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15 Trendy Spiky Hair Appears for Men


Short Spiky Hair

Spiky hair has long been a fashionable style for men, and though the rock-hard points of the past are gone, this sharp style remains an excellent solution for gents. Thus, if you’re needing a new appearance, spikes are well worth contemplating. Ideal for just about any hair texture, the spiky hairstyles of today are soft, stylish and quickly achievable with modern grooming methods and products. Want more convincing that this style is for you? Check out our roundup of the very stylish spiky hair looks for guys.

2. Tapered Spiky Quiff

This sharp version of the quiff provides a much need update to the traditional design. If your hair is tapered  at the top, this can be a seriously straightforward style to achieve. Using some quilty wax,   just pull on the more pieces upward and run the rest through the shorter parts too in an upward movement.

Tapered Spiky Quiff

3. Spiky Fine Hair

In case you’ve got thin hair, maintain the proportions of your own cut slightly longer on both top and sides. Doing this will make it look thicker overall. To design, use as little wax as you can and push all your of hair forward rather than directly up, to make more volume up front. Afterward, lightly mist your hair with strong-hold hairspray to keep it in place.

Spiky Fine Hair

4. Spiky Thick Hair

Spiky hair may require an adequate quantity of merchandise if your locks are thick. But this doesn’t mean you can not rock the appearance. On dry hair, use strong wax to make a tall quiff with defined peaks. The resulting look will look young and on-trend.

Spiky Thick Hair

5. Asian Spiky Hair

Asians are known for not just having gorgeous, thick and robust hair but additionally, pioneering many trendy hairstyles. To achieve an Asian-inspired soft spike, towel-dry your hair and tease modest sections of hair into place using wax or clay. Only use a little bit of merchandise to make the soft spiky peaks for a relaxed, bedhead look.

Asian Spiky Hair

6. Short Spiky Hair

Short haired hair is one of the looks that never really go out of fashion, provided that you are doing it correctly that is. Avoid channelling your inner ’90s boy band member by maintaining the sides short and tidy with a slightly longer spiked look at the top. Use minimal merchandise on towel dried hair.

Short Spiky Hair

7. Long Spiky Hair

It’s all about texture in regards to creating spiked looks for long hair. If you have thick locks,  try rocking a  cluttered style by about creating spikes with some pomade and your hands. In case you’ve got thin hair, be certain to wash it with a volumising shampoo prior to blow-drying to include height and using a styling product to specify your own spikes.

Long Spiky Hair

8. Faux Hawk Spiky Hair

If you don’t want to go whole mohawk, then you can always decide on a spiky faux hawk. Just comb down the sides of the hair and secure using hairspray or gel before using wax to push the hair  on top up to create   your ‘hawk.

Faux Hawk Spiky Hair

9. Spiky Pompadour

Give the traditional smooth pompadour style a spiky border. The look is super simple to create if your hair includes a significant length on top. To do so, begin using a comb and a few pomade to create a usual pompadour. But, before finishing and securing with hairspray, pull apart a few pieces and lightly twist to form peaks.

Spiky Pompadour

10. Single-Length Spiky Hair

Nowadays it seems like every man and his dog gets his hair shorter on the sides and more at the top. To stick out in the audience, consider a single-length fashion. The hair on the sides generates a very rugged and manly look.

Single Length Spiky Hair

11. Wavy Spiky Hair

Just because you’ve got curly hair does not mean you can’t still get in on the spiky trend. Use some texturing powder into your roots, then coat your fingertips in wax and then spike only the top section of hair. As curly hair may be heavy, it’s ideal to gently cover your locks with a layer of stronghold hairspray to make sure it remains in place.

Wavy Spiky Hair

12. Spiky Hair with Blonde Highlights

The ’90s are back in full force so why shouldn’t the fad are applicable to your mane also? Spiky hair with blond highlights looks best on naturally dark hair since it produces a dramatic contrast. Try the appearance with faded sides and longer spikes on shirt and wear it simpler smooth or textured.

Spiky Hair With Blonde Highlights

13. Spiky Hair for Widow’s Peak

Spikes are great for creating volume and detracting attention from widow’s peaks and receding hairlines. To nail the look, keep the sides of your hair short and start the spikes in your widow’s peak, working your way back and upward with a little bit of product.

Spiky Hair For Widow's Peak

14. Spiky Hair using a Hard Part

A tough part is a great way to emphasise spiky hairstyles. To wear the pair, try combining your shaved part with faded sides and thick, long spikes on top. The result will be an edgy yet sleek cosmetic.

Spiky Hair With A Hard Part

15. Windswept Spiky Hair

Windswept spiky hair is easy to reach and requires hardly any upkeep. All you need to do is produce your spikes as usual, but sweep them all to one side rather than straight up or backwards. Doing so will leave you with an effortless yet sharp appearance.

Windswept Spiky Hair

How to acquire Spiky Hair

  • Wash your hair, but avoid using too much conditioner.
  • Roughly towel dry your around 80 percent.
  • Comb or brush your hair to remove all tangles and knots.
  • Use your hands to use a small amount of wax from your roots upward. If necessary, add additional.
  • Finish your style and place with a light coating of powerful hairspray.

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