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Your Guide To Fixing Summer Clothes Throughout Winter


How To Wear Your Summer Clothes During Colder Months

Giving up our summer wardrobe and surrendering into the cold is never a simple undertaking. But although the winter chill has set in and we have well and truly said goodbye to all those summer days, it does not necessarily mean we have to say goodbye to our summer clothes.


Play texture; it is ideal to incorporate a mix of substances if styling a layered look. Avoid using the same fabrics; your look will be thick and dowdy (which could add the appearance of unwanted weight too).

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Combinations to Try

1. Skirt over trousers will edge up your outfit while creating an intriguing silhouette.

2. Chunky knit over a shirt — Take a cue from one of our newest favourite celebrity fashion icons and put in a crisp collar to amp up a neutral crewneck blouse or supply an unexpected backdrop to a very simple shift dress. Go nuts and combine prints using a graphic sweatshirt, sweater, or cardigan. Prints would be the new black!
3. Turn a summertime apparel into winter skirt by adding a adorable sweatshirt at the top.
4. Try a turtleneck under a change dress. Trust us, a fitted black turtleneck is going to be your best friend through the cold season. You can stack a sweater and coat it over, layer it with a adorable gown, or try it solo and tucked into a maxi skirt for an official occasion.
5. Skirt with knit — Contemplating England’s rainy, bone-chilling weather, no wonder that the British are such experts at layering. Maybe that is why Alexa Chung has this simple essential in her cupboard: a pretty, flirty flared skirt. She opted for a black turtleneck and rocker-style moto jacket, but the ensemble options are endless. Pair the skirt with a chunky cropped sweater, delicate lace cardigan set, boxy blazer, tailored blouse, or possibly a crop top.
6. A long sleeve shirt under overalls and jumpsuits make them practical in winter.
7. Purchase a great set of opaque tights to wear under shorts.
8. Add boots and a jacket to your favorite summer maxi skirt.
9. Wearing numerous jackets at ones — attempt denim coat with a coat.

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