15 Best Jobs Which Involve Traveling


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For nearly all of us travel-hungry people, the idea of a job which contains the occasional business trip already gets our blood pumping. However, when the role description cries ‘come, see the planet’, it is the ultimate fantasy come true. If wanderlust has taken over your heart and head too, it may be time for you to take the plunge and make a shift. With one of those unique careers to send you packaging, we beg you to finally quit dreaming and start doing. To help you find the one that’s ideal for you, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest jobs that involve travelling.

2. Photographer

It may not be easy to locate your feet as a travel photographer as you may need to set up with an unsteady income in the beginning. However, the benefits are plenty, as traveling photographers catch the planet’s most gorgeous corners. All you need is a fantastic eye, quality equipment and a decent dose of wanderlust. Aside from working for online and print publications, you may also try yourself as destination wedding photographer.


3. Working on a Yacht

If your dream is to sail your way around the world on a private yacht, however, you are overlooking the spare change, think about joining the crew on someone else’s. When on the sea, these luxury vessels are in need of everything ranging from chefs to nannies, engineers and, needless to say, captains. Although many casual places on such recreational cruisers are usually low in pay, you may get ahead of your crewmates through expertise and by getting a

4. Videographer

If you are more into moving pictures, you could take your movie editing skills on a trip. As a videographer, you can take at sell stock footage, create marketing campaigns for tourism board and travel brands or even start your YouTube channel. Apart from your video editing skills and expert equipment, you should also pack some marketing knowledge and networking abilities.

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5. Teach English

The advantage of having English as a first language is that most nations in the world are attempting to learn it as well. With tertiary qualification in any area and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate on your own pocket, you can virtually do the job anywhere in the world. Teaching English in a foreign nation is a excellent way to meet locals and immerse yourself in their culture. In addition to some good monthly payslip, these jobs often include flights and lodging.

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6. Tour Leader

As a tour leader, you could host a coach excursion through France or a overland voyage throughout Southeast Asia. The chances are plentiful and as varied as they come. In any event, this role demands strong leadership abilities, a busload of enthusiasm and unparalleled can-do attitude. If this sounds like you and you have already constructed an impressive travel site and are fluent in more than 1 language, this may be the job for you.

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7. Working on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise boat resembles working on a yacht, only on a much larger scale. Whether you want to find the Caribbean or the shores of Europe, the routes are as varied as your wanderlust. In addition, since a cruise liner needs more staff than a royal family, they hire all from cleansers to operation artist, gym instructors and beauty therapists.

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8. Ski Instructor

If you love a cool breeze in your face and a steep slope at your feet, this might be the dream job for you. A career as a ski or snowboard instructor can take you to New Zealand, Japan, Canada and other coveted snow hotels around the globe. If you’re fortunate enough to find work in a ski resort, they often administer your training. Alternatively, you can acquire a qualification through the APSI (Australian Professional Snowboard Instructors Inc.). Their Alpine Level One course will allow you to apply your skills internationally.

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9. Travel Consultant

Since the growth of internet price comparison sites, the role of the traveling consultant because we used to know it’s virtually vanished. However, in truth, it’s only shifted contour. Whether you are working with an internet travel agent, as a booking agent for companies or luxury clientele, travel consultants still visit the hotels they advertise. What’s more, they receive significant discounts when booking their own holidays.

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10. Scuba Diving Instructor

If living by the sea makes you feel like a fish underwater, you need to consider a career as a scuba diving instructor. This path will let you find the very breathtaking seaside destinations on earth while teaching others your abilities. To be eligible, you will first have to finish the PADI Advanced Open Water course, followed closely with the PADI Rescue Diver/Emergency First Response course. Once you’ve ticked off these items your checklist, you’re ready to proceed into the closing PADI Divemaster class. For more information visit   

11. Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian aid isn’t a job for the faint-hearted, but if you love travelling and assisting others, this function may be for you. Just bear in mind that volunteers are inclined to be sent to rural regions in developing or disaster-struck nations where states can be unpleasant. International aid agencies are always looking for qualified employees to run operations on the ground.

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12. Bartending

Like many other people, you spent some time working in hospitality at any stage in your life, which hard-earned experience can pay off. Despite marginally unsocial hours, bartending is a excellent way to keep you afloat during your overseas stay. In case you have quality cocktail ambitions, you can hone your skills in a professional bartending course before beginning your new profession.


13. Business Coach

Business advisers normally work on short-term contracts, helping a organization’s development through lending their professional expertise. An advisor’s client base often spreads to the borders of one country and beyond, helping you to work from where you’re. If you’re an expert in your area and are looking for more professional liberty, this might be the route for you.

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14. Ambassador provides an excellent selection of opportunities to apply your skills abroad while making a difference in small communities. As a visual ambassador, you’re sent to locations to produce imagery and footage of their facilities, landscapes and activities. Storytelling ambassadors use their skills to market and increase your project’s assignment. A journey ambassador aids in identifying and solving issues on the floor and linking new jobs. Visit the organisation’s website for more information on the Best Way to make a difference as a

15. Flight Attendant

When thinking about traveling professions, a flight attendant is usually among the first jobs that come  to mind, and rightfully so. Air travel is the fastest way to explore new  areas, and as a crew member, you save big on these hefty airfares. However, if you’re dreaming of far-off exotic destinations, then be sure that you apply to a major airline which serves long-term destinations. While working hours can be extended, off-duty perks include generous travel benefits for you and your loved ones.


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