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Your Guide To Styling Workwear (The Mad Men Way)


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When our favorite gentleman’s team took to the little screen, it wasn’t long before an office-orientated style revolution began to sew inside menswear. What began with a straightforward paisley pocket square soon evolved into double-breasted suits, spit-shined dress shoes and scarves draping around our lapels. We began actually enjoying work wear again and, in a part, we now have our favorite ad-men to thank you for that.

Dress Like a Sharp Shooter

Don_Street Style

The Creative

Muse: Ginsberg

Ginsberg is your quintessential anti-office dweller. Often sporting a flowery shirt, cardigan or mustard roll throat, Ginsberg’s signature is his suitless appeal. For those who have the luxury of innovative dress code, make sure you utilise it, without sacrificing your professionalism and don’t shy away from pink. Try pairing a neutral pair of straight slacks with a statement shirt or quirky vest. What is that for sense of self?

Workwear Styling

Dress Like a Creative

Workwear Styling

The Showman

Muse: Pete Campbell

Always the exhibitionist, Pete Campbell’s vast and diverse suit group is something to be admired. From his tweed sports jackets to his eggshell blue and light yellow suits, Pete’s ability to take opportunities makes him a sartorial celebrity in our books. Life back to your work wear with a announcement tie or wash of colour.

Workwear Styling

Dress Like a Showman

Workwear Styling

The Artist

Muse: Stan the Art Director

Much like Ginsberg, Stan does not confine to the usual outfit that is booted and suited. With a penchant for roster necks, neutral vests, paisley and a full-beard at the office, Stan’s self-assured design has us green with jealousy. If you’re going to sport a complete beard, do this with pride but maintain that facial forestry tidy. The roster neck adds a component of classicism to an otherwise daring and off-duty look.

Workwear Styling

Dress Like an Artist

Workwear Styling

The Boss

Muse: Rodger Sterling

Seriously, the guy can do no wrong. All about the accoutrements, Rodger’s entire coat, fedora and scarf get-up even makes the commute to and from work look dapper. If you’re going to go full Sterling and try your hand at a three-piece suit, pay special attention to the finer details without over embellishing. Try sporting a pocket square with a classic gray suit, rather at a triple-peaked fold for emphasis. You’re the boss, after all.

Workwear Styling

Dress Like a Boss

Workwear Styling

The Minimalist

Muse: Jim Cutler

Veering away from black, Jim’s style is equally ‘fashion’ and feasible. Jim’s fashion signature is located which arguably put others to shame. Opt for a pair of lenses that reflect your personality and professionalism at the workplace. An excellent tailored suit along with sharp, crisp monochromatic palette will make certain you’re always on stage.

Workwear Styling

Dress Like a Minimalist

Workwear Styling

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