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Men’s Guide to Dressing for Derby Day



The racing day best known for its monochromatic dress code, Derby Day is renowned for its classic, traditionalist design. Black, white and grey can be somewhat dull if done wrong, therefore capitalising on tailoring and finding a means to refresh this dress code is crucial. While tradition speaks for itself with regards to this prestigious race day’s faked color scheme, we promote fresh interpretations which will pay homage to the past but will nevertheless be fit for modern viewing. To choose the monochrome dress code have a browse through our race day manual for Derby Day that will ensure your outfit is literally ‘black and white’, but not your interpretation.


Traditionally, morning suits were worn by gentlemen attending Derby Day. While a nicely matched black suit will operate flawlessly for the dress code, it’s our recommendation to play with different prints and materials. A suit in a bigger check will work wonders and will be a refreshing change in the sea of black suits you see Derby Day. Likewise, a lighter gray suit will also do justice to a Derby Day look. Make sure your cuffs glance out a little from the blazer arms and remember that additional long trousers are a complete no-go. As with all suits, if the fit isn’t perfect, take it into some dependable tailor, and edit the item at your discretion. If it’s the purple or suit separates is the way you want to interpret this dress code, ensure it’s styled using coordinating accessories that will boost the tailoring.


  • Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 12.01.05

    Screen Shot 2017-10-15 in 12.01.05

  • elliot-suit-jacket


  • grey-prince-suit-jacket


  • mod-suit-jacket


Monochrome Separates

Occasionally, a fitting suit pant and blazer will not do; that is precisely why all gents should ensure that they can design separates for their sartorial advantage. Monochromatic separates really are a nice way to boost your Derby Day appearance and will definitely prove to produce a much more contemporary style story. Change things up with white, grey or tweed blazers and pair them with black trousers. However, you nominate to rework your separates, constantly remember that formality ought to be observed.


  • Austin Black Pant

    Austin Black Pant

  • Aquila Grey Blazer

    Aquila Grey Blazer

  • Theobald Unstructured Herringbone 1Cotton Blazer

    Theobald Unstructured Herringbone 1Cotton Blazer

  • Brown Herringbone Wool-Blend Tweed Double-Breasted Suit Jacket

    Brown Herringbone Wool-Blend Tweed Double-Breasted Suit Jacket


Bad shoes ruin looks. Period. Do not fall victim to comfortable shoes which are tight or unrefined in fashion. Bear in mind, minimalism is crucial, and shoes should be sleek and around toed. A classic oxford shoe at a    high-quality leather is perennially a hit, as are tassel loafers that will also prove to be a worthy long-term investment. Monk strap shoes have also been popular in recent decades and will add an unexpected touch for your race day seem.


  • Lockett Black

    Lockett Black

  • Philips Black

    Philips Black

  • Sidwell Black

    Sidwell Black

  • Theroux Black

    Theroux Black


In regards to jewellery, we emphasise that much less is most definitely more. So, with this in mind, our most favoured jewellery for Derby Day are watches and cufflinks; that won’t look too garish and allow you to add accessories at a highly wearable and masculine manner. However you interpret your jewellery, realize that easy clean lines must always be the go-to; given they’ll prove versatile for other looks and permit you to look unnaturally trendy, since they won’t date too far.


  • chrome-tie-bar-set


  • geo-cufflink


  • paulin-watch-c201b


  • soft-leather-plate-belt


Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are such accessories that provide any gent an immediate boost to any outfit. Whether you select pocket squares in black and white stripes, paisleys, geometric colours or oriental florals, make certain that you fold your own pocket square so. Pay head to the colour of your lawsuit. The best way to obtain the ideal pocket square is to experimentation; try different versions together with your suit and move from there. Bear in mind that Derby Day is dependent upon a great deal of formality, so ensure that your pocket squares are in exceptional stuff and are presentable.


  • franco-pocket-square


  • helenus-pocket-square


  • salitros-pocket-square


  • silk-pocket-square



A simple, grounding black crochet tie is timeless and will work with different coloured suit options for Derby Day. Similarly, a preppy stripe at a high-quality silk also works phenomenally, as does a subtle seen edition. Geometric prints also add a touch of modernity to some look and will refresh the traditionalism of a black and white dress code. Harness a tie bar to get just a small bit that will read complicated and refined.


  • vivienne-westwood-dark-floral-tie


  • benicio-regular-tie


  • moonshine-regular-tie


  • silk-knitted-tie


Lapel Pins

The devil is in the detail, so use novel pieces such as lapel pins to produce the world of difference to a Derby Day apparel. Lapel pins can take the form of crisp white or sombre black versions or can be great at a hounds tooth print or appropriately spotted version. Irrespective of how you choose to design a lapel pin, we notice that at times a new flower does the job effortlessly and will allow you to keep an element of classicism in your Derby Day outfit at the best way possible.


  • carnation-lapel-pin


  • new-york-mono-flower-pin


  • new-york-wool-check-flower-pin


  • white-rose-flower-pin


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