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The Future of Fashion | What to Expect in 2016


The Future of Fashion What To Expect in 2016

The fashion business is forever innovating and adapting to change, and this is the reason it’s been able to grow at such a rapid rate to become the multi-billion dollar industry it’s today. With 2016 upon us we look to the future of fashion and predict the trends to come in every area of the fashion market.

In 2015 we witnessed surprising changes to a number of the planet’s longest serving trend labels. Raf Simons resigned as creative director of Dior. Widely respected and longstanding creative director Alber Elbaz left Lanvin, Donna Karan called it quits, and Alexander Wang bidding farewell to Balenciaga. This game of musical chairs signified that the changes that were anticipated to come, as powerhouses struggled to remain relevant and keep their doors open.

With so much choice in the market consumers rapidly become unpredictable, and older brands will probably give rise to the new. There happen to be some exciting designers to see this year including Isa Arfen, Biyan Katrina, Stella Jean Ige, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (which only represent a very small portion of the talent pool).

Fashion Will Probably Be Further Infused With Technology

Fashion Will be Further Infused With Technology

One of the aspects which is bound to impact fashion is technologies. We live in a fast-paced world which has become completely reliant on technologies to evolve and prosper.

In 2015, technology and fashion merged to promote sustainability.   Designers such as Lauren Bowker, creator of The Unseen, made a coat dyed with a special ink that changes colour based on contamination levels.

Fashion industry has always favoured unique and classic beauty. Back in 2015 a law has been passed in France banning emaciate units (using a BMI under 18) and multiple campaigns encouraged plus size girls and body positivity removed. One of the most Prosperous campaigns comprised: Plus Can Be Equal, Models With Curves and the #ThisIsPlus. Versions such as Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine and Tess Holliday have become household names.

Popularity of Social Shopping Increases

Popularity Of Social shopping

Using social media is not confined to communication with friends, it’s also popular for shopping. Social media shopping is a method of e-commerce where buyers’ friends and social networking actors affect the decision-making process, and it’s progressed from a fad into a legitimate method of purchasing goods. Major social networking websites like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have worked hard to create “purchase” call-to-action buttons and 2016 looks like the year in which this takes off.

Smart Changing Rooms Will be Implemented

Smart Changing Rooms Will be Implemented

Online shopping has boomed but brick-and-mortar retailers are seeking to boost foot traffic, 1 way of doing so is to install smart changing rooms.

Last year Ralph Lauren declared it will start analyzing interactive fitting rooms at its Polo flagship store in nyc, whereas eBay and Rebecca Minkoff combined forces to start a digitally connected store. Consumers want a personalized shopping experience and electronic technology may provide the option by identifying things, supplying customers with useful information concerning the garment such as dimensions, colors and styles, in addition to using interactive mirror systems that will assist you wear parts of clothing that you enjoy but that also compliment your figure.

In 2016 we anticipate more shops to implement these changing rooms, giving consumers a tailor-made encounter.

Kanye West May Inspire the Industry on a Much Grander Scale

Kanye West May Inspire the Industry on a Much Grander Scale

Kanye West has been praised for his unique sense of design and last year he won over critics and consumers with his Yeezy two collection. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely that his style influence will finish there — there’s discussion of Kanye stepping into the role of creative director for one of their biggest American multinational clothing and accessories retailers, Gap.

Having recently lost their creative director Rebekka Bay, the merchant could use somebody who has a watch for trends but at precisely the exact same time understands fundamentals.   Kanye clearly  loves the brand having worked for them, when he was a fresh-faced youth. He left his intentions fairly clear through an interview with Vanity Fair magazine where he came right out and said, “I say things like I would like to be creative manager for the Gap… I’ve got to give super-props into Mickey Drexler. I know he is not at the Gap anymore. That’s a talent.”

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