Men's Hairstyles

Key Hairdressing Terminology Guide


Key Hairdressing Terminology Guide

Occasionally, a comprehensive glossary for baldness is precisely what the majority of men and women need because let’s face it we are not all hair stylists and need to Google if our hairdressers are quoting terms we have not heard before. This is the guide to hairstyle.


  • 1 A Line Bob
  • 2 Afro
  • 3 Asymmetry
  • 4 Barber
  • 5 Blow Dry
  • 6 Blunt Cut
  • 7 Bob
  • 8 Bouffant
  • 9 Bowl Cut
  • 10 Braids
  • 11 Buns
  • 12 Caesar Haircut
  • 13 Chingon
  • 14 Clipper Over Comb
  • 15 Curl
  • 16 Density
  • 17 Disconnection
  • 18 Dreads
  • 19 Dry Cutting
  • 20 Feathering
  • 21 Fly Away Hairs
  • 22 Fringe
  • 23 Gamine
  • 24 Graduated Hair
  • 25 Hair Cut Amounts
  • 26 Hair Curler
  • 27 Hair Extension
  • 28 Hair Strand
  • 29 Keratin
  • 30 Layers
  • 31 Man Bun
  • 32 Messy
  • 33 Mohawk
  • 34 Mullet
  • 35 Perm
  • 36 Point Cut
  • 37 Pompadour
  • 38 Ponytail
  • 39 Quiff
  • 40 Razor Cutting
  • 41 Rough Blow Dry
  • 42 Scissor Techniques
  • 43 Skin Masks
  • 44 Scrunch Dry
  • 45 Serum
  • 46 Shag
  • 47 Side Component
  • 48 Slicked Back
  • 49 Tapering Skin Masks
  • 50 Texture
  • 51 Thinning
  • 52 Topknot
  • 53 Undercut
  • 54 Updo
  • 55 Vintage Styling
  • 56 Volume
  • 57 Wedge Haircut
  • 58 Weight Line
  • 59 Weight removal

A Line Bob

A variant of the bob hairstyle, comprising longer proportions towards the front of the head and shorter dimensions in the back


Commonly known as a hairstyle comprising thick and incredibly tight curls that stick out from around the mind.


Angular hairstyles that don’t boast the lengths across the head.


A man or woman who cuts hair. More especially, barbers utilize men’s hair and offer shaving and trimming services for facial hair.

Blow Dry

Drying the hair while combing through using a round bristle brush, giving bounce and volume to the hair.

Blunt Cut

No feel or dimension is intended at the base of the hair; locks are cut straight across, leaving a stark border.


The hairstyle that’s cut above the shoulders.


This hairstyle demands that the hair backcombed away from the face.

Bowl Cut

An unfortunate hairstyle in which straighter hair is cut evenly across the entire head traditionally only above the eyebrows; resembling the eating utensil it’s named after.


Hair is interlaced between a couple of strands and worn in different fashions; think conventional milkmaids.


Hair has been pulled and fashioned into a ball like shape.

Caesar Haircut

A men’s buzz cut briefer proportions over the sides and the back and shorter fringe-esque styling at the front of the head; originated out of Julius Caesar, who wore his hair in this manner.


A French surfaced phrase that identifies with the hair pulled back into a knot-like necklace toward the nape of the neck.

Clipper Over Comb

A technique in which the barber or stylist holds a comb within the mind and shaves over the hair with an electronic razor. Commonly used on the side and rear of the mind.


Spiral-like hair requiring your stylist to brush through the hair once it’s curly to avoid recreating a hairstyle in the 1800’s.


Just how thick your hair develops; a good indication of what treatment or style will work for you.


A hairstyle where there is a significant distinction between the top of the hair (that is longer and fuller) and also the shorter sides and rear. Normally, variations of an undercut are good examples of a disconnected haircut.


A Rastafarian hairstyle which entails not combing your hair, but twisting your hair into ropes. Normally, dreadlocks are quite long.

Dry Cutting

A technique employed by hair stylists in which they cut the hair without repainting it. A useful technique for suggesting how your hair will appear after the cut.


A favorite hairstyle in the 70’s, where the hair is increased long and brushed back at the sides. Think Farrah Fawcett.

Fly Away Hairs

The pesky strands that stick out after styling. Fixed readily by hairspray and a little patience.


Hair that is cut to hang over the forehead.


Otherwise called the pixie cut, the gamine hairstyle is cut boy and short enjoy. Believe Mia Farrow in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’.

Graduated Hair

Hair with layers.

Hair Cut Amounts

These numbers determine the various razor lengths offered for shaving with.

Hair Curler

A hair weapon of choice for a lot of women, which may flake out, straighten and bounce hair.

Hair Extension

Either actual or artificial hair (actual is recommended) that’s connected to hair; they could be irreversible or clip-ins.

Hair Strand

Sections of hair. It’s preferable that one styles their hair strand by strand to ensure your hair isn’t unmanageable like Rafiki from the Lion King.


A protein that forms the primary structure of baldness. Keratin also refers to a treatment in which the hair is treated to be more manageable.


Hair that’s cut at different lengths particularly used to frame the face.

Man Bun

The popularised hair trend where men espouse tying up their longer hair in a bun. This might or may not be accompanied by sides.


A style of hair which should look dishevelled, but tends to take longer to perfect than a number of the elaborate hairstyles.


The sides of the head are shaven and a strip of hair is left at the centre of the mind, spanning from your forehead to the back of your head. A common style for bikies or punk fans.


Something which shouldn’t be present in almost any reasonable person’s vocabulary, let alone on their head. Only Google Billy Ray Cyrus in Achy Breaky Heart.


Permanently curling the hair accomplished by placing the hair with chemical treatment.

Point Cut

Where hair is cut vertically by hair stylists instead of horizontally straight across, lending dimension.


Where hatmosphere is voluminous up top and brushed up and back from the brow.


Where hatmosphere is tied back. Think Ariana Grande.


The styling of a man’s hair where it’s pulled up and away in the face and traditionally set with a hair product.

Razor Cutting

Hair is trimmed with a razor, which makes a distinctively shorter span.

Rough Blow Dry

Hair that is dried with a hair drier without styling it typically achieved by running your fingers through your mane since you dry.

Scissor Techniques

The variant of ways that a stylist may cut your hair.

Skin Fade

A Skin Care is any vest that blends to skin over the sides. This usually means the hair slowly fades from 1 length to another.

Scrunch Dry

Scrub your hair while applying pressure with your hands to attain quantity.


Typically a glossy liquid used as a treatment for hair to amplify shine.


A female’s hairstyle where the hair is feathered, leaving a textured result. Think of ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle, popularised by Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’.

Side Component

Where the hair is parted on the face of the face area.

Slicked Back

Hair has been pulled back, particularly with a shinier mousse or wax product.

Tapering Skin Care

Where a gentleman’s hair on the sides and back graduates from very short in the base to gradually longer in the top.


Dimension added into the hair by cutting it vertically.


Portions of the hair which may be thinned out by clipping to the hairstyle when wet or dry.  


A descendent of the bun, a topknot entails organizing the hair in a knot-like shape above the mind; typically done in a more cluttered method.


A hairstyle in which the sides are brief and uniquely less thick and complete than the heavier proportions on the top of the head.


Where the hair is put up; and can be in multiple fashions.

Vintage Styling

Normally curled hair that is brushed out and treated with thick and robust holding merchandise. Think Dita Von Teese or the fictional favorite Betty Draper.


Adding the appearance of thickness .

Wedge Haircut

A variation of this bob where longer measurements are towards the front of the face.

Weight Line

The area of hair which holds the most weight.

Weight elimination

The intentional thinning of hair when it is considered too bulky or unruly.

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