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The Way to Wear Blue Suits for Every Occasion


How to Wear Blue Suits for Every Occasion

A blue suit is a necessity for all men. Ideal for work, the weekend and beyond, blue suits are both versatile and fashionable. Of course, how your blue suit is sensed depends mostly on its own shade. While light and bright blues produce a daring statement, more subdued tones and navy colors accomplish a tasteful aesthetic. But, don’t be worried if you are unsure about what blue suit to use and where as we are here to supply some expert guidance on this issue. Below is our guide about the best way to wear blue suits for each occasion.

Formal Occasions

The patterned blue suits in metal blue plaids and navy checks will add thickness to a aesthetic, offering timelessness with a spin. Make sure you also keep your shoes clean and polished while fitting the colour tone to your belt and outfit. Dimensional blues traditionally work great for more formal occasions, so amplify this color selection with classic white dress shirts and textured bow ties or slim ties in traditionalist shades. Opt for darker blue pocket squares for contrast and a personalised essence to looks. Be mindful that a blue suit may set you apart from the audience, but styling and modernised match are essential to ideal memorable blue formal looks. The double-breasted  lawsuit is always great and adds that a point of difference to this typical formal evening wear apparel.

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 How to Wear a Blue Suit

  • There are many shades of blue, and with so many options it can be easy to make the wrong option. Keep in mind that the colour of your suit always dictates how you are perceived. Have a think about the setting where you will be wearing the suit. As a general rule of thumb, the brighter your suit, the more likely you are to look in the backdrop of a Miami music movie.
  • For a more contemporary turn on the blue suit, you can elect for a neon colour. Vibrant colors portray a summery, entertaining feel.
  • If you’re looking for a more classic spin on the blue suit, navy and powder blues are strong options.
    Mid-tone blues are a flexible option if you’re planning on wearing your suit into the office and social events. Brighter tones may find it difficult to transition into a nighttime event, while navy blues may only suit the office. Mid-tones will make give you a go-to alternative for most events, and permit you to dress it up or down.
  • After pairing your suit with a shirt, think first about making some distinction between colors. You do not want to choose a shirt that’s washed out with a bright blue suit coat. The easiest way to do this is to choose a smart, white shirt. It is the most versatile choice and may be worn with a tie or an open-collar.
  • Pale blue and pink tones are also a terrific shirt alternative for a fun vibe.
    White pocket squares are always a safe choice, although pocket squares in darker shades of blue are also a nice look with lighter suits.
  • While your selection of tie color is wide open, the color of your tie is most often dictated by the event and your suit’s colour of blue.
  • Brown or brown shoes will be your best colour choice, although lighter suits additionally combine well with tan shoes. If you are wanting to seem more casual, go sock-less together with your own shoes.
    If you are looking to look even more informal, you can pair your blue suit with white runners and a polo.

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