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The Way to Wear a Blazer With Jeans


How to rock the sports blazer with jeans

When it comes to easy, relaxed mixes, a excellent blazer and a humble pair of jeans do just the job. Why is this mix so attractive? Well, there a selection of occasions at a gent’s life where he’ll require a go-to outfit that is comfy, yet still has dressed up elements. For beverages, dinners and other semi-casual places, look no further than wearing those two pivotal clothes items for a look that will have you remembered, despite the fact that you won’t be in a tux. We can ensure that you perfect this combination, but we have a few stipulations. All things considered, done incorrectly along with also a blazer paired with jeans reads frumpy and completely mismatched. Done right, however, the look produces a memorable take on the simplest of silhouettes.


To get a fast reference for the fit of your blazer, guarantee that the sleeves are around wrist level and that the shoulders of your blazer align with your shoulders suitably. Further, be eager to ensure that you aren’t opting for too loose a fit and know whether your blazer is too tight. You should be aiming for streamline, youthful tailoring.

Blazer Fit


A great pair of jeans is one of the very worthy investments that can be made. Do not be reluctant when it comes to splurging on good denim, but also, take note you could find excellent alternatives at more affordable price points. For the best jeans to pair with a blazer, opt for darker designs to anchor your appearances or lighter versions for more casual day looks. Since you’re working with semi-dressy apparel, refrain from wearing denim that is overly stressed or extremely skinny when it comes to fit. You still wish to maintain a bit of formality! Slim cut is your very best option, as it allows you to cut a more compact shape whilst preserving a youthful edge. Jeans in navy shades work best and are lifesavers when it comes to pairing with the wide range of blazer colors available.

How to Wear Men’s Skinny Jeans

Men’s Coloured Blazers

The color of blazer which you choose to wear can significantly influence the feel and style of your ensemble. In addition, it can impact what type and color of jeans you need to set it with, so the choice is a crucial one. While today it’s possible to find blazers in almost any shade of the rainbow, there are several timeless colors that are perfect to match with jeans. Grey, navy, black, tweed and brown are normal blazer styles and well worth considering if you are searching for a coat to go with your jeans.

Grey Blazer

Grey may be a small plain therefore it requires a bit more dimension and color. Try and warm up gray tones with novel touches with richer colors. This will ensure that your appearance does not come off overly serious or mature. A burgundy or powder square or decorative mix will enhance these looks just yet effectively. Bear in mind, there is nothing that beats a fantastic white or black powder blue button down beneath a grey blazer. Bear in mind that a lightweight grey cotton blazer will work suitably with other lighter colours for relaxed day seems and a darker charcoal blazer is an attractive selection for day-to-day looks. Black is a great accompaniment concerning denim for gray blazers and works superbly to ground looks. Team with suede brogues for a softer approach for your blazer/denim mixes.

Grey Sports Jacket

Blue Jeans with Blazer

Your classic blue jeans may also pair nicely with a blazer and can readily be adapted to match the look you’re trying to achieve. For a casual fashion, select mild, mid-blue jeans or faded styles in a straight-leg cut. To get a better look, try a darker wash in a slim or slim shape. As for the rest of your outfit, the choice is yours again. Nearly all blazers will operate with blue jeans, but it is best to prevent navy. Sometimes the colors of blue can be too close and create a clashing effect. For a great on-trend choice, opt for a blazer with a daring check print rather than a block colour.

Blazer and Blue Jeans

Grey Jeans with Blazer

If you are favourite jeans happen to be gray, then odds are you would rather have a style that is a little unique. As grey jeans frequently appear like faded black, they endeavor a distressed and edgy sense, which is perfect for cool and casual outfits. To enhance this look, choose a style that is skinny and think about rips. Subsequently, pair your trousers using a standout blazer and trendy shirt or top. Like with your blue jeans, only be cautious to avoid shades of grey that are too similar to that of your pants.

Blazer with Grey Jeans

How to Employ a Blazer Casually

Any outfit including a blazer will constantly seem smarter than your average casual look, however there are ways to make it look less serious. Begin by deciding on a more casual type of blazer, such as a structured fashion in a fun print. Then, pair it with other pieces that are casual. Opt for a T-shirt over a button-down for a speedy and simple casual style. Then, add some sneakers for the best relaxed and street-ready look.

Wearing a Blazer and Jeans Casually

Suit Jacket with Jeans

While the gaps between a blazer and suit jacket may be little, they do exist. Generally, a suit coat has a fitting pair of pants and is ordered and tailored compared to a blazer. The substance might also be a higher quality than that of the typical blazer. As suit jackets are somewhat more formal than blazers, they can appear strange when paired with casual jeans. Therefore, this appearance is reserved for occasions where you are able to be a little experimental. For a stylish look, consider partnering a suit coat with slim-fit, blue jeans, a white top and suede loafers. It is also possible to consider adding a tie and pocket square to complete your relaxed look.

Blazer with Skinny Jeans

Blazer with Skinny Jeans

While skinny jeans can use a blazer, you might need to correct your appearance to match. To make sure a well-balanced silhouette, stick to slender blazers which aren’t overly bulky or wide. As too large shoulder pads will cause you to look top heavy and awkward, so it’s ideal to avoid them. Also, stick with a slender shoe and attempt cuffing your jeans above your ankles to keep the look sharp and stylish. If it comes to the colour of your skinny jeans, black tends to look the best and be the easiest to wear.

Blazer with Skinny Jeans

Films to Wear a Blazer and Jeans

Your options are pretty wide with shoes, but you should be careful your choices aren’t that casual. A excellent suede or leather loafer, oxford or boot suits a blazer/denim combination perfectly and will allow your appearances to register more dressed up. Suede adds a dimension and texture, lending a more layered aesthetic. Leather also works really  well with this combination.


Accessories to Wear with a Blazer and Jeans

With such a simple combination, you’ll have to accessorise strategically. You don’t want to have an outfit that’s convoluted, yet you will still want to dress up a very simple pair of jeans and blazer. Go for pocket squares, one-toned hats,  novel ties and other vibrant touches to keep your looks fresh and different. A great pair of sunglasses will finish  your ensemble perfectly.


Jeans Darker Than the Blazer

Darker jeans function well for versatility. Grey blazers work well with denim, especially with black and darker navies. Beige blazers can also work, but make sure they are lightweight and will not be overshadowed by too dim a jean. Darker jeans are another fantastic way to incorporate a tweed blazer.

Darker than the blazer

Jeans Lighter Than the Blazer

If you love a bit of a fade on your jeans, then you are going to favor a blazer that’s darker so that you can have a little bit of differentiation between the separates. For lighter wash types of denim, team them with navies, emerald greens and traditionalist colors so that you may get more of a appearance.

Lighter than the blazer

How to Wear Jeans using Blazer

  • Be sure to choose a high quality blazer that fits nicely.
  • Slim-fit jeans tend to be best for pairing with a blazer and generating a smart-casual style.
  • Stick to lighter color combinations for a casual look and darker tones for a more complicated style.
  • Wearing your trousers and blazer with a T-shirt and sneakers will create a stylish casual look when pairing them with a button-down and loafers will appear smart and glistening.
  • Consider trying a suit jacket instead of a blazer for more fashion-forward, smart casual occasions.
  • Do not forget to accessorise to complete your look.

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