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Raw Awards 2014 Winners


What’s RAW?  

Annually at the end of every year an amazing awards show has been held. This literary arts award series is called RAWards.
RAW showcases separate up-and-coming artists in the first ten decades of their career in following categories: film, fashion, music, art, performing art, hair styling, makeup artistry, photography and accessories design. RAW is an incredible platform to expose young talents before they are in full livelihood blossom and permit them to obtain recognition for their unique skills.
The eagerly awaited arts RAWards appears to be the largest arts awards series in Australia. With over 700 gifted artists competing this year, within the course of 3 weeks, to be granted the prestigious accolade of RAW Artist of the Year at all their respected craft categories.
Raw hosts bi-monthly showcase events to expose these artists, as well as bridging the distance gap with their online internet hub,
TheTrendSpotter’s very own Dasha Gold was recognized to have been a part of the judging process. Along with two regional judges. They have been requested to judge roughly 27 local and exceptionally inspiring artists in nine different categories online.
The results are in, and the winners left us feeling truly touched and supported. TheTrendSpotter is delighted to have been a part of providing young musicians the opportunity to obtain experience and potential followers.

The winners are:
FILM — Mikey Hill   

Aimee Sutanto

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