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15 Best Smartwatches to Purchase in 2018


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These days, a watch can do so far more than just tell you the moment. As a result of improvements in technology and the creation of the smartwatch, timepieces are now able to be your trainer, your assistant, along with your own phone, all wrapped into one. So, if you are seeking to get the world at your fingertips (or rather on your own wrist), then a smartwatch is your newest essential accessory. But, if all of the tech talk, don’t worry confuses you. We’re here to help you decipher these innovative devices and locate your perfect smartwatch partner with this guide.

2. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit is known for its excellent fitness trackers, and the Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch is one of the brand’s best. In addition to being a tracker, the Blaze can be a smartwatch and a slick one in that. The watch’s impressive and advanced technology includes plenty of top features, such as call, text, and calendar alerts, music controllers, and silent alerts. When it comes to working out, the Blaze also offers you covered with multi-sport modes, heartbeat tracking, linked GPS, onscreen workouts, and more.

3. Samsung Gear S3 Classic

You will never skip a text, email or awake using the Samsung Gear S3 Classic. The stylish and high tech timepiece uses Bluetooth to send notifications and data from your phone straight to your wrist. Thanks to an integrated speaker and microphone, you may also create and answer calls hands-free. You won’t have any need to reach for your wallet, as the Gear S3 lets you use Samsung Pay nearly anywhere. That’s not all, however. Activity monitoring, a built-in GPS, and military grade performance complete this remarkable smartwatch.

4. Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smartwatch

Whether you run, walk, bicycle, swim, golf or ski, you will have the ability to get more from your game with the Garmin Vivoactive HR. The GPS smartwatch boasts Elevate heart speed technology, which may track your pulse through your wrist 24/7 and assess your efforts while working out. The touchscreen device also comes with an integrated activity tracker to count steps and measure calories in addition to smart notifications, such as call, text, email, and social websites.

5. Polar M600 Sports Smartwatch

The Polar M600 Sports Smartwatch is Polar’s first sport-optimized smartwatch. The device, which is powered by Android Wear, attributes wrist-based heart rate monitoring in addition to integrated GPS. 24/7 fitness monitoring and Smart Coaching are also contained in this advanced layout, meaning that it’ll help you reach your health and fitness targets while keeping you connected.

6. Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch

You are able to live a more suitable, linked, and enjoyable life thanks to the Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch. The innovative piece of technology allows you to unplug from your phone without missing one moment or message thanks to its mixture of helpful functions. From listening to audio without lugging around your phone to telling your watch to purchase you an Uber, it is possible to do everything and more with all the Ticwatch 2.

7. ASUS ZenWatch 3

The ASUS ZenWatch 3 redefines what it means to be a smartwatch. Not only does the device feature incredible technology, but it also boasts excellent craftsmanship. As such, this luxury timepiece offers high-quality and stylish design while providing timely information at a glance. When it’s a message from a friend, a weather upgrade or your daily steps, the ZenWatch 3 will provide you whatever you want to know while looking good in the procedure.

8. Fossil Q Crewmaster

The Fossil Q Crewmaster boasts the capabilities of a smartwatch with all the stylish aesthetics of a normal watch. Consequently, if you would like a smartwatch that appears more sophisticated than sporty, this is the one for you. Due to its hybrid vehicle design, the Q Crewmaster is battery-powered and requires no charging, meaning it can help keep you connected 24/7. Whether you are counting every step, waiting to get an important call or want to have the ability to snap the perfect selfie at any moment, this sharp smartwatch will not let you down.

9. Apple Watch Series two

Wish to access your iPhone’s programs and functions without needing to pull it from your pocket or purse? The Apple Watch Series two is what you need. This handy device will let you view notifications and alarms from your mobile phone using a simple glance at your wrist. The built-in GPS additionally lets you navigate and record accurate workout data with no telephone. As such, you can feel free to go walking, running or cycling without having to rely on your telephone for information regarding distance, speed, pace, and path.

10. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

The Motorola Moto 360 Sport is the perfect workout companion. The smartwatch, which is ideal for people who lead an active life, will help you power through your workouts and get the most from each and every single day. Not only does the device track your steps, calories, and heart rate, but it also has an integrated GPS to track your distance and pace. After your workout, you can cool while using your Moto 360 Sport to read your Gmail, assess traffic requirements, and receive Facebook upgrades.

11. Withings Activité Steel

Withings might have assembled the Activité Steel for health, but it also designed it for life. The award-winning, activity-tracking watch boasts a badly dapper layout, making it a device you’ll not only use but also want to show off. The sleek watch features a state-of-the-art finish with a 316L stainless steel case, chrome palms, and also a soft silicone sports strap. As well as looking sharp, this top item of technology will help you achieve your health goals with automatic action tracking, sleep monitoring, water resistance up to 50m, and eight weeks of battery lifetime.

12. LG Watch Sport

Bold, stylish, and full of impressive technology, the LG Watch Sport is everything you could desire from a smartwatch and more. The multifunctional device includes Android Wear 2.0 and boasts Messenger, Android Pay, Google Fit, Smart Reply, Google Assistant, and Google Maps capacities. 4G LTE wireless connectivity along with NumberSync technology, also make forgetting your telephone no more an issue. When you are wearing this view, you are free to make calls, send texts, and browse freely using “OK Google” without tethering to a smartphone.

13. Vector Luna Steel Smartwatch

Want a smartwatch which not only looks good with your weekend dress but also your company suits? The Vector Luna Steel Smartwatch is a perfect choice. The elegant, high-tech timepiece is crafted from solid 316L stainless steel and mineral and boasts a silver plated instance with high polished particulars. While being seriously stylish, the Luna Steel also impresses with its functionality. Smart alarms, all-day activity monitoring, and also a 30-day battery life are included for this practical piece.

14. Pebble 2 Heart Rate Smartwatch

The Pebble 2 Heart Rate smartwatch is made for people who want to be smart and fit with one device. From the trail to the pool and everywhere in between, this innovative wristwatch will monitor your activity while helping you manage your lifetime. With heart rate, measure, sleep, calorie, and workout tracking in addition to text, call, and app alarms, the Pebble 2 is a fitness expert and assistant all rolled into one.

15. Vector Luna Silicone Smartwatch

With a matte black instance and silicone strap, the Vector Luna Silicone Smartwatch is comfortable, contemporary, and athletically stylish. Therefore, it’s perfect for those on the go who value fashion as far as function. Offering a world of communication and information on your wrist, the Luna Silicone keeps you connected by relaying text messages, emails and more while always monitoring your activity. Although seriously innovative, this smartwatch also adopts traditional with classic watch features, such as a chronograph.

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