The Way to Trim Your Sideburns


How to Trim Your Sideburns

A sign of masculinity and rebelliousness, sideburns have been seen on military generals, kings of rock, and Hugh Jackman’s rampant wolverine. Recently, this announcement appearance has re-emerged as a strong facial feature for contemporary men. Having a variance of shapes, lengths and styles available, sideburns can balance out of your facial features while improving rugged jawlines and cheekbones. From polished and glossy to rough and edgy, you will find options for everyone. Before you catch those out clippers and reach work, find out which style is right for you and find out how to get the perfect cut every time.

Long Sideburns

Go big or go home. Longer sideburns are fantastic for framing the face and generally finish just beneath the ear. Before trimming, it’s  important to think about the shape of your face. Long, thin sideburns can be a great way to elongate the face, therefore are ideal for guys with wide, square, or round faces. By comparison, if your face is long or narrow, cut your sideburns broad to improve your features. In the end, in case you’re trying to find a faded beard contour up, long is your way to go. Enable them to grow down and trim accordingly to create a  streamlined, rugged appearance.

Long Sideburns 2

Short Sideburns

Short sideburns are great if your 9-5 job takes a proper appearance. This style works well with a clean-shaven face or nominal facial hair. Generally, to keep sideburns sharp and short, make sure the chalk line remains  over the base of the ear. If you’re looking to change things up, play with the angles of this line or experimentation with a short, tapered strategy.

Short Sideburns

Tapered Sideburns

Tapered sideburns present a modern take on the timeless sideburn. This faded effect is created by a gradual variance in hair length, with the thickest hair closest to the woods. Based on how far down your face your sideburns stretch, and whether you’re merging to a blossom, the thinnest portion will line up with a selected section of the ear. Maintaining this appearance will require normal cuts to guarantee stray hairs  don’t transform your sleek look into a patchy mistake. Finally, this fashion can be great for guys looking to disguise uneven hair growth.

Tapered Sideburns

Skinny Sideburns

Polished and timeless, skinny sideburns would be the perfect sidekick for short, slicked back hair. Regarding length, this style looks great extended to the bottom of the ear or merged into a blossom. As long, these skinny sideburns will draw on the eye and elongate the face area. To create this look, use clippers to shape your sideburns, then catch a razor blade to get a sharp finish. Regular maintenance is required to get rid of any stray hairs, but the extra couple of minutes every day will be worth it.

Skinny Sideburns

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops are perfect for highlighting angular cheekbones and rugged jawlines. This Wolverine style contains long, complete sideburns that extend into the corners of the mouth and also increase in diameter as they move down the face. To attain this masculine look, let your sideburns grow out until they match your blossom. If you are a moustache person, then don’t hesitate to incorporate this in to your new mutton chops. Next, just catch your forks and sculpt the shape. The crucial feature is a clean-shaven chin, nevertheless leaving some hair on the neck underneath will slightly soften the appearance. This may be recommended if this is your first time! Finally, stay glossy by brushing the hairs down using a comb.

Mutton Chop

How to Maintain Your Sideburns Neat

When it comes to sideburns, no one wants to look scruffy and obsolete. Thus, grooming is essential to maintain a sleek, masculine look. The timing between trims will be different for everyone depending on individual hair development. As a simple guideline, if they are starting to look fluffy, it is time for a cut. Skinny and tapered styles might also need more regular attention. For day-day upkeep, comb the sideburn hair down in the path of growth. Keep them clean by giving them a quick wash through with shampoo whenever you jump in the shower

How to Keep Your Sideburns Neat

How to Get Even Sideburns

There is nothing worse than an emergency trip to your barber after realising you have cut lopsided, too brief sideburns. Luckily, there are a few ways to ensure you achieve symmetry and accuracy with every trim. Firstly, take your time. Decide what length, angle and style you are aiming for before you begin. Secondly, comb your sideburns down in the path of expansion to ensure hairs are cut to correct length. Keep your head parallel to the ground (no tilting) and look directly into the mirror. Use two index fingers to line up at which the sideburns will end. Then align these points to a feature on your face, angling as necessary. Though it might seem to be a simpler option, do not use your ears mark. Nearly all people have uneven ears, so this will throw off your dimension off balance. Finally, keep your head level and get to work. Gradually trim every side one at a time. Line up your index fingers because you go to check you’re on track.

How to Get Even Sideburns

How to Reduce Sideburns

  • Before starting, ensure facial hair is clean and merchandise free.
  • Adjust clippers to number 3 and then trim from the bottom up. Continue to the point where the hair aligns with the top of your ears.
  • Depending on your hair’s length, you may have to combine the hair around your temples and behind your ears. This implies that this hair is not too different in length to the sideburn hair loss.
  • Reduce clippers to number two. Carefully trim the bottom half of the sideburns again to achieve a faded appearance, where hair is a little shorter at the bottom of the burns and more at the top.
  • Grab a few shaving oil and wet the sideburn borders, then use your razor to split out a sharp finish.
  • Finally, comb down it and use two index fingers to make sure that you’ve achieved the right length on each side.

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