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Top International Fashion News of the Week | 23.07.17


Fashion News - Pirelli's 2018 Calendar is a Twisted New Version of Alice's Wonderland

This week Pirelli fell down a bizarre and wonderful rabbit hole, Stella McCartney discovered a vegan-friendly silk and Gucci revealed that the places that inspire them. Discover these stories and much more as we reveal this week’s top international fashion news.

Gucci Unveils their Crucial ‘Places’ of Inspiration

Since Alessandro Michele has shown with his pivotal collections for Gucci, trend is about more than clothes. It is about places and people, as well as the notions that they inspire. Because of this, the luxury fashion house is now inviting the public to learn more about the locations that have inspired its gifted creative director. As the brand stated, their new partnership, ‘Gucci Places’ is “devoted to people seeking the sudden in travel and experiences.” Not only that, but will “set a community of interested websites around the globe,” which play a role in the brand’s ever history.

The first Gucci Place revealed is Chatsworth House in England. The historical, grand house is currently hosting a extravagant exhibition titled ‘House Style’. The display explores five years of royal style, art and adornment. Chatsworth House’s lush, labyrinthine gardens were also the location of Gucci’s 2017 rollercoaster effort. In respect with this particular setting, exclusive Gucci Courrier accessories are now available. These include two rare patches, which feature a snake and coronet to signify Chatsworth House, and a parasitic as the emblem of Gucci Places. They’re available only at Chatsworth House’s store and Gucci’s Sloane Street boutique in London.

Dedicated to people seeking the unexpected in traveling and experiences, #GucciPlaces will establish a network of interested sites around the globe. A celebration of quintessentially British civilization, the #GucciCruise17 campaign was shot @chatsworthofficial, revealed as the very first #GucciPlaces location. A dedicated section on the Gucci App will send a notification when in proximity of a Gucci Place, enabling users to check and download particular badges, browse a gallery of pictures and browse the location’s history and its connection with Gucci. Discover more and download the Gucci Program through link.

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Pirelli’s 2018 Calendar is a Twisted New Version of Alice’s Wonderland

Through the looking glass of the 21st century, Pirelli’s reincarnation of the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland looks vastly different from the original. As the area of fashion cries out for diversity, the auto tyre manufacturer has revisited the old classic with a twisted, modern strategy. Enlisting the likes of Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’O, Adwoa Aboah and Australia’s Duckie Thot, Pirelli taken its surreal 2018 calendar. The all black casting was styled by British Vogue’s recently appointed Editor in Chief, Edward Enninful, and taken by legendary photographer Tim Walker.

In North London, the set of this photo shoot represented a shadowy fairy tale not unlike the tales from the Brother’s Grimm. Crumbling doll houses, burnt toast, oversized mushrooms and large, twisted playing cards thrived down the strange rabbit hole. There, Ru Paul dominated since the Queen of Hearts, while Naomi Campbell, the royal beheader said, “I cut off people’s heads, and I enjoy it.” Difficult expectations in a multitude of manners, the 2018 calendar introduces a stunning change from the provocative, pin up girl calendars of times past. Regarding the option to assemble an all black cast, the photographer, Tim Walker, explained, “Today we’ve Alice looking different. Alice can be anybody.   Concentrate on what it signifies. It is important for cultural growth.”

It’s time to get a Tim Walker experience. Escape with Alice into Wonderland and fulfill the full cast of this 2018 #PirelliCalendar. Discover more exclusive #InTheCal content on the #Pirelli site — link.

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MoMA’s New Exhibition Poses the Question: Why Is Fashion Modern?

What do you get when you bring together a Burberry trench coat, a 1980’s Prada backpack, Aviator sunglasses along with some 1970’s moon boots? An eclectic assortment of iconic bits is one answer. MoMA’s upcoming fashion exhibition is another. From this October 1st into January 28th, 2018, New York’s Museum of Modern Art is hosting an exhibition exploring the past, present, and possible future of 111 items of clothing and accessories. These pieces, which also incorporate a range of small black dresses, a hijab, and Chanel’s No. 5 jar, have each been chosen for the impact they have had on 20th and 21st-century fashion.

Titled, ‘Things: Is Fashion Modern?’ , the museum’s first fashion show in over 70 years revisits a query posed in 1944. Back then, architect and curator, Bernard Rudofsky, led an exhibition exploring whether clothes were modern. Now, the museum is reinterpreting Rudofsky’s investigation, expanding from clothing to all forms of style. Focusing on the items themselves, as opposed to their performers, the forthcoming show presents the bits alongside images and videos of the historical roots. It will demonstrate how they’ve impacted fashion’s evolution, in addition to their relationships with culture, politics, technology and the market.

The checklist for “Items: Is Fashion Modern? ,” MoMA’s first fashion show as 1944, was published in the wild. See #itemsmoma

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Stella McCartney Partners with Biotechnology Company Creating Vegan Silk

Eco warrior and higher fashion designer, Stella McCartney, has once more raised the bar for sustainable and ethical style initiatives. This week, she’s partnered with a biotechnology firm, Bolt Threads, to pursue a fresh field of luxury fabrication. Bolt Threads creates complex sustainable substances using proteins found in nature and a sterile, closed loop manufacturing process. This includes their signature “spider silk”, which is a vegan protein created from yeast. McCartney plans to apply this innovative material inside her mission to decrease the fashion business’s detrimental impact on the environment.

Regarding the choice to partner with Bolt Threads, McCartney explained, “Now’s the time to seek out answers, for alternatives. For me personally, I have always fought with the use of silk and finding Bolt was a life-changing and career-changing second for me personally.” Her first bit to stem from the yeast silk will be a one-of-a-kind golden gown. The apparel will feature in the upcoming MoMA exhibition, ‘Things: Is Fashion Modern?’

So thrilled to talk about the news that we’re partnering with the amazing @stellamccartney! Connect in bio for each of the facts #Repost @stellamccartney (@get_repost) ・・・ We’re excited to announce that a new partnership with biotechnology company, @BoltThreads! Paving the future for innovative and advanced fabrics, Bolt Threads creates fibres from scratch based on proteins found in nature. In a continual pursuit for more sustainable materials, we are creating a vegan spider silk produced from yeast! The first physical manifestation of the partnership is going to be showcased in @TheMuseumofModernArt’s upcoming design exhibition, ‘Things: Is Fashion Modern?’ , opening October 1st commissioned by #MoMA.

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