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10 Hip Men’s Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow


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Ignoring the ability of Instagram is impossible. It is a tool which, for the most of us, we use every day to create, inspire and change our outlook on nearly everything. Instagram has also transformed who retains the power. People who inspire us today are no more those out of our reach.   Instead, they’re those who let us into their lives on a private level, through imagery which reflect some elements of ourselves.

2. Matthew Zorpas

The Gentleman Blogger, Matthew Zorpas is a genuine gentleman or his Instagram accounts leads us to think so. Consistently decked out in the most unbelievable range of outfits, he also manages to rock everything from a three-piece checked suit or a relaxed white cotton shirt with chinos to some mustard coloured cardigan or a pair of floral loafers. Want to know what the worst part of it all is? He never fails to look dapper against his varied backdrop of yachts beaches in Rodeo Drive or Peurto Rico.

3. Man of Many

Founded by two stylish friends from Sydney,

4. Pause Magazine

PAUSE Magazine aims to inspire young men to push the bounds of everyday fashion. The multiplatform book does this by supplying style information, the newest trends, interviews and outfit examples.

On their Instagram account, the photos of trendy sneakers, street style, urban designers and funny quotations outweigh, definitely, pictures of matches and lust-worthy watches. This curation is done on purpose. PAUSE provides fashion inspiration for casual guys by giving them choices they can afford or rework from clothing they possibly already own.

5. Men’s Edit / Men With Class / Men With Street Style

Fashion inspiration no longer stems from the glossy pages of magazines. It  is not solely ruled by designers, the runway or fashion icons. It is Instagram, although there’s a ruler of trends.

Inspiration comes from your environment. Someone who grabs your eye on the road, a person in your workplace that put together a top and tie combination you would never dream of, someone who, ultimately, you can relate to. Cue Instagram — an internet selection of every one these people, often anonymous, just known by their fabulous fashion choices.

Men’s Edit, Men With Class and Men With Street Style, are three of the best accounts for discovering such inspiration. Each offering a constant source of different outfit mixes, the way to blend high-end designers using streetwear, unique accessories to brighten up any ensemble and most importantly, a new perspective on everyday fashion.

The best part of the accounts is that they don’t put fashion . Anyone can join in. So gentlemen, even once you’re feeling inspired and dare to try something different, hashtag your outfit with #mensedit #menwithclass or even #menwithstreetstyle and you might spot yourself next time you are rolling through Instagram.

6. Karlmond Tang

Karlmond Tang AKA ‘Mr. Boy’ is a menswear blogger, stylist, model and social networking consultant whose original photographs and unique street style never fails to impress.   Hitting the streets in his hometown London, 23-year-old Tang puts a fresh twist on classic tailoring by throwing some suspenders over a white teeshirt, rolling up his trousers to show his colourful socks or mixing sneakers with high-end fashion. His everyday look is a mixture of classic bits, like a totally tailored navy blue coat, statement printing trousers and accessories.

7. What My Boyfriend Wore

Behind every fantastic man, there is a great girl — probably one that dresses him! At least it’s true for Sergio Ines and his style site What My Boyfriend Wore.  Sergio’s girlfriend started Instagramming his daily outfits and when it developed a substantial quantity of hype he chose to keep doing it long after he and his girlfriend parted ways.

His account is a collection of daily outfit collages not failing to document the finer details of every outfit.   From a paisley pocket square to a red skull lapel pin, a tassel loafer to patterned sock, every outfit is carefully curated.   His overall image is very dapper and with this many options to scroll through you will not be short of a fun way to mix up your everyday match.

8. Colin Gold

Colin Gold is 1 half of the gifted duo behind TheTrendSpotter. Working with his wife, Dasha, the couple have created an exceptional Instagram feed full of incredible scenery and style. Travelling all around the planet, Colin is often captured wearing the latest fashion styles in the most amazing locations.  

9. Blogger’s Boyfriend

Kurt Ji is the man behind Blogger’s Boyfriend, a popular online design platform and Instagram accounts for guys. This stylish gent is a self-declared minimalist jet-setter who travels the planet Maintaining his rocky luxury lifestyle. Filled with great style and jaw-dropping travel destinations, Blogger’s Boyfriend is an account that will make you insanely envious and exceptionally motivated.

10. Button Brothers

The Button Brothers Instagram account is a somewhat secret treasure trove of amazing men’s styling and fashion. The lifestyle brand, that was set by Palmer Mutandwa and Marvin Holder, provides endless inspiration for dapper gents. In the ideal match to elegant smart casual ensembles, Button Brothers is the name to know for elevated menswear.