30 Cool Desks for Your Home Office


30 Cool Desks for Your Home Office

Finding could be tricky business. Not only does this must be practical, but it also needs to match your house and your own style. After all, how can you expect to feel inspired to work, study, design or make while sitting at a desk that’s uninspiring? Thus, to ensure optimum productivity, we have rounded up a list of trendiest desks for your home office that’ll have you dying to do work.  

2. Contemporary Writing Desk

This modern writing desk is known as the Zine Desk by 6ixty. Its sleek and functional layout affords you the usage of a contemporary, glass worktop and a convenient compartment beneath.

3. Minimal Wall Desk

Your home office doesn’t need to be big to be remarkable. This Minimal Wall Desk by Orange22 Modern boasts a sleek, floating design with just the perfect amount of space to be completely operational.

4. Large Transitional Desk

If you’re trying to find a large desk to suit your house office needs, the Marquetry Desk out of Coco Republic might just be for you. Though its simple design makes it easily transitional for different purposes, its complicated shirt and ‘X’ shaped legs keep it stylish and unique.



5. Long Scandinavian Desk

Where traditional designs fall short, Raft by Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen succeeds. This Scandinavian design desk is an incredible two inches long and guarantees to fit every book, newspaper, apparatus, and notebook, that you need when working from house.

6. Modern Writing Desk

Despite being created as an homage to Carlo Mollino’s authentic layout from 1949, the Cavour is extremely modern in appearance. The desk’s slick and stunning design features a glass top along with an innovative oak frame, drawers, and compartment.

7. Treadmill Desk

For people who can’t choose between a house office and a home gym, the Walkstation Desk by Steelcase will address your problem. By combining a computer desk with a treadmill, this innovative product allows you to operate and workout at precisely the same moment.

8. All-In-One Desk

The Cupertino from BoConcept has your desk needs in one stylish package. Also as good storage space and effortless cable management, it also includes  integrated Bluetooth enabled speakers so that you can listen to your favourite tunes while functioning.

9. Space-Saving Computer Desk

The OneLess Desk by Dean Heckler is made  to help you find a stylish place for your computer when conserving space. The trendy, nested counters slide neatly under each other when not in use to help keep your room clean and organised.

10. Multi Desk with Shelves

The Nadia Soares Multi Desk with Shelves supplies storage and function in a fresh and intriguing way. Where other layouts provide shelving beneath or above the desktop, this innovative design utilises the legs to offer extra space.

11. Executive Desk

Even though the Clybourn Walnut Executive Desk by Blake Tovin has everything you need regarding performance, its design is what makes it stand out. American walnut and stainless steel combine with a exceptional shape to generate the Clybourn a contemporary and complex piece of furniture.

12. Sleek Contemporary Desk

The sleek, Contemporary Desk from Innova Australia is the best fit for the contemporary study. While its own combination of wood and metal creates a striking look, its minimum structure and layout add simplicity and balance.

13. Chic Computer Desk

The Nadia Soares Multi Desk with Trestles is the ideal alternative for anybody searching for a smart computer desk. Though its functionality is limited concerning cable and storage management, the clean, eye-catching design more than makes up for any openings.

14. Scandinavian Style Office Desk

The versatile and Trendy  

15. Minimal Home Office Desk

The Covet Desk by Shin Azumi perfectly integrates useful and practical storage without undermining any layout. Together with a discreet drawer, the desk also boasts a trendy storage system between the frame’s legs which may act as a  magazine and paper organiser.

16. Small Foldable Wall Desk

For those short on space, the FJU Desk by KaschKasch is just what you want. The small but useful desk mounts on the walls and can fold up when not in use to free up space and unveil extra storage.

17. Modern Vintage Desk


18. Unique Aviator Desk

Desks don’t get much cooler than this exceptional design. Named the Aviator Valkyrie Desk and designed by Timothy Oulton, this aeroplane motivated table is handmade from aluminum to get an incredibly eye-catching result.

19. Unique Wooden Desk

Made from reclaimed timber, the Walter Desk in Coco Republic oozes style. With a daring and one of a kind appeal, this desk could be a fashionable addition to any home office.

20. Scandinavian Style Timber Desk

Scandinavian inspired furniture has taken within the design world and continues to dominate the interior design stakes. For those who can’t get enough of this fad, this Ash Marc Desk by Milan Direct will probably be a rewarding purchase.

21. Reclaimed Wood Desk

The Atwood Desk from Crate and Barrel is a trendy table created with reclaimed wood. Its rustic-meets-contemporary style brings a one-of-a-kind kind of character to home offices while its unique, open back doubles as a shelf for books and objects.

22. Complex Cosmetic Desk

The feature of the Cartesia Desk from Colors is its drawers. The innovative layout sees them open in two different directions to permit you to access multiple drawers in the same time and remove blind spots at the trunk.

23. Rose Copper Nesting Desks

All these Audrey Nesting Desks by Milan Direct combine fashion with function. While they readily fit together to save space, their stylish rose copper frames include an unbeatable wow-factor.

24. Sleek Skinny Desk

Only have a narrow space for your home office? The Calamo by Gabriele Rosa for Zanotta is sleek and skinny enough to fit right in.

25. Sit/Stand Desk

These days, we are smart enough to know that sitting at our computers all day is not great for us. That is why adjustable desks have been, generated by businesses, such as Stir such as the Kinetic Desk.

26. Retro Work Desk

Design and performance in this Function Desk meet . While the crystal clear workspace and convenient drawers are definitely useful, it’s the trendy, retro design which makes this desk a standout piece.

27. Handcrafted Work Desk

Not just any old piece of furniture, the Phoenix 72″ Function Table from Crate and Barrel is handcrafted from reclaimed Brazillian phone poles. It’s this history and natural ageing that gives this desk its incredible character.

28. Elegant Writing Desk

The Parker Writing Desk by Oly is as amazing as it is unique. Whether you place it in a research or elsewhere in the house, it’s guaranteed to become a talking point to your space.

29. 2-Tier Writing Desk

Keep clutter organized and neat with all the 2-tier, Gloucester Writing Desk by Milan Direct. The lower grade can be reserved for things you’re now using while the top level and 3 drawers are ideal storing everything else.

30. Unique Writing Desk

The Recipio ’14 Writing Desk by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto guarantees to inspire your writing with its unique design. Despite being tidy and easy, the table’s unusual shape and details make it a truly contemporary piece of furniture.

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