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17 Hair Colour Trends to Watch Out for in 2017


Hair Colour Trends 2017

Going bigger and bolder, 2017’s hair colors are playing the styles you were rocking last year and improving them. From new shades of grey, platinum, coral, and rose gold into the advancement of mixed colours like blorange, red-brown , and tiger eye hues, this year’s hair colors are chic and contemporary. Although 2017 will be a great season for your extrovert (how about a two-toned pastel look?) , those who favor a more natural look will also be pleased. Kicking back against the unnatural shades is a new wave of natural blondes, ash browns, and rich brunettes without highlights. So, if your style is relaxed and casual or loud and joyful, you’re guaranteed to discover a killer color this year.

2. Grey

There’s never been a better time to go gray. Instead of combating those colourless strands, try adopting them in 2017. Whether you decide on a stylish, platinum silver or choose a moody, ash grey, this colour hasn’t been cooler. Just make sure you remove any brassiness by using a toner.

Grey Hair

3. Ash Brown

If you love the appearance of grey strands but prefer something a little more natural, just about looking for an ash brownish shade? The color promises to be highly popular in 2017 and is perfect for anybody with a trendy complexion or pink undertones. The color, which uses tinges of gray and blue to create an ash tone, is fantastic as either a base color or highlights on darker strands. Additionally, it is quite low-maintenance, which means that you can push your time between salon visits a little further.

Ash Brown Hair Colours

4. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blond remains a major hair trend and will not be going anywhere in 2017. Instead, the colour will simply be upgraded to remain current.   The modern version of this style is whiter than its predecessors and contains significantly less yellow tones. The chic and refined colour also includes a sense of old-Hollywood elegance and sophistication.   Though going platinum is a commitment, the trendy rewards are to outweigh the costs. Just make sure you keep locks wholesome and well cared-for, or you’ll find your new hair quickly appearing tired.

Platinum Blonde

5. Natural Blonde

While 2017 will see plenty of daring and unique hair colors, it is also going to see a return of organic hues. Specifically, natural blonde colors are going to be a huge trend for the season and are already popping up on celebrities and models. A lovely alternative to intense platinum tones and dark blonde styles, natural blond is attractive due to its simplicity. Not too bright or emphasized, such as many of the blondes from previous years, this new natural tone is impartial and looks as if you’ve developed it yourself.

Natural Blonde

6. Dark Blonde

Luxurious and chic, dark blonde is a beautiful colour. Adding deep hues which almost verge on brownish, this killer colour is perfect for brunettes looking to go lighter and blondes appearing to go look younger. As most dark blonde shades feature lots of golden tones, this tendency works great for girls with hot complexions. If you do happen to have a cooler skin tone, your colourist can help you find the right shade of dark blonde for you.

Dark Blonde

7. Blonde Ends

Dip-dyed and grown-out styles of color will be big in 2017. Beginning with one colour on the roots and tops of strands prior to making a sudden change to another, the look is a bolder version of ombre. One of the best strategies is with endings that are blond. Whether or not you’re a brunette, have black hair or are already a blonde, this style can work for you. In addition to being a chic and modern appearance to try, blonde ends are also a quick and easy way to give to drab locks a new lease on life.

Blonde Ends

8. Rich Brunette Without Highlights

Another natural hair color which you will see lots of this year is rich brunette tones without highlights. Though this trend returns to the basics of colouring, it is far from boring. By choosing the right shade of brown and maintaining your hair healthy and shiny, you can get stunning locks without any lighter strands. Shades such as mahogany and heavy chocolate are more than capable of offering lustre and dimension all independently.

Rich Brunette without Highlights

9. Chestnut Ends

Like blonde endings, chestnut endings will also be set to be popular in 2017. The two-toned look contains colors, for example rich, chocolate browns, which fade to warm chestnut finishes. The red-brown tone, for which chestnut is famous, is the perfect way to spice up your strands. The look is particularly lovely for autumn and winter seasons.

Chestnut Ends

10. Black Brown

Hair color does not need to be bright to be daring and eye catching. This year, dark brown hues are creating quite the stir fry with their own intensity. So dark that they are verging on black, these colours are concurrently sensual and semi-gothic. Pair the color with a dark, smoky eye to your greatest evening appearance.

Dark Brown

11. Red Brown

In 2017, any combination of hair colours is a possibility. As you already understand about bronde and blorange,  it’s now time to learn about red-brown colors. Sitting between fiery strands and brunette locks, red-brown hair colours are warm and lovely. Choose from lighter brown colors with a subtle hint of red and dark brown shades with a more powerful pairing to pinpoint this trend.

Red Brown

12. Red and Pink Tips

For ladies who love a pop of color, red and pink tips are a great hair tendency to attempt in 2017. The exciting appearance can spice up any strands, be them brunette, blonde, or black, and radiates confidence and style. Think dark brunette foundation tones with crimson purple or ends blonde strands using a washed-out hot pink.

Pink and Red Tips

13. Chocolate Rose Gold

Rose gold hair will undoubtedly be everywhere in 2017 and with great reason.   The luxe, shimmery color is simply gorgeous and can create a lovely look on any hair. While blondes happen to be rocking this color for just a little while, it’s now time for those brunettes to take a go. Chocolate rose gold hair combines delicate warm pink tones with a rich brown foundation to create an astounding colour. You certainly won’t regret trying out this trend.

Chocolate Rose Gold

14. Ombre with Balayage

Also called flamboyage, the combination of ombre and balayage hair trends is defined to be huge in 2017. The exciting new approach blends the two ways of hair colouring together to create a brightened yet natural look. The method, which has already generated some impressive results, is undoubtedly a trend to see in 2017.

Ombre with Balayage

15. Tiger Eye Balayage

Tiger eye balayage obtained its name in the stone with colourists with its special shades as inspiration. The beautiful mixture of caramel and brown highlights has been dubbed the new bronde and is already well on its way to become one of the greatest hair trends of this year. Even though the colour can work on all skin tones, it appears particularly striking on warm complexions.

Tiger Eye Balayage

16. Coral Tones

Falling somewhere between orange and pink is the stunning colour of coral. Warm, glowing and oh-so-pretty, coral is one of the coolest new hair trends to try in 2017. Whether you choose a vibrant shade or something in the pastel range, this statement-making color is guaranteed to see you receive innumerable compliments and Instagram enjoys.

Coral Tones

17. Pastel Two-Tone

Although pastel hair colors are by no means a new fad, they’re put to be very popular in 2017. To keep the appearance fresh and updated, choose a two-tone style. Mixing colors like fairy floss pink, lilac, and mint, all these daring new partnerships are different and daring. For people wondering how to stone the appearance, there are a couple of ways. Choose between choices, like a half and half strategy, bottom and top or base and highlights, to find the look you like best.

Pastel Two-Tone

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