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The Way to Wear Loafers Like a Dapper Man


A Dapper Man's Guide on How to Wear Loafers

Perhaps the most trendy shoes of the time, loafers are the ultimate in refined, classic footwear for a range of reasons. Easily able to be dressed up or down and flattering in an assortment of materials, loafers are the basic principles that is here to remain. You shouldn’t feel guilty about investing in this particular shoe fashion, given they’re glossy and easily adaptable for different seasons and looks. Be aware, however, that how you style loafers is incredibly important. Here we show you how to wear loafers for a dapper look.

The Annals of Loafers

Loafers are of Scandinavian origin. A Norwegian introduced the footwear style, which was afterwards embraced by preppy culture. Now, this shoe has developed into a more streamlined style, perfect for incorporation into casual or formal appearances. Its development in time has revealed its purpose change from usefulness to aestheticism. Now, they’re easy, classic and far more flexible than other lace-less shoe choices.

History Of Loafers

Men’s Loafer Styles

The Penny Loafer

One of the most traditional fashions, the penny loafer is a stylish minimal shoe. It is also versatile, which makes it an superb purchase. The penny loafer’s title was established in the fifties when it enjoyed deep popularity with prep students. The shoe emerged as a basic Americana staple, featuring mostly in collegiate outfits across the country. It turned out to be a favorite shoe option due to its simplistic design and effortless adaptability. These days, the penny loafer is a nod to the past and is offered in a selection of different materials suiting each gentleman’s taste.


The Tassel Loafer

Incredibly stylish, the tassel loafer is our favourite of the numerous fashions this shoe comes in. Clean, simple with the playfulness of one tassel on each shoe, this one is ideal for your wardrobe. It is a humble ode to the fantastic European fashion, alluding to antique Italian menswear. Though the tassel loafer is often made from lace, lace is another excellent option. Suede will also allow you greater freedom when it comes to adapting your tassel loafer to various dress codes. Perfect alongside a well-fitted cotton suit or paired with a pair of slender chinos, tassel loafers work nicely in shades of beige, brown, navy and khaki.


The Gucci Loafer

Among the most distinct versions of the loafer, the Gucci loafer is well known for its metal grip across front. Although this style of loafer has enjoyed popularity in the past, be careful when picking appropriate versions. Our tip when it comes to this loafer is to go for designs that are simplistic and completed in the most timeless of colors and materials. You’ll want to embrace a more conventional approach to this particular style and stick to blacks and reds.


Loafer Materials

For flexibility, suede loafers are a superb option. Suede is extremely adaptable since it can be dressed up and dressed down. Suede loafers also have a bit of feel to them, which adds quite nicely to the general dimension of your own shoes.   These loafers are also useful for semi-formal appearances, as they are super casual nor super formal. Loafers in leather can also be encouraged, but we cannot stress enough that it’s the style of your shoe which will make all of the difference. Keep in mind which you are able to opt for patent leather fashions for more formal occasions. The gloss of real patent leather adds an superb shine to simplistic silhouettes and dresses up your clothes.

Loafer Materials

Loafer Colours

Black may be classic, but you will find various other loafer colors that can be more versatile. Dusty brown loafers, for example, are an ideal pair to get because they match a wide assortment of palettes and can suit casual in addition to more dressed up looks. Navy is also a good   tone to think about and works well to complement colors like whites, beige and emerald greens. Additionally, it looks great in both suede and leather. Burgundy is another favourite. It is amazingly versatile and will work well to brighten up your wardrobe. If you are following a pair of loafers to match neutrals, beige will do the job nicely  and complements tanned skin.

Loafer Colours

When to Wear Loafers


Adapt loafers into your casual search for a grown-up spin on daywear. You’ll be surprised how the very simple decision to swap your usual trainers for loafers can make your outfits seem a whole lot more put together. The trick here is to ensure that they aren’t too formal or dressed up. You’ll want them in more versatile fabrics to suitably adapt them to your everyday looks. Suedes and lightweight textured loafers will do precisely that. For another novel method to wear loafers for casual wear, try out more summery colors. Powder blues and greens are the ideal  colours to do so.


Semi Formal

For the more ambiguous dress codes, loafers excel at leaving you dressed up but still relaxed and simplistic. For failsafe semi formal appearances, opt for classic colors to match your staple trousers and dress shirts. Loafers also align well with preppy blazers. However, make sure to keep the tones of your outfits in the same colour palette. In between seasons, team your loafers with cable knit sweaters and shawl neck cardigans thrown over your shoulders for antique Americana vibes. Keep in mind that suede works phenomenally for much more vague dress codes. Also, ensure your garments is nicely tailored. If you are after a dash of color for semi-formal looks, elect for cherry reds, emerald greens or cobalt blue loafers, but style with care. Team brighter loafers with much more subdued, classic tones such as navies and whites so they annotate your appearances more subtly.



The key to pulling off loafers for proper looks is to choose the ideal material. Patent leather may add lots of dimension to formal looks. Make sure, however, that you elect for patent leather loafers in classic colours like black to keep things relatively timeless. For another strategy, go for more textured loafers that’ll enable your shoes to stand out. Our pick? A high quality velvet loafer that could be dressed up and will add thickness to your looks. They’ll read classic and lavish.


Loafer Outfits

Loafers with Pants

Whether you are wearing a full suit or trousers with a shirt and blazer, loafers are able to make an excellent footwear choice. These luxurious yet laidback shoes are fantastic for formal dressing together with flair. They’re especially ideal for cocktail events, in which you want to appear dapper but maybe not overdone.

Loafers Dress Shoes

Loafers with Chinos

Loafers and chinos can also make a fantastic combination. As both chinos and loafers endeavor a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic, wearing them together achieves an excellent smart casual appearance. As such, the pair is perfect for semi-formal daylight events, like luncheons. To complete your look, just add a dress shirt, blazer, and, if you desire, a tie.

Chinos and Loafers

Loafers with Jeans

If you’re trying to upgrade your casual attire, look at swapping out your regular sneakers and jeans for loafers and jeans. By wear loafers with denim, then you will instantly elevate these casual pants to a polished look. But be mindful of what you wear on top. Even though a simple T-shirt will leave your footwear looking out of place, a cotton shirt or rollneck sweater will offer the ideal match.

Loafers and Jeans

Loafers Without Socks

Loafers without socks are definitely comfy, relaxed and minimalist. If you decide to forgo socks, your clothing needs to be properly  fitted. Most importantly, you should decide on shorter length pants, as it will complement the loafer style longer. While ‘no socks’ works nicely, loafers with socks may also be done right, but you should be cautious with how you design this particular combination. Decide on a sock pattern that has colours which correspond to your clothing choices. Doing so will make sure your look registers as elegant as opposed to looking cluttered.

Socks with Loafers

How to Employ Loafers

  • Penny loafers are a versatile set of shoes which you can use with most outfits.
  • Loafers also align well with preppy blazers but stick to maintaining the tones of your outfits at the exact same colour palette.
  • Loafers without socks are definitely clean, relaxed and minimalist look.
  • Suede loafers are amazingly adaptable since they may be dressed up and dressed down.
  • Patent leather loafers may add dimension to formal appearances.

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