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QV Tropical Retreat | A Part Of the Tropics in Melbourne


Ever had the winter blues set in and all you think about is a escape to a far-off tropical island to indulge in some rest and relaxation?

Well the response dear readers, with no essential haemorrhaging of numerous dollars, would be to see the QV Tropical Resort situated in the heart of the bustling Melbourne CBD. You will be inexplicably transported to the a magic tropical property that has been made by the QV team.

Running in the 4th — 27th of June, the QV Tropical Resort is a pop up marquee in QV  centre quadrangle that has been lusciously decorated with palms trees, ferns, banana plants, tropical fruits and more orchids that are found in the hothouse at the Botanical Gardens.

The objective is to invite consumers to visit and savour the joys and offering of QV. The QV Tropical Resort will run a collection of interactive activities such as   DIY food and cocktail making master classes, indulgent food samplings and give-aways geared toward introducing the many food outlets in QV.

A launch event was held to present the enterprise into the social cognoscenti of Melbourne. Guests in this event, a curation of the young, stylish and beautiful of Melbourne expertly put together by PR ‘wunderkind’ QV Tropical Retreat-8

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