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The Ideal Fashion Snapchat Accounts to Follow Today


The Best Fashion Snapchat Accounts to Follow Now

In the fashion world we love Instagram, but when you want to get an authentic interior look at the lives of actors, bloggers and models, you can’t go beyond Snapchat. Snapchat has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent days and has become among our regular social media accounts which we check daily. We watch videos and photos from family and friends but it’s the Snapchat stories from the likes of Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin that capture our attention. The blunt look into the lifestyles of the planet’s most fashionable individuals is as amazing as it’s addictive. The clothing the luxurious parties, we all love it all. So to create your Snapchat a location of non-stop entertainment, we’ve rounded up the best fashion Snapchat accounts to follow in 2016.

Chiara Ferragni Snap


Username: rihanna

Rihanna’s Snapchat enables you access to her extraordinary life. Uncensored and unfiltered, see Rihanna doing everything from dance to Justin Bieber, to getting dressed for fashion shows. Filled with fabulous outfits along with a posse of friends, the singer’s account will have you constantly wanting to find out more.

RihannaRihanna Snap

Bella Hadid

Username: babybels777

Bella Hadid is coming into her own as a model and stepping out from behind older sister, Gigi’s shadow. On Snapchat, Bella is a professional and posts hilariously funny snaps frequently. Behind-the-scenes photo shoots coupled with fantastic images of Bella’s famous family and friends make this accounts worth the follow up. Her story will have you going an adventure with friends in no time.

Bella HadidBella Hadid Snap

Taylor Hill

Username: taylor_hill

20 year old, Taylor Hill’s Snapchat will provide you inside access into the world of modelling. We are speaking Fashion Week, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and more. And when the backstage photos are not sufficient for you, Taylor also posts unlimited cute selfies and movies of her off-duty shenanigans.

Taylor HillTaylor Hill Snap

Gigi Hadid

Username: itsgigihadid

Model of this second, Gigi Hadid, is an expert on social networking and also her Snapchat is no exception. Whether she’s hanging out with her very best buddy, Kendall Jenner, or shooting the most amazing selfies, Gigi’s story is one to see.

Gigi HadidGigi Hadid Snap

Kylie Jenner

Username: kylizzlemynizzl

They do not phone her King Kylie for nothing. Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat will provide you with constant entertainment and inside looks into her regular life (because we can not get enough). Prepare for sexy selfies, lip kits and a lot of guest appearances by famous family members.

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner Snap

Hailey Baldwin

Username: haileybisboring

Model-on-the-rise, Hailey Baldwin provides boundless young and fun amusement on her Snapchat narrative. Watch Hailey hang out with her supermodel buddies before lip-syncing to her favorite tunes. She also likes to flaunt her newest purchases, which are incredibly lust-worthy naturally.

Hailey BaldwinHailey Baldwin Snap

Kendall Jenner

Username: kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner is one of the most famous models in the world and can also be a portion of one of the most well-known families on the planet. It’s no wonder we could not get enough! Equal parts celebrity and fashion, Kendall Jenner’s Snapchat will have you mesmerized by her life. Whether she’s hanging out with her famous sisters and friends or dashing off to fashion shoots and shows, Kendall’s story provides nonstop action.

Kendall JennerKendall Jenner Snap

Nicole Warne

Username: garypeppergirl

Nicole Warne, a.k.a. Gary Pepper Girl is a stunning fashion blogger using a killer Instagram account. Her Snapchat accounts is equally as amazing. Think inside entry to the fashion world combined with glamorous lifestyle and travel shots. Her story will have you day dreaming through your whole lunch break.

Nicole WarneNicole Warne Snap

Hannah Bronfman

Username: hannahbgood

Hannah Bronfman is one unstoppable woman. Throughout the afternoon, Hannah is a health and fitness blogger while at night she moonlights as a DJ. Following Hannah on Snapchat will provide you with inspirational workout thoughts, food envy plus also a glimpse into the posh world of corporate DJing. If you are lucky, you might even catch an anecdote of hers about her interesting life.

Hannah BronfmanHannah Bronfman Snap

Shiona Turini

Username: shionat

Shiona Turini is a creative consultant/ freelancer fashion editor/ stylist and has much experience in the fashion market. Her industry connections and a  constant stream of fashion events are exactly what makes her Snapchat worth following. Hi, luxury brand showrooms and exclusive parties!

Shiona TuriniShiona Turini Snap

Leandra Medine

Username: man_repeller

Not all fashion has to be serious, and Leandra Medine of Man Repeller makes that evident at the best of ways. Her Snapchat story will have you in fits of laughter each time you watch it. We are talking crazy outfits and clumsy dance moves. Add this blogger to get a refreshing glimpse at the life of someone who does not take themselves too badly.

Leandra MedineLeandra Medine Snap

Eva Chen

Username: theevachen212

Eva Chen is the queen of Instagram. Working as the program’s head of style partnerships, Eva also finds time to attend fashion shows and handle a fantastic Snapchat account. Killer personal styling, front row accessibility and beauty product reviews are merely some of the amazing things to anticipate. Additionally, keep a look out for her cute daughter, Ren, who has more style than most adults!

Eva ChenEva Chen Snap

Shea Marie

Username: realsheamarie

Shea Marie is the mastermind blogger behind Peace Love Shea. Shea has some severe social media credit, with an incredible 975,000 Instagram followers, along with her Snapchat is unquestionably one to follow.

Shea MarieShea Marie Snap

Irene Kim

Username: ireneisgood

Irene Kim has your VIP pass to all the best fashion shows and events. The model/blogger travels the world to attend the most prestigious trend occasions, from the Chanel show in Paris into the Balmain x H&M party in Seoul and takes you along with her. You simply need to put in her on Snapchat to arrive. Then you’ll be lusting after both her clothes and her entire life.

Irene KimIrene Kim Snap

In addition, don’t neglect to follow TheTrendSpotter on Snapchat!

Username: TheTrendSpotter

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