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Merman Hair Trend For Guys (How To Get The Look)


Mermaid Hair Trend For Men

If there was ever a hair trend to the challenge the supremacy of this man-bun that is it. Men everywhere are embracing the merman look and dying their hair and beards in ocean blues, greens and purples. For us ladies, the pastel hair trend is not anything new and many of us have jumped onto the mermaid bandwagon and today men are following the suit, picking coral colours over routine browns and blondes.

Merman Hair

On Instagram, the hashtag #merman has been used 85,850 occasions and counting with actors embracing the aquatic motif we have no doubt that the trend is only going to grow in popularity. Famous, female mermaid fans include Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie, while merman aficionados contain Adam Lambert, Zayn Malik and the man bun monarch himself; Jared Leto.

Merman Hair 2

Before undergoing this underwater transformation there are two important questions you need to ask yourself. The first is, would you like a bright or pastel color? And the second, do you want to permanently or permanently become a merman?

We say embrace your internal merman and experimentation with the variety of shades available and you’ll be ready to accept the summer.

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