    Rectangle Body Form 3

  • Rectangle Body Shape 4

    Rectangle Body Form 4


Historically, race days have been an opportunity for the upper class to exhibit their riches through couture and style. Both guys and ladies wore hats to flaunt their standing in society and it enabled them to explore their personal style.

If you’re a traditionalist then look at hats that compliment your outfit. A simple yet elegant hat will work well with a dress in bold colours and patterns. If hats aren’t something, than opt for the minimal or a announcement headpiece. Alternatively, make your millinerry the focus of your outfit and be creative with something a little different. Play styles and material. Think Elie Saab, Valentino, Zuhair Murad and Schiaparelli’s Couture 2015 reveals and attempt a tiara or mix a metal headband using a Grecian style gown.

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