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How to Eliminate Watch Links for a Better Fit


How To Remove Watch Links

Finding a metallic watch that meets your wrist can be tricky, since most bands are only offered in a couple of standard sizes. However, not to worry, by simply eliminating some links you’ll have the perfect watch group size. This may sound difficult and time-consuming, but using these basic steps its a cinch. Below is a guide on how best to eliminate watch links for a better fit.

Train Your Workspace

Removing watch links is a really delicate process. You want to ensure that your working on a level surface with lots of light and minimal distractions. We recommend placing something at the edge of your workspace to stop small hooks or ferrules from moving away. This may reduce the risk of you losing some pieces. Additionally, it is worth placing a mat or something soft underneath your work to prevent you metal watch from scratching your bench top. Keep in mind that hammering out pins can be unbelievably loud so you may opt to work somewhere more timid too. This is is to your benefit as much as anybody else as the removal process requires your complete and unwavering attention.

2. Workplace

Gather Your Tools

The practice of eliminating links from your watch is indeed no exception to the old expression, use the right tool for the right job. You are going to need to make sure you have the essential equipment before beginning. A push-pin instrument is ideal for removing cotter pins. You will also need a small ball-peen hammer and a watch-bracelet holder. You can usually pick up most of these things at a preassembled

Eliminate Links

Now you know just how many links you need to eliminate and from where you need to eliminate them from, its time to get the difficult part. You will find small arrows on the back of the bracelet showing where the cotter pins come out. Place the watch in the holder or onto the foam together with the arrows are facing downwards. Using the hammer, gently tap on the end of the push-pin instrument over the cotter pins till you can’t push the pin within the hyperlink. After the pin pops through, remove it using your fingers or a small set of pliers. Be vigilant for ferrules or any other pins that may fall out during this procedure.

Removie Pins

Reattach Staying Links

As soon as you’ve removed all the desired links, you will have to rejoin the ends of the bracelet. Place the bracelet back in the holder, but this time together with all the arrows pointing upwards. The pins will need to return in the opposite way to which you removed them. Put the cotter pin back into the pit, gently tapping it with the hammer as required. Repeat this on the other side of the grip until the bracelet is your desired size. Always be certain that the fastener is centred and recall to tap any ferrules that fell back into place too.

How To Remove Watch Links

How to Remove Watch Links