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Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Suit


know your suit size

There is A lawsuit an investment. It’s a staple bit that, if fitted correctly, has the capability to transform your wardrobe and leave you wondering how you could have possibly lasted so long without it. But how do you decide on the suit that is ideal? Follow our guide and prepare yourself for your next big purchase.

Dress for Success

Here are our tips for putting the final spit and polish on your look.

  • Tailoring — alter the length of your coat sleeves to allow a quarter inch of your top cuff reveal, emphasise the sides of the jacket to contour your torso and check the collar — you don’t want a roster around your neck in the rear of the suit jacket.
  • Lean lapels are modern, leave the wider ones to Don Draper.   But if you want a traditional match that will never go out of fashion opt to get a lapel that’s halfway between the middle of the chest along with your shoulder.
  • Never fit your pocket square to your tie in cloth or pattern.
  • Dark and traditional suits will never go out of fashion — always make this your first investment match.
  • Vents — center vents are timeless but double vents are more suave.

How to Pick a Perfect Suit 6

Know Your Size

The most crucial element to any lawsuit is that the fit.   Follow the following eight golden rules to make sure that your spot on!

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