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Why Everybody is Obsessing About the Men’s Romper Trend


Why Everyone is Obsessed About the Men’s Romper Trend

Male rompers are something, if you haven’t discovered. The web is going nuts over the new style for men, and everybody has an opinion, be it negative or positive. But, before you begin arguing whether this trend is modern and manly or tacky and tragic, shouldn’t you understand why it’s gone viral and who started it? From where it began into the reactions of consumers and brands, we’ve got the low-down about the #RompHim fashion happening. So, if you’ve been asking yourself why everybody is obsessing about the men’s romper fashion, we have the response, and after studying it, you can choose whether you believe the appearance is revolutionary or foolish.

The way the Men’s Romper Trend Began

The guys’s romper trend is all thanks to another company called ACED Design along with a product that it dubbed the RompHim. The group supporting the ingenious business and garment are a set of business school friends who desired to bring something new to the area of menswear.

“We had been sitting over drinks one evening and got to talking about the men’s clothing alternatives out there. Everything was too corporate, too fratty, too “runway” or too basic. Something was missing. Why wasn’t there anything out there which enabled guys to be more stylish and fun with no sacrificing comfort, fit, and flexibility? The more we thought about it, the more we realised that a romper hit all these attributes — it is unique, stylish, cool and very wearable.”

So, the Chicago-based company created the RompHim and recently started a

Consumer Reactions to the Men’s Romper Trend

The team at ACED Design have certainly achieved their goal to bring something fresh to the world of men’s style, but with new items, some people today adore it, and many others do not. As was expected, many individuals have made fun of the playful playsuit and its own distinctive style, starting memes and making wisecracks. Some have made jokes about the garment being the quickest way to turn into single while some have stated that it is “just wrong”. However, while many are having a laugh in the brand new menswear design, the others are embracing it. The organization’s Kickstarter campaign has already made over 30 times more than its initial US$10,000 target and now stands at an incredible $360,933. Also, whether people like the idea or not, they are certainly talking about it. The male romper trend has gone viral in the past week and then pushed the RompHim to instant fame.

Where to Have a Romper

If you’re a fashion-forward gent who likes the Concept of a male romper and needs you to own, then all you Have to Do is visit the brand’s

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