10 Best Hot Chocolate Cafes in Melbourne


Top 10 Hot Chocolate Cafes in Melbourne

While it might not have seemed possible, the hot chocolate only keeps getting better, and Melbourne boasts some of the best around. Even though the town is typically known for its unbelievable coffee, it can cater just as well to those who favor their hot beverages on the sweeter side. From classic creations made with the best cocoa to innovative choices featuring smoke, chilli, and sometimes even cheese, Melbourne’s hot chocolate scene is a delicious melting pot of flavours and ideas. To sample the very best cups, you simply have to know where to go. Therefore, we’ve rounded up the top rated hot chocolate bars that town has to offer so that you can start sipping right away.

2. East Elevation

East Elevation shares its Brunswick East space together with the artisanal chocolate makers of Monsieur Truffe, which means that you can expect the cafe generates exceptional hot chocolates. Served at a terracotta mug with a small wooden paddle, each East Elevation hot chocolate is yummy and indulgent. While the ultra-rich 70% Monsieur Truffe Couverture home mix is essential for first-timers, there are several other unique and exciting options to keep you coming back. The Peanut Hot Choc is certainly one to attempt, as is the Jaffa Hot Choc, that features a glowing shot of triple sec and a candied orange peel to garnish.


3. Sonido

You can experience hot chocolate that the traditional Colombian way at Sonido. The South American cafe in Fitzroy serves up imported Corona drinking chocolate to get a genuine Colombian experience. The chocolate is blended with nearly boiling milk and functioned at a jug-shaped saucepan. You’re also provided with a wooden whisk to make it extra frothy. While the normal alternative is yummy and divine, do not be afraid to try it “con queso” or with cheese. Adding cheese to hot chocolate is a standard Colombian action and you you’ve got to test. The creamy, white cheese softens gradually on your mug as you pour the hot chocolate developing a special and outstanding flavour.


4. Koko Black

With locations around Melbourne, Koko Black provides countless locals with beautiful chocolates and hot snacks every week. The artisan chocolatier’s hot chocolates are blended and brewed over two hours to accomplish a smooth, velvety texture. Each signature flavour is made fresh daily and unites a balanced blend of 54% black couverture chocolate and milk. On offer is not merely a great Belgian Hot Chocolate, but in addition mocha, orange, cinnamon, and hazelnut choices. For all those extra chilly, you may even warm up with Koko Black’s sweet and hot, Chilli Hot Chocolate.


5. Brunetti

You can’t call yourself a real hot chocolate lover if you’ve never been to Brunetti. The must-visit Melbourne cafe, which has places in Carlton and the CBD, offers the very best Italian-style hot chocolate in town. Head there on a winter’s day if you will need a pick-me-up, and you won’t be sorry. The decadent drink has an intense flavour and can be incredibly thick, which makes it perfect for all those who have a serious sweet tooth. After only a few sips, you will immediately be feeling warmer and happier.


6. Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters

If you’re looking for a hot chocolate with a point of difference, Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters is the place to go. The cafe is located on Melbourne’s Hardware Street and serves up a hot chocolate that’s part beverage and part science endeavor. Upon ordering the odd beverage, you’ll get a beaker of Mörk hot chocolate and a cup of towering milk-flavoured fairy floss. Then, all you need to do is put away. The moment the hot chocolate strikes the top of the fairy floss, the sip will melt away into the mug under. The result is a mix of the two that makes for a delicious and decadent hot chocolate.


7. Ganache Chocolate

Ganache is known for its superbly crafted chocolates, and its own hot chocolates are just as excellent. The options available are also excellent, meaning that you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice if visiting. While there’s almost always a classic pick for the traditional hot chocolate lover, there’s also cinnamon, chilli, mint, hazelnut, salted caramel, white, milk, white chai, espresso, and vegan-friendly selections out there. When going to Ganache’s South Yarra location, don’t forget to check out the liqueur hot chocolates. Made with 60% dark couverture chocolate and infused with a shot of Frangelico, Cointreau, Kahlua or Baileys, these drinks are devilishly great.


8. Hardware Societe

Hardware Societe is one of Melbourne’s most treasured places to eat for a good reason. The French cafe/restaurant dishes up some of their best food and beverages in the CBD, including its high-quality hot chocolate. Served in a generous jug for the greatest sweet fix, Hardware Societe’s hot chocolate includes homemade ganache with lotion and 54% black Callebaut chocolate. The drink is so delicious that it will even make waiting for a table on a chilly day well worth it.


9. Bowery into Williamsburg

After the craving for a sweet sip of chocolatey goodness appears, Bowery to Williamsburg has you covered. The CBD cafe provides an incredible peanut butter hot chocolate you have to try. The drink is created with peanut butter caramel syrup and peanut butter ganache. But don’t be concerned if you think it’ll be too decadent for your taste buds. The caramel and high quality chocolate tone down the sweetness, leaving an excellent flavour with a subtle, nutty taste. The beverage can also be served with a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to complete the palatable purchase.


10. Seven Seeds

While many Melburnians head to Seven Seeds for its superb coffee, the Carlton cafe also serves up some seriously great hot chocolate. The flavour is the perfect level of sweetness while the mug size is just right. Just like a lot of hot snacks, Seven Seeds’ option includes yummy Mörk cocoa. Though that makes for a fantastic cup, the cafe ends off its hot choc with a thick bar of chocolate. Subsequently, all you will need to do is watch it melt, stir it in, and flake out in blissful happiness.


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